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Legacy Review: Your Fertility Health, Your Future Legacy

Legacy Reviews

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About Legacy

Mainstream media often places the spotlight on women for their “ticking biological clocks” as they near their 30’s and beyond. But gentleman, did you know that your sperm has a cycle, too?

While it is known medical knowledge that a man can reproduce very late into their life compared to their female counterparts, what is often not emphasized is the importance of men’s sperm vitality in the form of sperm count and integrity—and how than is threatened more than ever before.

Within the last 50 years, sperm count has decreased by over 50% worldwide.

With infertility affecting 1 out of 6 couples, how could this prevalence be so high?

While we are all so unique, there are common issues that have increased within the last few decades that your grandfather may not have dealt with:

  • Rising levels of cortisol due to social, economic stressors
  • Environmental toxins (think: mass-production of agriculture relying on pesticides that alter your hormonal levels in a subtle, yet massive way, as well as paints, cleaning supplies)
  • Obesity
  • Alcohol use
  • Smoking
  • And the list continues…

In other words, it’s likely prime time that you hold your sperm’s health in serious reverence. How? With Legacy.

The nation’s largest at-home sperm testing company with the focus to support your sperm health, offering semen analysis, long-term cryostorage, supplemental support for your sperm, and even STI testing.

Is Legacy your answer to improving your sperm health? Let’s find out.

Story of Legacy

CEO, Khalid Kteily, a former healthcare consultant in Toronto with a Harvard-trained background in healthcare and public policy, noticed a massive need to support his fellow brethren seeking not only education, but deep-rooted guidance on their personal reproductive health—offering a variety of proactive solutions and supplemental support.

He is a member of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine and the Canadian Fertility & Andrology Society.

Legacy’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Ramy Abou Ghayda, board-certified Urologist, plays a vital role at Legacy overseeing clinical research and is at the forefront of current medical innovations in the field of men’s reproductive health to ensure quality, update medical testing practices in all of Legacy’s product offerings.

Legacy + Harvard Experts

Kteily knew early on that Legacy’s team must extend beyond just a few souls. Their entire team is composed of an intellectually beaming group of Harvard-backed experts who value—and advocate—the importance of proactiveness in parenthood.

Why proactive? Legacy understands that the realm of fertility today is ever-changing, more challenging than ever before, and often a grossly underdiscussed topic amongst the world of men. Legacy’s motto shares that “Parenthood starts with you—and your fertility.

Why not get proactive? But how? Legacy is founded upon a professional advisory board with a combined 100+ years of fertility health knowledge and research.

They offer 3 main product types:

  • Test
  • Improve
  • Freeze

Need a combination of both or all three? Legacy offers three unique plans:

  • For Today Bundle
  • For Tomorrow Bundle
  • Forever Bundle

Whether you are undergoing fertility treatment, a medical procedure (vasectomy or even gender affirmation), or merely trying to conceive and want to make sure you’re doing your part in the process, Legacy has got all of your needs met.

Let’s discuss all the options to examine how best to support your needs—bringing the clinic to you, at home.

Legacy Bundles Review

Legacy realizes that your needs are specific to where you are in life and how far out you may be planning to start a family—even if it’s merely a passing thought. Legacy offers three unique bundles, each with the option to add on cryofreeze (a way to freeze your sperm, maintaining the molecular integrity whilst erasing the sense of “time”).

Each bundle offers FREE overnight shipping to send your sample back to the Legacy lab. Want your results in real-time? Legacy has created a state-of-the-art app that connects your lab results to the convenience of your phone—simply scan the QR code that is within the shipping box to register your bundle box.

Legacy For Today Review

For Today bundle offers a single semen analysis test that examines vital metrics on sperm health including volume of sperm, motility, morphology (size and shape of the sperm itself), and more. But Legacy goes above and beyond.

They also include a post-thaw analysis where a portion of the sperm sample is frozen and then thawed to ensure that your sperm is viable for cryofreeze. Why waste money on a service if your sperm are unable to maintain integrity after years of freezing, right? Makes sense. Receiving 4.9/5 stars from verified customers, invest $295 into this bundle to give your sperm some truly vested attention. (2)

Who is this ideal for?

For Today bundle is ideal for any man considering on having a family, wanting to improve your fertility (you cannot know your baseline until you, well, test your baseline).

It is ideal for those wanting to freeze your sperm, or even for those who have had a vasectomy and want to ensure there’s no sperm left in your semen. For those undergoing vasectomy reversal and want to test for sperm quality, this is also for you! (2)

What’s Included?

  • A sterile cup to collect your semen sample
  • A Legacy “vault” – a Styrofoam encasement that ensures safe transport of your sample
  • Transport media – a fluid to keep your sample fresh and unspoiled
  • Tamper-proof strip to encloses your box to keep your sample yours

Legacy For Tomorrow Review

For Tomorrow Bundle provides a more future-thinking approach for fertility wellness and long-term preparedness. Utilizing the same semen analysis metrics as in the For Today Bundle, what makes For Tomorrow Bundle unique are the 2 semen analysis kits included, 5 years of cryofreeze sperm storage, and STI testing.

With results ready in 48-hours on the Legacy app, this bundle of $995 will not only help you in the present but prepare for a lifelong legacy as you ready for parenthood later in life.

You will receive FREE overnight shipping of your sample back to the Legacy lab with all cryostorage samples stored at two different locations in the event of natural or man-made destruction occurs at one geographical location. (3)

Who is this ideal for?

Unique to this For Tomorrow Bundle are the 2 semen analysis samples. Why two? If you’re someone undergoing fertility treatment, it is always a wise medical practice to have a second sample stored that is viable.

This helps to have a sample whenever you and your partner undergo IVF (in vitro fertilization)—even if you are not there the day of to provide a fresh sample. Legacy is about the long-run and being proactive for every situation you may encounter. (3)

What’s included?

  • 2 semen analysis samples
  • 1 STI kit
  • 5 yeas of cryostorage for 8 total vials with multi-site storage

Legacy Forever Review

Legacy’s most coveted, sure-proof bundle, the Forever Bundle provides you with the maximum assurance that your sperm is not only tested using the quality semen metrics discussed in the Today and For Tomorrow Bundles, but stored with ample quantity.

Unique to this bundle includes 3 semen analyses (12 vials total), lifetime storage, and DNA analysis for fragmentation (a commonplace within the biological cycle of sperm as men age). For $3,995, invest in intentional preparedness now for less stress later.(4)

Who is this ideal for?

For those men out there seeking a vasectomy, although is it possible to have the procedure reversed in matters change later in life, reversal is costly and may not always be successful.

Why not store three samples at secure multi-site locations without the medical gamble of reversal?

Forward thinking at its finest.

Forever Bundle is also ideal for those planning/undergoing gender-affirming surgery as hormone replacement therapy often reduces or prevents all forms of sperm production. While discontinuation of hormone therapy may “reset” sperm production once more, in a third of cases, this does not happen. (4)

What’s included?

  • 3 semen analysis kits
  • 1 DNA fragmentation analysis
  • 1 STI testing kit
  • 50 years of frozen sperm storage (stores 12 vials)

Legacy Male Prenatal Bundle Review

To test is one component of semen health and fertility preparedness, but what about preventative measures?

While Legacy offers two unique supplement lines (see “Supplements” section below), Legacy’s Male Prenatal Bundle offers a single-time, baseline semen analysis and a 3-month supply of male prenatal vitamin.

This bundle feature offers the option for cryostorage, as well. For only $470, you can take the clinic to your home and get a medically supported, researched-test analysis on your sperm to give you the peace of mind when starting your family.

Who is this ideal for?

Best for any man trying to conceive with his partner. A semen analysis is ideal to know what you are working with, plus with the added benefit of proactive supplementation, you are well on your way to healthy, effective fertility to carry on your legacy.

What’s included?

  • A sterile cup to collect your semen sample
  • A Legacy “vault” – a Styrofoam encasement that ensures safe transport of your sample
  • Transport media – a fluid to keep your sample fresh and unspoiled
  • Tamper-proof strip to encloses your box to keep your sample yours
  • 3-month supply of our comprehensive male fertility multivitamin

Legacy Testing Review

Perhaps all you seek is testing, whether you want to know the overall health of your sperm without needing cryostorage or seek the peace of mind of STI testing, Legacy has your best interest covered.

Legacy For Today Semen Analysis Review

For Today Semen Analysis is the same as the For Today Bundle with the added option to include DNA fragmentation analysis. You still have the option to add on a sperm freezing plan if you so wish (yearly, 5-year, 10-year options). All for the cost of $295, you have peace of mind knowing where you stand in your sperm health.

+ DNA Fragmentation Analysis

For Today Semen Analysis offers to option to add on DNA fragmentation testing. Why test for DNA fragmentation, you ask? Excellent question!

DNA fragmentation is the misalignment of—and mismatching of—nucleotides (the basic components that make DNA which tell your sperm how to function) caused by free radicals, environmental toxins, smoking, extreme heat exposure, and the list goes on. (5)

If the DNA cannot be properly made, your sperm can suffer in a massive way from overall functionality to total ineffective fusion with an egg. (5)  Important? We think so, too.

Who is this ideal for?

Want to simply check your sperm health without storage or add on the feature of DNA fragmentation to ensure the genetic health of your sperm without wanting to pay for cryostorage, then this is your ideal package.

What’s included?

  • A sterile cup to collect your semen sample
  • A Legacy “vault” – a Styrofoam encasement that ensures safe transport of your sample
  • Transport media – a fluid to keep your sample fresh and unspoiled
  • Tamper-proof strip to encloses your box to keep your sample yours

Legacy STI Test Kit Review

Looking to make sure you’re infection-free to keep your reproductive health optimum? Legacy offers a STI Test Kit to test for 6 sexually transmitted infection.

Thanks to Legacy’s team of medical professionals, Legacy’s STI test kit is advertised to have 99% accuracy of their test results. With results in 48-hours, minus the drive to a clinic, you get have your STI results for only $150.

Who is this ideal for?

Any man looking to ensure he is health if have had unprotected sex, a previous partner has told you they have a STI or you begin to experience symptoms such as pain during urination, genital pain, discharge or other abnormalities.

Also ideal for anyone thinking to start a family or undergo IVF to ensure maximum health of your sperm.

What diseases are tested?

  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Hepatitis B
  • Hepatitis C
  • HIV 1 & 2
  • Syphilis

What’s included?

  • Urine sample collection kit
    • Collection cupPipetteUrine collection tube
  • Finger Prick blood sample collection
    • Blood collection card
    • Two alcohol padsSterile gauze pad
    • Sterile gauze pad
    • Two adhesive bandages
  • Specimen bags for your samples

Legacy Sperm Cryostorage Review

Add-ons to the For Tomorrow Bundle and Forever Bundle, you have the option to had sperm cryostorage in three unique time durations: yearly, 5-year and 10-year.

Storage Plans Offered:

  • Yearly
  • 5-Year
  • 10-Year

Legacy Supplements Review

Testing is great, but what about ensuring your sperm are supported from the inside out? No matter your age, lifestyle or diet, one can always benefit from extra supplemental love.

Both of Legacy’s supplements, Male Fertility and CoQ10, are gelatin-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, contain no preservatives, non-GMO, no sugar, sweeteners, or artificial flavoring.

In other words, clean ingredients for optimum sperm health. All ingredients are NSF-certified in a regulated manufacturing facility and processed in the USA. It takes sperm 72 days to produce, meaning to see any change, it’ll take nearly 3-months. (6)

Why not start your sperm healthy journey now prior to conception? Smart choice, men.

Legacy Male Fertility Supplement Review

Legacy’s Male Fertility Supplement  contains a potent conglomeration of purely sourced vitamins and minerals to ensure your sperm reaches optimum health.

Legacy’s Male Fertility Supplement comes in a 3-month supply, best taken prior to trying to conceive.

For only $195 per order, gain the assurance that you are supporting your health needs proactively.

What’s Inside?

  • Coenzyme Q10, 300mg
  • Vitamin C, 250mg
  • Vitamin D, 35mg (1400 IU)
  • Vitamin E, 100mg (121 IU)
  • Folate (5-MTHF), 1mg DFE
  • Zinc, 30mg
  • Selenium, 70mcg
  • L-carnitine, 200mg
  • D-aspartic acid, 50mg
  • Lycopene, 5mg

Of the ingredients mentioned above, one of the most notable key ingredients is coenzyme Q10 (see functionality in the CoQ10 Fertility Supplement below). Just as vital in this formulation is folate.

Like the “ticking clock” metaphor when it comes to fertility for woman, often folate is thought to be vital for women only. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

For men, folate is necessary not only for proper DNA production, but also for the integrity  and functionality of sperm itself. In one study, results even suggested sperm count decreased over the course of lifelong folate deficiency. (7)

Another honorable mention in the Male Fertility Supplement lineup is zinc, a trace element required to be consumed every day as it cannot be stored intracellularly in the body. (8) The role of zinc in male reproductive health seems nearly limitless.

When it comes to the effect on sperm, apart from its natural spermatogenesis properties as a whole, zinc has a natural antioxidant property within the seminal fluid that lessens the harmful effects on free radicals that may be present due to environmental pollutants and smoking.

Even more, zinc has been suggested to protect the inner lining of the male reproductive organs; offering an antibacterial effect that keeps tissues infection and inflammation-free. Have a new-founded appreciation for all things zinc? We sure do! (8)

Legacy CoQ10 Fertility Supplement Review

Legacy’s best seller, CoQ10 Fertility Supplement is the mecca of all things antioxidant. Packaged in a gelatin-free soft capsule, take 2-3 softgels per day for optimum results.

For a 2-month supply (that’s if you take 3 softgels per day), spend only $75 to completely revamp your sperm health.

What’s so special about CoQ10?

Coenzyme Q10 (abbreviated CoQ10) is a vital protein that resides within the powerhouse of the cell (aka: the mitochondria) that ensures not only proper energy production but metabolism as a whole. What does this have to do with sperm. Well, everything.

Numerous studies have shown that CoQ10 not only acts as a potent antioxidant to protect sperm in seminal fluid but plays a vital role in the ability of sperm’s motility as well as overall concentration levels when take around levels of 400mg/day compared to those taking only 200mg/day. (9)  

Legacy’s teams of medical professionals certainly know the importance of sperm health, integrating vital supplements into their proactive lines.

Which Option Is Best for You?

Unsure of which of the aforementioned options are best for you and your situation? Not to worry. Legacy has cultivated an extensive and thorough compilation quiz to help guide you on your sperm wellness journey. Click here to take the quiz.

FSA/HSA Accepted?

Sure is! Your legacy should be protected and the team at Legacy honors that—and healthcare shouldn’t prevent your ability to achieve your health preparations.

Common healthcare insurance companies that Legacy has been approved by include: United Healthcare, Aetna, Cigna, Emblem. Legacy is in-network which enable them the ability to be offered by your employer. Check with your employer if this is the case for your company.

Military Program

Legacy knows how important fertility health is for military personnel and veterans.

Legacy partners with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Green Beret Foundation, among others, to support military personnel that are prone to have twice the amount of infertility rate among their civilian brethren due to stress and environmental exposure to military-grade chemicals.

Monthly Payment Plan

Keeping within your budget but still want to try Legacy? Not to worry, Legacy offers 2–12-month payment options through Splitit 0% financing. Prepare now, pay as you go.

Legacy Blog

Want to learn more about other’s journey with Legacy?

Consider visiting the Legacy Blog where there are hundreds of scientifically-supported and review articles on topics that include improving sperm health, dealing with infertility, trying to conceive, and a deeper look at the science behind your sperm wellness. At Legacy, there seems to be a genuine support for your entire wellbeing.

Legacy Reviews – What Are Customers Saying?

What about men that have gone before you in trying Legacy’s testing kits?

MJ, pre-vasectomy candidate, shares his Legacy review:

“As someone who wants to take control of their family planning, I was anxious to bank sperm prior to vasectomy. Legacy gave me the confidence & peace of mind that should I want children in the future, they would help to make that happen.”

A man with a plan. Surgeries are a big decision to contemplate—and often irreversible or costly to reverse and not always definite on reversibility. Many men like MJ are taking that extra step of small investment for peace of mind that children in the future are a possibility.

Another man, Nathan, writes in his Legacy review:

“I didn’t have to take time off work or figure out scheduling to go into a clinic. So decided to try the at-home testing, just because it seemed a lot easier. And it turns out, my employer paid for it!”

Incredible! Nothing easier than an at-home clinic with the added bonus of an employer paying for it! Seems nearly senseless to neglect looking into your options with employer coverage.

Will, proactive about his sperm health, shares his Legacy review:

“My sperm health results were actually great. I decided to freeze because I know I want biological kids one day. I’m 33, and want to be sure all my options are open for when that time comes.”

That’s the beauty of Legacy bundle options.

Get the For Today bundle and see how well your sperm are, then you have the option to add on cryofreeze if you so wish—flexibility with your best interest supported.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Fertility is a big topic, one that comes with a multitude of questions to help guide you (and your potential partner) with making the wisest, and well-informed decision.

Legacy has an extensive FAQ section, and offers a 24/7 online chat where you can leave a message with an expert or, contact Legacy directly at 617-514-0901 and even schedule a call for a free 15-minute meeting with a Legacy Specialist. Legacy has got you supported throughout this entire process.

Where Can I Find Legacy?

You can find legacy on their main site and on Instagram at @givelegacyinc.

Your Legacy – Final Takeaway

With over 15,000+ semen analyses and 20,000 frozen sperm vials stored thus far; Legacy continues to impact lives for the generations to come.

Many of us have been conditioned to believe female reproductive health is more at risk as the years go by, and while that may hold some certain truth within itself, it’s time to give men some peace of mind with their own part in the fertility process.

From their proactive supplemental lines to an arrangement of bundles to meet your current, future, and way-out-there future planning, Legacy meets you on your level, wherever you may be in your fertility journey.

Feel confident knowing that your at-home, collected samples are analyzed in a CLIA-certified lab, founded on clinic-grade sperm analysis meeting all foundational metrics to ensure legitimate sperm health, with the added security of multi-site storage of your cryostorage samples, and access to your results on your personal phone. Welcome to fertility health in the 21st century.

Plus, you’re not alone in this journey. You will have access to an on-call fertility advisor at your service. It takes two to tango but takes a tribe to ensure your fertility health is prime for the present and for the future. Legacy may just be that tribe for you.

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Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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