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MUDWTR Review: Ready To Try A New Coffee Alternative?

Scoop of MUD/WTR

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Look, we’re in the same boat. Quitting coffee can sound absurd especially when you have errands to run, phone calls to make, paperwork to file, and one, two, three, four– dare I say five– mini-yous running around!

The kids might reach for your snacks or a bite of your lunch, but when they reach for your coffee, that’s when the line is drawn. Not only do you need it more than they do, but you already know that coffee stunts growth, increases anxiety, induces heart palpitations, and disrupts precious sleep cycles.

If you wouldn’t give it to your kids, then why are you still drinking it?

MUDWTR, created by Shane Heath, is a better, healthier way to achieve your caffeine fix, and it won’t leave you asking that question


MUDWTR is a vegan, sustainably sourced coffee alternative invented by Shane Heath, artist, designer, and CEO of MUD\WTR, to give customers the sensation and the energy boost of drinking coffee without all the negative side effects.

It arrives as a powder in a sturdy tin that is then mixed with hot water to create “coffee”. Coffee as we know it has become a morning tradition in the American household, hence the numerous coffee shops, catchy commercial slogans, and even the cutesy tees stating, “But First, Coffee”.

In reality, most if not all of those companies are piggybacking off an American love and elongating a pastime in order to get a few extra dollars out of your hands and into their pockets.

Heath, however, isn’t thinking in the past, and at first, MUD\WTR was created solely to help him beat his jitters and feel his best. When he saw how well it was working for him, he wanted to share what he’d discovered so that others could benefit too. 

You might be wondering, “Does it have enough caffeine in it to get me through the day?” While a cup of MUD/WTR only has 1/7th the amount of caffeine that a cup of coffee has, it makes up for the other 6/7ths and beyond via its naturally energizing ingredients. Check out MUD/WTR’s ingredients below:

MUDWTR Ingredients Review

We are plunging into an era where we now have the knowledge that simpler means better. The shorter the ingredient list is, the more wholesome the product will be.

Mud refreshingly contains only a tiny paragraph’s worth of easy to pronounce ingredients. No funky names for preservatives or sugar alternatives to hide behind.

In fact, a cup of Mud contains absolutely no sugar, but that doesn’t take away from the great taste. Let’s look at each ingredient in-depth to understand the full extent of MUD/WTR’s benefits.

Organic Mushroom Blend

Heath’s mushroom blend consists of chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, and cordyceps mycelial biomass. Both chaga and lion’s mane are known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

Chaga and reishi also have a superpower in common as they both have shown to fight cancer.

Reishi, however, is better known for its ability to improve sleep which in turn reduces stress and boosts the immune system – quite the opposite of what coffee brings to the table.

Lastly, cordyceps is another immune booster, and Heath likely only used its mycelium as it is easier to digest. This last ingredient is probably the least familiar because cordyceps are extremely hard to come by, further proving that Heath does not hold back on health.

Organic Cacao 

The seeds of a cacao tree are where we get chocolate! Raw cacao, though, contains a high amount of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that work together to protect the heart, improve digestion, decrease stress, and more. It’s also the Midas of great taste.

Organic Spice Blend

This blend boasts some of the best spices – cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, cardamom, black pepper, nutmeg, and cloves. While they’ll certainly provide each cup of Mud with a taste that will bring you back for more, they also come with unique health benefits.

For example, cinnamon can lower blood sugar and ginger supports gut health. Many of them, including cinnamon and cloves, are antimicrobial. Nutmeg is even known to relieve pain and improve cognitive function!

Organic Black Tea Powder

While coffee will leave you with bubble gut and an inevitable crash, black tea is known to actually improve digestion and provide a gentler surge of energy that lasts for longer.

Himalayan Salt

Himalayan salt contains lower sodium and over 80 minerals! It aids in hydration which promotes regular bowel movements.

Who Needs MUDWTR?

All right, so MUD/WTR has fantastic ingredients, but how do I know if it’s for me?

In many of us, the negative side effects of caffeine are a looming fog over our mornings. Heath experienced jitters and an addictive sense of coffee dependency.

My side effects were much worse, expanding to include debilitating migraines and stomach cramps that had me canceling my plans and even calling out of work. In others, it might raise blood pressure and cause their hearts to race.

When we don’t feel well, we can’t afford to escape from everything. This rings true especially for those of us with kids. When it comes down to it, a cup of coffee is never more important than the opportunity to be present and at your absolute best for your kids.

MUDWTR wants you to have that without sacrificing your energy (which, as we all know, is part of being your best anyway!) No more silently struggling with symptoms as you sit through your child’s baseball game or gymnastics tournament.

With MUD/WTR, you’ll be up and cheering because you have the energy to do so, and not just because you’re supposed to. 

However, even those of us who don’t experience extreme side effects can benefit from MUD/WTR.

Personally, I was once one of you. I could drink coffee on an empty stomach without a worry in the world, but coffee can either affect you all at once, or it can take its time. Eventually, the coffee along with other irritating foods in my diet wore away at my gut lining, causing a severe feeling of nausea.

MUDWTR, however, doesn’t gnaw away at your gut. Instead, it creates a gut environment that optimizes digestion and may even stop other irritants from penetrating over time.

MUDWTR Pros & Cons


  • Boosts energy
  • Aids digestion
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Antibacterial, antimicrobial, and antioxidant
  • Great packaging and easy to use
  • Great taste (described as a mix between chai and hot chocolate)


  • Price (it is more expensive than your average cup of coffee, but keep the quality and benefits in mind)

What Does MUDWTR Taste Like?

While MUDWTR is considered to be a coffee alternative, it does not taste like coffee. Heath mentions that its taste is closer to chai and hot chocolate mixed together, so if you are drinking it with the expectation that it will taste exactly like your morning cup of joe then, yes, the taste is going to take you by surprise.

Keep in mind that having a taste other than coffee in your morning hot drink is not necessarily a bad thing! Many people love chai and hot chocolate.

And remember, when you first started drinking coffee, it took some getting used to as well. After a week or two though, you couldn’t stop.

MUDWTR Reviews — Customer Testimonies

If you are anything like me, you probably want to have the opinion of more than one person before you take a chance on a new product. What about the opinion of just under 17,000 people?

MUD/WTR has achieved a 4.5/5 star rating on mudwtr.com

If you are an active review reader, then you know that maintaining a rating like this after 47,700+ people have given their honest opinion is impressive!

Let’s look at a few MUDWTR reviews from verified buyers who have been using the MUDWTR products with great success.

One verified customer, Carson B., shared in her MUDWTR review how (although occasionally having Starbucks with their kids) she consistently prefers MUDWTR over coffee in the mornings:

It’s still my beverage of choice in the mornings. It’s almost completely replaced coffee for me. I still may get a Starbucks with my kids every so often, but day to day I’m all about MUD \WTR. It’s a nutritionally better option and it tastes great!

Another verified buyer, Heather H. shared in her MUDWTR review how it significantly improved her sleep after years of exhaustion from interrupted nights with two children:

After having two children about a year apart and having many, many, many interrupted nights of sleep-years, I couldn’t sleep any more. I was exhausted but I couldn’t sleep for more than a few hours, and if I got up for any reason, I was awake for the rest of the night. Then, a friend showed up with mud water rest and my life changed forever! I drink it almost every night and now I sleep. I sleep. And if I wake up, I fall back asleep. I sleep and I wake up rested. Thank you mudwater!

Acetra R., shared in her MUDWTR review how it remains delicious, even without sweetener:

I’m really enjoying MUD/WTR. The taste is very mild. It does not feel like I’m drinking mushrooms. I normally add a dabble of honey to my tea or smoothy, but I found that the taste is still really good without the sweetener.

The few negative MUDWTR reviews I did read mostly commented on the taste.

Other MUDWTR Products 

Another popular product from the same company is the MUDWTR 30 Serving Creamer Bag. You might like your coffee black, but not me! And I know I’m not alone.

Back when I used to drink coffee, I was a big fan of dousing my coffee in sugary creamers. MUD/WTR’s creamer provides you with a touch of sweetness and creaminess that will not leave you feeling heavy as it’s actually vegan, sugar-free, and gluten-free.

If you are more into having the sweetness without the cream, be sure to check out MUD/WTR 30 Serving Sweetener made with coconut sugar. 

Also, for the MUDWTR superfans out there, MUDWTR does make attire and “coffee” mugs.

Where Can I Purchase MUDWTR?

You can find MUDWTR products on partnering sites such as Amazon, but mudwtr.com is the only place where you can subscribe and save 20% as well as obtain free shipping.

It’s time to change up traditions because no tradition is worth your health.

If MUDWTR is a product that helped you find your caffeine fix without the unwanted symptoms, then make sure to share your experience so that others can benefit too!

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Kara Bryson

Kara Bryson is a freelance writer and product tester for the Holistic Wellness Magazine. Kara graduated from Liberty University in 2019 with a degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and currently spends her days living out both of her passions: online teaching and, of course, writing. Wellness is another of her passions, as researching and finding great products has been key to her own healing journey. On most days, you’ll find her at the beach, soaking up the sunshine or in the kitchen, using more than one wellness tool to make a to-die-for meal!
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