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SkinnyFit Review: Holistic Support to Weight Wellness?

Immunity Gummies SkinnyFit

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About SkinnyFit

At some point in our human timeline, we have likely attempted to integrate a diet into our routine. But as we know, even though humans are a creature of habit, when it comes to unrooting an old habit of poor eating choices, by replacing a gluten-free, dairy-free, keto-boosted diet, the primal responses that kept us alive thousands of years ago to crave salty, sugary, fatty foods, starts screaming.

Without legitimate willpower, support, and approaching it in a balanced manner, diets because just that…fads. Our culture is consumed with products that rev your metabolism, promising you to lose 10 pounds within a blink of an eye, so long as you subscribe to a plan, become “friends” with laxatives, or lock-away any remnants of the occasional indulgence or, ever-so-importantly, listening to your bodies needs. In other words, diet culture should be a thing of the past.

With the diet world primarily targeting women, perhaps it is time that a company focuses its vision on supporting women’s wellness goals and encouraging women to do it in such a way that not only tastes good, replenishes vital minerals and vitamins, but creates a culture of positive weight management –no guilt, just supportive positivity of living the most holistic lifestyle possible.

This exists. Welcome, SkinnyFit! A company had cultivated an extensive line of collagen peptides, gummies, superfood formulations, detox teas, and even workout supplements—meeting, quite literally, every nutritional need throughout your day.

Overview of SkinnyFit

SkinnyFit is not just one of many…it is the one. Recognized nationally on Allure, ELLE, Women’s Health, US Weekly and The Columbian, not to mention even Men’s Journal who endorses, “The amount of authentic, positive feedback about this superfood powder is proof that it’s one of the best weight loss supplements”, SkinnyFit has made its powerful presence known! 

Some of their most popular products include Super Youth Multi-Collagen Peptides, coming in a delicious orange pineapple flavor, peach mango, unflavored, and more, as well as Skinny Greens Green Apple Superfood Powder, Beauty Juice, and for you tea aficionados, Detox Energizing Tea Blend

Gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, sugar free, made with all-natural ingredient and pectin in place of gelatin (vegan-friendly!), SkinnyFit saves you time by doing all the research for you so you can indulge not only of products that taste good, but replenish vitamins, minerals and elements that are missing from your diet. With each ingredient listed on the site, regulated by the current Good Manufacturing Practice, you can feel confident that you know what you are buying ahead of time.

How Does SkinnyFit work?

Let’s break down SkinnyFit’s power into four main health benefit categories: aging, metabolism, supplementation, and detoxification.

Aging: When it comes to aging, what are the earliest signs you see? Skin starts to change, maybe your body starts aching. As such, supporting your bones and skin are vital organs that many women tend to see (and feel) changing earliest. SkinnyFit supports these beautiful organs systems with a fervor. Containing all 5 types of collagens that compose our skin, hair, bones, joint cartilage, cardiovascular system, and connective tissue, SkinnyFit focuses on supporting your graceful aging process from the inside out.

Metabolism: Let’s be honest, stress can do some major damage to our health by increasing our cortisol, increasing our fat storage, and severely interfering with our metabolic rate. Thankfully, SkinnyFit has formulated a unique blend of Skinny Gummies that contain apple cider vinegar (ACV) that has been shown to improve metabolic rate. But SkinnyFit doesn’t stop there. With their Beauty Juice blend that promotes increased energy and focus, along with improved mood, you are bound to feel your overall energy and metabolism return gently back to baseline.

Supplementation: SkinnyFit believes that health is more than just numbers. SkinnyFit realizes that the daily stressors of a busy life so many women lead could always benefit from extra mineral and vitamin love. Think about those days that you run off coffee and adrenaline and realize it’s already two in the afternoon and no nourishment has gone into your system?

Yup, we’ve all been there. SkinnyFit has got you. With their Belly Balance probiotic blend, Daily Glow containing vital B vitamins, kelp, and zinc, SkinnyFit has include an entire Workout line intended to replenish your muscles with essential amino acids pre- and post-workout.

Newest to the SkinnyFit family, Immunity Gummies! Containing all the immune system essentials, vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry, no better time to support your immune system. Non-GMO, gelatin-free, with 100% of your daily vitamin C requirements, SkinnyFit has got the skinny on your immunity health.

SkinnyFit Products – The Bold & The Beautiful

We briefly went into the major health needs that SkinnyFit meets for their growing community of like-minded women—a community of 600K and 150K on Facebook and Instagram, respectively! We must believe this speaks to the quality of products that are supporting and improving women’s lives for the better.

Better health will forever mean a higher quality of life. For the women here at SkinnyFit who are seeking improved weight, or those merely supporting their already active workout regimen, or the mom who is seeking some detox tea as a ritual once the kids go to bed each night, SkinnyFit has met each of these needs. But let’s dive into the ingredients of some of SkinnyFit’s most well-loved products—after all, the insides count.

Super Youth – Multi-Collagen Peptides

SkinnyFit offers six unique flavors: Orange Pineapple, Chocolate, Peach Mango, Tropical Punch, and Unflavored. Super Youth Orange Pineapple seems to have the most reviews, coming in at a solid 4.7/5 stars from over 5,000+ reviews! What makes SkinnyFit’s collagen formulation—regardless of the flavors—so unique from its competitors is that SkinnyFit contains all five types of collagens found in the body. Why is this so vital?

Well, some collagen types like Type 5, for example, helps with the proper production of collage Type 1 and 3—a lovely supportive, synergistic effect. With the added benefit of vitamin C that offers powerful ridding of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and hyaluronic acid to lock in dermal-layer moisture, SkinnyFit supports the largest organ in your body, the skin, with holistic affection. (2)

Skinny Gummies

You’ve likely comes across the apple cider vinegar (ACV) rave on socials—and its recent prominence is for good reason! Thankfully, SkinnyFit has joined the ACV train with Skinny Gummies. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid and, in a study published by the American Association of Diabetes in 2004, found that those who consumed acetic acid after a meal had a statistically significant decrease in the rise of blood sugar levels!

The importance, the more stable your blood sugar, the less spikes in insulin that can, over decades of spiking levels, lead to diabetic type 2. There is even believed to be notable weight reduction effect in some isolated studies. (3)

Happy Gummies

Who couldn’t use an extra dose of “happy”? Use day or night, in conjunction with daily exercise to keep your energy and mood boosted through that lovely post-exercise dopamine hit, SkinnyFit has formulated Happy Gummies with the ayurvedic wonder, ashwagandha.

An adaptogen used for centuries, ashwagandha has been known to have anxiety-reducing properties, enhances cognition and memory, and supports neuronal well-being. (4)  With the added benefit of vitamin D that supports a positive mood, Happy Gummies will be sure to get your happy on.

Sleepy Gummies

One of the most vital elements of a health lifestyle is restful sleep—likely something rare to come by if you live a life of immense stress and obligation. What better way to fall into a slumber than with SkinnyFit’s Sleepy Gummies. Containing 5mg of melatonin, in a scrumptious berry splash flavor gummy made of pectin (goodbye, gross gelatin), with these wonders, you can fall asleep quickly, remain asleep, and wake up welcoming the day ahead.

(Not So) Moody Gummies

One of SkinnyFit’s newest editions to their line of gelatin-free delights, No So Moody Gummies come in a heart-shaped, strawberry-flavored gummy. Containing a bold trifecta of cranberry for urinary tract health, dong quai (angelica sinensis) and chaste berry (Vitex agnus-castus) known for its ancient use of reducing burdensome PMS symptoms and breast pain. (5,6)

Avoid the ibuprofen to alleviate your symptoms, perhaps try Mother Nature’s remedies, instead—SkinnyFit brings you nature in a gummy.

Skinny Greens – Green Juice Superfood Powder

Perhaps on of SkinnyFit’s most popular showstoppers, US Weekly awarded Skinny Greens as the “Best Supplement for Weight Loss – 2022.” Now, before body positivity advocates become turned off by this award, SkinnyFit has formulated a power-packed powder formulation containing organic spirulina, chlorella powder, matcha, the coveted rhodiola, much-admired turmeric root extract, and green tea leaf extract—amongst many other ayurvedic ingredients.

In other words, this gives back to you—it does not take away like numerous diet fads that cause dehydration and starvation. SkinnyFit’s mission is to build your body within, slowly supporting that healthful lifestyle. Skinny Green includes organically sourced spirulina known for its powerful trifecta of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, as well as stimulating key cells in your immune system to fight off infection. (7)

Another key player is the ayurvedic curcumin, turmeric, known to promote joint health and reduce inflammation of our neurons. (8)

Coming in a green apple flavor, add Skinny Greens into 14 ounces of water or your choice of smoothie and voila! Superfood galore. Among SkinnyFit’s Superfood collection, they also offer their Skinny Green’s in a Mango Splash Flavor!

Beauty Juice

One of SkinnyFit’s most coveted products yet, Beauty Juice offers 36 skin-boosting ingredients—nourishing the largest organ of your body. Containing a powerful antioxidant trifecta of acai berry, blueberry, and beet root, SkinnyFit doesn’t stop there.

Beauty Juice contains some notably powerful adaptogens including Reishi, cordyceps, and lion’s mane powder formulations to keep your neurons healthy, protected, and, thanks to Reishi being in the mix, this poignant ingredient has even been suggested to improve mood by lessening depression and anxiety. (9)  Beauty and good mood? Delightful.

Detox Tea

SkinnyFit offers two varieties of tea: Detox and Zzx Tox. Containing a natural source of caffeine in the form of matcha green tea and yerba mate, plus beautifying hibiscus for a glowing complexion, and oolong to support your brain, with antioxidant goji berries to name a few, Detox will cleanse without any additives or laxatives that are often found in competitors’ formulations.

It’s evening counterpart, Zzz Tox, contains relaxating lavender, chamomile flower, lemon balm to ease stress, and peppermint to sooth your senses. Want to try both and save money? SkinnyFit offers a bundle package (20% discount!) of both teas: 24/7 Day & Night Detox.

Customer Testimonies

It’s one thing to know what media and social media proclaims about a product, but what about those verified customers? You know, real women who have actually bought the item and were not incentivized to write a stellar review? Just true recounts on their wellness journey since trying SkinnyFit. Based on 28K+ reviews, 92% were 3+/5 stars reviews—an impressive feat by SkinnyFit.

One customer writes her experience with the Super Youth – Peach Mango, “I really love the Peach Mango Super Youth, it’s my favorite. I use it twice a day.” She keeps on saying, “I love what it has done for my skin and nails. I have no cellulite no wrinkles, thank you SkinnyFit for coming into my life.”

Reverse aging? Perhaps not, but this does speak to the quality of SkinnyFit’s nourishing, quality, non-GMO products, and collagen sourced from grass-fed, pasture-raised cows, wild-caught fish and cage-free chickens. Quality speaks!

Another happy customer shares her experience with Skinny Gummies. “I love apple cider vinegar, it works sooo good, but the taste is awful! These gummies are the way to go if you still want to be healthy without having to scrunch your face!” Listen, we get it.

Sometimes, going the healthy route—all in the name of “health”—can sometimes, well, not taste so good. SkinnyFit has got that issue covered so you only have to focus on your health tasting (and feeling) good.

One customer shares her experience with Juice Beauty “I’ve been looking for a natural anti-aging supplement that I can take daily and I decided to try SkinnyFit Beauty Juice since it was a blend of superfoods that I could add to water. After using for a few weeks, my skin looks brighter and less dull. I’ve already recommended it to my family and coworkers.”

We love it. You know a product is good when you want to share if with your gal pals. More glow, less dull, and nourishing our skin from the inside out. The only notably negative reviews were accounts of individuals who found they gained weight or were displeased with the flavor.

Everyone has their own preference and when it comes to weight management. It’s important to note that so many variable play a role, so relying on a single product may not be the most realistic approach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Find SkinnyFit?

You can find SkinnyFit on their official site or at the major wholesalers, Amazon and Walmart. If you’re looking to score more savings, we’d recommend buying directly from the SkinnyFit community to sign up for their subscription plan.

Subscriptions & Promotions  

SkinnyFit offers a subscription plan that is flexible, changeable, and cancellable. You save up to 15% off on each order and it sent to your door every 30 days. Convenient for you and your wallet.

How To Contact SkinnyFit

Feel free to call SkinnyFit’s customer service at 1-888-862-1758 Monday through Sunday, 24/7!

The Final Skinny

There are so many options out there when it comes to supporting your health lifestyle and weight management goals. It’s difficult to know which one is not only created by organic, non-GMO, vegan ingredients, but products that are also absent of harmful laxatives. Plus, not to mention, the stellar flavors like peach mango, pineapple, strawberry, and green apple.

What’s more, SkinnyFit doesn’t just offer weight-managing products. From Immunity Gummies to Super Youth Peptide Collagen, to Detox teas, and pre- and post-workout Repair & Recover, and Belly Balance probiotic, SkinnyFit can be your single mecca for your lifestyle and fitness needs. SkinnyFit is a on a mission to help women feel their best from within, a glow outwardly.

With SkinnyFit creators walking their talk by using the very products they created, perhaps this ever-growing community is on to something. Beauty is created within and spread by a common vision. Why not join this growing community of health-minded women—improving their wellness journey one scoop of SkinnyFit at a time.

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Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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