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Unbloat Review: Will It Conquer Bloating Permanently?

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About Unbloat

A bloated tummy is uncomfortable. It’s up there with speeding past a cop and feeling that internal sensation of regret; except, that’s merely momentary. A bloated tummy for many of you may be an experience you face on the daily—perhaps even a lifetime.

There are so many supplements promoting less gas, bowel regularity, and golden promise a healthier gut microbiome.

So—it’s a massively overwhelming endeavor. If your bloating and upset stomach come from stress alone, just a stroll through a supplement aisle may worsen your symptoms from the sensory overloads (believe me, I’ve been there).

But think about it, some manufacturers would rather you spend more money one multiple supplement to meet the single need of optimum gut health then to have it all in a single capsule!

But what if there was a brand that included not only those pro- and prebiotics, but also provided digestive enzymes and natural, stood-the-test-of-time herbs all in one pill?

It exists, and the name alone is already manifesting some promising results: Unbloat.

A physician-formulated capsule that contains a quadfecta of benefits promoting less bloating and improving your gut health for the long term. 

Overview of Unbloat

Sometimes, it takes one to know one. Dr. Shilpa Mehra, MD, board-certified gastroenterologist, noticed how many of her patients were suffering from microbiome imbalances, bloating, and intestinal pain from lack of true, naturopathic support. (1)

She decided to create a truly holistic formulation of herbal and enzymatic support, coupled with pre- and probiotics.

Unbloat’s main website claims for their mighty gut supplement to contain:

  • 21 digestive enzymes
  • 7 key probiotics
  • 6 herbal remedies
  • 4 essential nutrients to promote optimum gut health
  • 2 prebiotic fibers

With all this nutrient goodness in one supplement capsule, Unbloat is the only current formulation to have this combination in the supplemental market to date.

Dr. Mehra’s mission was birthed from a need to alleviate gut suffering nationwide, not just within her clinic. Unbloat’s mission states: “When scientists work on a problem, they don’t give up, they solve it.” We love this bold, dedicated approach to wellness!

Dr. Mehra empathetically shares, “After over 14 years of helping people live bloat-free and seeing the lack of complete product solutions on the market, I decided to create Unbloat…It’s the only formula to address all the common causes of bloating, and it’s what made the most lasting difference in my own and my client’s struggle with bloating.”

What better way to create a solution from years of experience and tested results?

Dr. Mehra addresses the physiological difference in men and women when it comes to intestinal track formation (men tend to have a generalized “U” shaped direction in their large intestine whilst women have a more sporadic, “zig zag” directionality).

Because of such, Dr. Mehra targets a formulated blend to optimize even the most convoluted of intestinal tracts and changing lives affected by even the most severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) symptoms and microbiome imbalances. (2)

Unbloat’s Quality Standards

Unbloat is a home grown, born-in-the-USA, gut-happy daily supplement.

Dr. Mehra stays true to a vegan, ketogenic, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, soy-free, nut-free, shellfish-free sourced ingredients free of preservatives for optimum bioavailability. (1)

Unbloat Review — Nutritional & Health Benefits

With a supplement that contains 21 digestive enzymes, 9 total pre- and probiotics, plus 10 essential herbal nutrients, how does all this truly fit in one simple, symbiotic capsule?

With 30 servings per container, 2 capsules per serving, all package in an odorless, gelatin-free capsule, Unbloat comes in a recyclable plastic bottle that you can take where you and your tummy wander. So, sit back, pour a cuppa, cause Dr. Mehra left no stone unturned when placing Mother Nature’s goodness into Unbloat capsules.


Also known at vitamin B9, one serving of Unbloat contains 500mg of folic acid per serving, this equates to 213% of your daily value.

Now, before you begin to fear excess, when it comes to folate, there is no cause for alarm. Folate is essential for proper production of DNA molecules, production of our red blood cells, and is essential for proper spinal cord development in a growing fetus.

Absorbed in the small intestine, it’s no wonder this is an added benefit in Unbloat as we ensure not only proper cellular production at the level of DNA, but with the added functions of bowel support nutrients (see below) we can ensure proper absorption of this life-force of a vitamin. (3,4)


Containing 70mg per serving of Unbloat (approximately 17% of your daily value needs), magnesium is equivalent to the Energizer Bunny of your body.

Involved over 300 enzymatic reactions and a key regulator of calcium and potassium across our cell membranes (ever-so-vital for neuron signal transmission), when it comes to the gut, magnesium aids in intestinal motility. (5)  

In fact, during medical school, we were always taught, magnesium (elementally written as Mg2+ in the Periodic Table of Elements) meant “Must (M) go (G) to (2+) the bathroom (Mg2+).” So, why not have the added benefit of magnesium in our intestinal tract to help keep waste moving with ease, avoiding constipation and backup of gasses?

Probiotics for Gut Health

A probiotic blend containing 25 billion CFUs of 7 live bacterial strains: L. casei, B. lactis, L. plantarum, L. acidophilus, L. shamnosus, B. longum,and B. bifidum.

We’re not going to go through each, but some honorable mentions that you may have heard and have a major symbiotic relationship to our immune system are B. lactis, L. acidophilus, and B. longum.

B. Longum: Present in yogurt, cheeses and present naturally within our gut, B. lactum is an absolute probiotic rockstar with its ability to make folic acid in the gut, which increases the bioavailability of minerals in our intestinal tract and has the unique ability to diffuse the inflammatory wheat gliadin (AKA: “gluten”) known to cause leaky gut syndrome. (6)  

L. acidophilus: An organism with the unique ability to help ferment foods for easier digestion, resulting in byproducts that help regulate the “bad” bacterial gut flora. (7, 8)

B. bifidum: A probiotic that does the “dirty work” that other probiotics wish to avoid, B. bifidum has evolved over decades to be able to breakdown complex carbohydrates that have made their way into our daily, mainstream food sources (i.e. pectins, hemicellulose, and gums). (9)

High Quality Prebiotic Fiber

A combination of 276mg total of partially hydrolyzed guar gum and inulin. Hydrolyzed guar gum, a water-soluble fiber helps maintain gut regularity, reducing constipation and thus, bloating. (10)  

Inulin, a prebiotic fiber source found naturally in plant foods such as leeks, garlic, asparagus (and many more!), aids as an indirect food source to our natural gut microbiota, aiding in healthful propagation of good bacteria. (11) Bring on the healthy bug balance!

Enzymes Formulation

Enzymes are not to be confused with probiotics. Enzymes breakdown large complex molecules which probiotics, the living organisms, have a more downstream effect instead by utilizing the broken-down molecules the enzymes create—a stellar team effort.

The microorganisms then that those broken-down molecules as a food source; leaving no essential nutrient behind. (12)

The most elaborate of concoctions in this Unbloat capsule, Dr. Mehra created a formulation of 21 enzymes to aid our gut in digesting even the most complicated of processed foods.

Most notable amongst the bunch are:


Secreted by our pancreas and mouth saliva to aid in the digestion of large carbohydrates that our acidic contents of the stomach and intestinal journey could not breakdown. (12)


The enzyme that breaks down lactose, the main sugar molecule in milk products. It is known, that by the age of 2 years old, many humans begin to produce less lactase enzyme; the reason largely behind increase lactose intolerance as we age.

Whether you are lactose intolerant, moderately, or none, this added enzyme is bound to lessen flatulence and overall uncomfortable bloating due to diary consumption. (13)


Just like we humans have a unique cell wall structure, plants are their own anomalies made of a sturdy carbohydrate called a “polysaccharide.”

While we should all be consuming leafy greens on the daily, we’ve all experience that after-salad bloating due tothis polysaccharide can make them a challenge to digest fully. Thus, nature gifted us with cellulase—an enzyme that helps break down these tough, bulky molecules, for optimum digestion. (14)


Produced in your pancreas, peptides are the gatekeeper enzymes at the cell wall of your intestine, breaking down the final stage of protein digestion prior to absorption across your intestinal wall and into your blood stream. (15, 16)


Another key enzyme produced by your pancreas, lipase works to break down fatty acids in your diet; essential for absorbing the fat-soluble vitamins: Vitamin A, D, E, and K. (16)

Bowel Support Nutrients

Containing sodium alginate and l-leucine, this important duo is essential for ensuring water-insoluble nutrients pass through the intestinal wall instead of remaining “stuck” within the cell layer; assisting in increased bioavailability of nutrients and ease of bowel contents. (17, 18)

Bloat-Fighting Herbal Formulation

Leave it to herbal medicine to warp up Unbloat formulation with a poignant closure discussing a 78mg proprietary blend of power-packed ingredients.

Fennel Seed:

Known as Foeniculum vulgare, fennel seed has been used for centuries worldwide, in Iran, fennel seed extract is a common remedy used for IBS. In fact, a study by Das et al. demonstrated a likely relationship because fennel seed reducing an inflammatory pathway that causes the early onset of IBS-related inflammation. (19)


Although the exact mechanism is still debated, literature suggests that peppermint assists in smooth muscle relaxation, aiding spastic muscle that may cause the well-known cramps during constipation and IBS, and fostering in a second hand immune-boosting effect, as well as possible antifungal properties. (20)

Who knew there was such power in peppermint?


A commonplace in all health food discussions, known as Zingiber officinale, ginger is known for anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, increase in gut motility, as well as abating nausea. Even more, ginger has even been found in some studies to inhibit cancerous cell growth! (21)  


You likely know the benefits of turmeric in our joints and the low bioavailability in our blood stream, turmeric is known for its antioxidant properties within the gut and, because of the challenge for the molecule, curcumin, to cross the intestinal cell wall, curcumin is postulated to regulate the good microbiome of the gut. (22)

Milk Thistle:

Silybum marianum, a member of the Asteraceae (sunflower) family, contains silymarins that act on the liver, gallbladder, and intestines. Although not known for sure, milk thistle is postulated to aid in digestion of macronutrients and assist in the passage of bowel waste. (23)

Spirulina Algae:

Composed of glycogen and polysaccharides, both a form of molecular energy, work symbiotically with lactobacillus, a healthy gut microorganism that produces the vital B6 (pyridoxine) vitamin—a win-win when it comes to optimum gut microbiome balance and improved energy levels. (24)

Unbloat Reviews — What Do Customers Think?

There’s a lot packed in these Unbloat capsules. With over 200+ reviews thus far, coming at an average 4.7 stars, it helps to know about those that have gone before you.

The good and the bad (but to be honest, the bad what hard to find amongst a slew of positivity), from mild changes to utterly life-changing for some folks.

Let’s take a peek.

Michelle B. shares in his Unbloat Review:

“I’m on my second week of taking Unbloat capsules, and I am delighted and admittedly surprised to report that they really do work. I am taking them in conjunction with an increased focus on weight loss and exercise, but I’ve had plenty of poor eating and low movement days and even on those days my stomach, especially the “pooch” area, is noticeably flatter. Jeans that have been tight on me for months are fitting better, and I’m down .8 pounds, though, again, I’m increasing my focus on that. When I was deciding whether or not to purchase, I scrolled through looking for honest, thoughtful reviews that seemed like they came from real people with no incentives, so I wanted to provide that for others.”

Honest customer reviews are refreshing. Often, reviews can become biased if a company offers a percentage off a future order (an incentive, that is), for example.

Unbloat doesn’t play such games. A review is a review; intended to help you, the thoughtful consumer, feel more confident of products you are purchasing.

“Life Saver. I’ve been blessed with an easy cycle, until perimenopause happened. The acne. Mood swings. Breast tenderness. Fibroids. All of it manageable with Flo once a day. Sometimes life gets busy, and I miss a week and I’m starkly reminded how amazing this supplement is. Totally worth it. Thank you.”

It’s incredible to hear of women who are seeking to support their health and find a true remedy that alleviates even the most painful fibroids and changing courses of hormones throughout a woman’s life.

Another customer healing from IBS states in their Unbloat review:

“I’ve struggled with IBS for the past few years and have tried eliminating everything from my diet. I’ve tried working out more and drinking more water. I have tried other products that have digestive enzymes and supplements with herbs like fennel, but Unbloat has been SO different. THANK YOU for creating this product. It has all the ingredients I’ve been looking for and that my doctor recommends and has helped so much over the past 6 weeks. Please don’t change the product.”

We love this Unbloat review because it reveals one very important element of Dr. Mehra’s products that other brands don’t address: efficacy of ingredients.

Carolyn H. writes above, she tried fennel seed in the past with no significant improvement. When there are added, synergistic benefits such a key-player enzymes, pro- and prebiotics, plus synergism between botanical ingredients, you create an optimized environment for breakdown, absorption, and flow of nutrients.

Another customer shares his Unbloat Review:

“I’ve been struggling with so many digestive issues, acid reflux, sensitivities to certain foods all of a sudden and it all started when pre-menopause started. I was bloated all the time and thought once menopause starts, it would be gone…yet it got worse. Started taking in Unbloat and I’m on my 3rd month. I wake up so much better. Haven’t gotten bloated like usual. I still must watch what I eat, but this really has made a difference.”

It’s great to hear from someone taking Unbloat for more than a few weeks. The only negative Unbloat review found was on Amazon from someone who noted worsening bloating and flatulence.

It’s important to note that whenever introducing a new colony of pre- and probiotics, we’re bound to have a short period of time where symptoms may worsen as our microbiome reaches homeostasis.

Like introducing a new horse into a long-established herd, it takes a while for the hierarchy of alphas and betas to sort themselves out—it’s the same with good and bad gut microorganisms. You get the point.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can You Find Unbloat?

You find Unbloat on their main site or via Amazon. Of course, we recommend supporting Unbloat directly not only in the spirit of reciprocity, but also to ensure you are receiving the most authentic quality product.

How Much Does Unbloat Cost?

Unbloat costs $59.95 for a one-time purchase with greater savings if you enroll in a monthly and quarterly subscription plan (see below).

Promotions, Discounts, & Subscriptions

Unbloat offers free shipping on every order—one-time purchases, subscriptions, and all.

Unbloat’s monthly subscription plan includes 12% savings (1-pack delivered monthly), their quarterly subscription (3-pack delivered every 3 months) plan provides you a total savings of 15%, while their 5-pack bundle (delivered every 5 months) provides you a 24% off the normal one-time purchasing price.

So, if you love this item as much as these former customers rave, then you’ll likely be pleased to know that the more quantity you purchase, the more you save.

If you’re someone that’s warry of being locked into a situation indefinitely, not to worry! You may cancel your subscription and modify it to meet your needs by simply clicking on the “manage subscription” link that will be included in every emailed order confirmation.

You simply must fulfill at least one subscription refill—that’s Unbloat’s way of giving you a fighting chance to see a notable difference in your bloating status (like we talked about, herbal remedies can take a minute to have a compounding, lasting effect).

You can follow-up with any inquires by going to Unbloat’s Refund Policy or try their online, 24/7 chat service at the bottom right of each page.

The Final Takeaway

We’ve gone through a lot of ingredients in a single supplement. Dr. Mehra’s vision to create a daily supplement to remedy even the most rough and tough of bloaters is a testament to her years of expertise and desire to meet a true need hundreds of thousands of gastrointestinal suffers.

Packed with mighty enzymes to assist in breaking down even the heartiest of meals, to prebiotics that aid in drawing water into your intestines for a smooth ride, and probiotics that add balance to your gut, all these benefits will not relieve pain, but contribute to your immune system, and even mood (yes, the gut and brain are deeply connected!).

With the naturopathic benefits like fennel seed, curcumin, and ginger, Unbloat takes the holistic approach to a whole new dimension. With positive, real Unbloat reviews, a flexible subscription plan, and a potential promise for significant relief, Unbloat may be the remedy to ease the masses and legitimately offer you a lifestyle change.

So, perhaps go with your gut feeling on this one. Join the #guttalk community and get comfortable again with Unbloat.

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Article Sources


Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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