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Holistic Wellness Magazine is part of DESPOTECH MEDIA, growth and performance marketing agency operating DTC wellness brands.


90 Capsule pack of Alpha Brain

Alpha Brain Review: How Did I Get Onnit?

We could all afford to give our brain a little more love. Some of us hit that extra cup of coffee by the two o’clock hour or snag that 5-Hour Energy lodged in some random bag pocket, while others may down a Monster Energy deeming it “healthier” because “Sugar Free” and “L-theanine” are persuasively inscribed on the side in metallic, bold letters.


Colon Broom Review: Positive Change In Your Bowel Habits

Constipation can be a veritable nightmare that stops you from enjoying life and being social, especially if you are sitting on a toilet for endless amounts of time straining and sweating passing tiny, hard stools, if anything at all.

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