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Colon Broom Review: Positive Change In Your Bowel Habits

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About Colon Broom

The supplement Colon Broom specializes in alleviating your intestinal woes. A prominent reason one may seek a digestive aid is a sluggish gut or constipation.

The inability to find relief in the bathroom and being perpetually uncomfortable is no laughing matter, and may lead to rectal prolapse, painful hemorrhoids, anal fissures, and fecal impaction from persistent, prolonged straining on your porcelain throne.

Not to mention pain, bloating, and gas that is accompanied by stogged up bowels, if left untreated.

Constipation can be a veritable nightmare that stops you from enjoying life and being social, especially if you are sitting on a toilet for endless amounts of time straining and sweating passing tiny, hard stools, if anything at all.

This is a miserable experience, to put it mildly. There is only so many senna tablets you can take, saccharin-sweet lactulose you can drink or dare I say, enemas you can use.

Colon Broom is a desiccated fiber-containing powder that is readily dissolved in water and creates a convenient, colorful, fruit-tasting beverage proven to benefit your bowels and overall health.

Unlike some competing brands, you don’t have to try to choke back a thick, grainy, brown, cardboard-tasting concoction to see results.

Some notable benefits promoted by this brand and verified by scientific evidence, include:

  • Increased bowel regularity
  • Improved mood and increased energy levels
  • Decreased abdominal bloating and a sensation of having a lighter gut and smaller abdomen.
  • Intestinal detox and supports intestinal health
  • Supports weight loss and maintenance

Colon Broom Ingredients Review

The active ingredient in Colon Broom, psyllium husk for which there is 3.6g per serving, results in 3g of dietary fiber in which 2 grams are soluble fibers.

Other ingredients are also added merely for taste, sweetness, tang and color including the following in descending order: natural flavor, citric acid, crystallized Lemon (citric acid, lemon oil, lemon juice), stevia leaf extract, sea salt, fruit & vegetable juice, and rice hulls.

The aforementioned ingredients are derived solely from plants and are of non-animal origins, making it appropriate for vegan clients.

These fiber beverages are also void of gluten and are therefore suitable if you suffer with gluten intolerance (a common finding if you suspect you suffer irritable bowel syndrome) or celiac disease.

This product contains indigestible fibers and non-nutritive sweeteners; therefore, it is a perfect choice if you are a diabetic or if you are adhering to a carbohydrate-restrictive or ketogenic diet.

How To Take Colon Broom

If you are just starting out, it is advisable to begin with one serving per day to acclimatize to the sudden increase in fiber consumption, gradually increasing to a total of two servings per day after a few days. Directions for use include dissolving one teaspoon into an 8oz glass of water, mixing well to dissolve all remaining granules.

Do not take it upon yourself to increase the amount of product per serving, or to decrease the recommended quantity of water; drinking thick sludge without adequate water may be difficult to swallow and pass. Remember also to drink at least an hour prior to a meal or a half hour after a meal.

This is due to the fact that the soluble fiber swells in water forming a gel which artificially increases satiety, diminishing your appetite. It may also negatively impact nutrient absorption as the bolus of fiber may adsorb key nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract when consumed with food.

Relief is generally seen, or rather felt, within 12-72 hrs. following ingestion.

Tips For Safety & To Reduce Intestinal Issues

Be cognizant of toggling the amount you drink with the amount of fiber you consume in food. The recommended fiber intake for adult females and males is 25g and 38g, respectively.

Suddenly increasing your fiber consumption and not concurrently increasing your intake of water may paradoxically result in exacerbating your symptoms of constipation, pre-existing diverticulosis, and cause cramping, gassy and bloated bowels (hmm, not sexy).

Psyllium may also prevent absorption of certain medications. Therefore, you should avoid taking your medications with said beverage and consider consulting a physician prior to use.

Indeed, if you or a loved one is planning on taking Colon Broom, note that it is contraindicated and potentially dangerous if you suffer swallowing issues (dysphagia) or intestinal blockages.

What Are the Benefits of Fiber, Including Psyllium Husk?

Fiber is a natural component to all plants as a part of their cell wall structures for structural support and integrity. Fiber, also referred to as a prebiotic, is found richly in whole grains, oats, fruits and vegetables, seeds, lentils and beans.

The majority of people in the USA and many other westernized countries, do not consume the recommended amount of fiber in their diet. Therefore, taking a functional fiber supplement with psyllium husk may be recommended.

The Functions of Fiber

Fiber passes through our gut intact as we have not the enzymatic capacity to digest them.

However, fiber has numerous important functional roles which helps promote health, longevity and in disease prevention:

  • Soluble fiber helps to lower blood sugar by binding sugars and also slowing digestion and transit through the digestive tract, ultimately serving to prevent and slow their absorption.
  • Soluble fiber also binds bile acids and lipids (fat and oil) in the intestines for excretion, ultimately lowering levels of cholesterol and lipids in the blood.
  • Soluble fiber also is hygroscopic meaning it absorbs water and increases fecal bulk and promotes regular bathroom visits.
  • Some soluble fibers are fermented by resident gut bacteria (probiotics), forming short chain fatty acids such as butyrate and propionate which nourish the cells of your gut and provide an important energy source for colonocytes (cells lining the colon wall).
  • Soluble fiber also prevents colonization of harmful bacteria, increases the diversity of beneficial bacteria, strengthens local and systemic immunity, and reduces inflammation in the epithelial lining the inside of the gut.
  • Insoluble fiber is not fermented and does not readily absorb water. Instead, it essentially irritates and exfoliates the intestinal lining promoting water and mucus secretion to help loosen stool and increase transit time through one’s poop-chute. It also helps to reduce the incidence of colon cancer by minimizing exposure time certain carcinogenic wastes have with our colonocytes, among other mechanisms.

Together, these benefits help treat and prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, diabetes, high cholesterol, certain cancers, diverticulosis and constipation.

Furthermore, fiber because of its bulking capacity and indigestible nature, slows gastric emptying, promotes gastric fullness and satiety, so you eat less which naturally supports weight management and loss.

Psyillium Husk

Psyllium husk specifically, has soluble and insoluble fiber and so has all of the preceding benefits for colonic and overall health. It may ameliorate fecal bulk and consistency to prevent constipation and diarrhea.

In fact, psyllium fiber has been shown to foster the growth of bowel benefiting bacteria and drawing water into the lumen of the bowel which is absorbed by fecal waste to soften stool and ease its passage through the colon.

This essentially reduces straining, increases the frequency of your bowel movements for a healthier, happier you. In fact, these effects were more pronounced in constipated persons versus their non-constipated counterparts.

Where Can I Purchase Colon Broom?

Colon Broom has their own website and is the most reliable and preferred way of ordering your product, especially if you wish to take advantage of available sales.

When you order from Colon Broom, you will receive a free booklet which is a 28-day plan for healthy, bowel-friendly recipes and physical exercises to help you ease bloating and promote intestinal health.

As Amazon is, unsurprisingly, a convenient place for you to locate and order from, if you cannot have Colon Broom delivered to your country directly from their website.

How To Purchase Colon Broom?

When you access their website, you are prompted to take a short 13-question quiz regarding your general health status and concerns. It also inquires after your bowel habits, pre-existing conditions, activity level, weight and age.

You then are asked to supply your email, so they can give personal recommendations on a useful product for your needs where you may choose to make a purchase. You have the choice to make a one-time purchase or to save and subscribe.

They conveniently offer three packages to choose from, including a one-month supply of one bottle consisting of 60 servings (taken 2X per day), three bottles for a three-month supply, or six bottles for a six-month supply.

Currently, there is a 2022 fall sale that has commenced resulting in significant discounts on a per bottle basis for those wishing to try it out or stock up on Colon Broom:

  • There is 7% discount for the first package priced at $69.99 USD
  • A 48% discount for a three-month supply at $44.99 USD
  • The 6-month supply is being offered at a 65% discount at $34.99

Details Involving Shipping & Delivery

Colon Broom offers free delivery to the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK and numerous western European countries. The manufacturers of the Colon Broom beverage have warehouses located in a couple of major states in the US (California and Pennsylvania) and in Germany in Europe.

Shipping, therefore, takes approximately 3-8 days which you can easily verify using the order tracking link made available to you upon order.

If you are experiencing any issues, they have a support page which provides prompts to a selection of topics for you to choose from, including:

  • Payments
  • Delivery and shipping
  • Subscriptions
  • Supplements

You may email and directly contact their support team to address any concerns about the product or your order. If you are displeased with their product, the refund policy stipulates that a customer has 14 days from product delivery to return to the company in order to be reimbursed.

Colon Broom Review – What Do Customers Think?

There is concrete scientific evidence that psyllium husk fiber is beneficial and has decades of research and use recommending it. Psyllium fiber is effective at feeding gut microbes, supporting the health, immunity and structural integrity of your gut.

It also encourages healthy bowel movements, supports weight maintenance and makes your tummy feel more comfortable all-round. As per the Colon Broom website, their testimonials from customers are glowing.

In fact, 95% of respondents say that they have noticed a positive change in their bowel habits with many others also reporting some degree of weight loss, amelioration in feelings of bloating, and an alleviation of a full and sluggish colon.

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