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Liquid I.V. Review: Electrolyte Drinks with Wellness Benefits

Liquid IV Review

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About Liquid I.V.

Industry giants like Gatorade and Powerade have largely dominated the sports drink market for some time, but a few newer companies are finally making a splash. Liquid I.V. is one rapidly growing brand that falls into this category. 

Liquid I.V. is a wellness company hailing from California that sells beverages “more hydrating than water”, and they’ve now grown to become America’s #1 selling powdered hydration brand. 

All of their products come as easily dissolvable powders with various flavours and targeted functions, but they contain electrolytes for hydration. Their product line has evolved to include products for hydration, sleep, energy, immune health, and gut health.

Liquid I.V. is certainly popular and delicious, but is this company truly a wholesome alternative to mainstream sports drinks? Keep reading to find out.

Overview of Liquid I.V.

Liquid I.V. was started by young entrepreneur and former college athlete Brandin Cohen. Brandin retired his sports career due to injury and redirected his focus onto business. He landed a marketing role with Major League Baseball’s Arizona Diamondbacks shortly after graduating, and this is where he had his big idea.

He noticed all the world-class athletes in his proximity were drinking standard sports drinks full of artificial flavour, colouring, sweeteners, and preservatives. This struck him as odd since they of all people should have the best nutrition available to them, so he set about creating a better alternative.

Using the science of Oral Rehydration Therapy from the World Health Organization as his guide, Brandin enlisted world-class scientists to help him create a clean and effective hydrating beverage. Not only did they do this, but they came up with a trademarked technology called Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)®  which hydrates 2-3x faster than water.

This birthed Liquid I.V. which officially launched in 2012 and quickly made it into Whole Foods stores. It’s been a steady upward climb since then. 

Liquid I.V. was acquired by Multinational Parent Company Unilever in 2020, but the company is still led by founder Brandin Cohen who sits as Chief Executive Officer.

Brand Values

Although Liquid I.V. now falls under Unilever’s wide umbrella of brands with various company values, Liquid I.V. claims to still have the same values they’ve upheld since their founding. They frame the acquisition by Unilever as an opportunity for them to become a global brand and spread their philanthropic missions further.

Liquid I.V. has no doubt been very active with charitable efforts. Their biggest contributions have been towards water security and hydration aid in water-stressed countries. They’ve donated 51 million servings of Liquid I.V. worldwide and have partnered up with several humanitarian organizations to assist with community-based solutions for clean drinking water. 

Liquid I.V. Products Review

Liquid I.V. currently makes 7 main product categories, most of which have several flavor options. Their original category is called “Hydration Multiplier” which is a flavored electrolyte drink. They also have Hydration Multiplier available in sugar-free formulations, with added immune support, with added probiotics, added sleep aid ingredients, and a kids version.

Many of their products can be purchased for discounted rates in bundles, or even further discounted by their subscribe and save model which advertising savings up to 30% off. All of the products are vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, non-GMO, free of artificial flavors and dyes, but some do contain sugar.

Their products are marketed not only as sports drinks for athletes, but also as general performance drinks or water flavoring agents for anyone who wants to feel their best and stay on top of their hydration. 

This is a huge market, because most people don’t drink enough water, often because of the taste (1). Liquid I.V. mitigates this obstacle to hydration since it comes in countless delicious flavors, it’s easily transported, individually packaged, and versatile to use in more exciting drink recipes. 

Liquid I.V. can be used by practically anyone at any time of day (with the right product). The energy products are best used earlier in the day, and the sleep enhancing one is best at night, but the rest can be enjoyed anytime for a hydration boost.

Pros and Cons of Liquid I.V.


  • Many exciting flavour options
  • More hydrating than water
  • Can help improve athletic performance
  • May increase energy
  • Some products have ingredients with added health benefits
  • Can be used as a healthy ingredient in drink recipes


  • Not necessary for adequate hydration (just water is sufficient)
  • Most Liquid I.V. products contain added micronutrients which could become excessive if already consuming a multivitamin
  • Some Liquid I.V. products contain calories and sugar so they shouldn’t be consumed in excess

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier Review

The hydration multiplier products are electrolyte powders that come in packs of 16 gram sachets. There are currently 13 flavours: Pear, Lemon Lime, Strawberry, Strawberry Lemonade, Golden Cherry, Concord Grape, Seaberry, Tropical Punch, Watermelon, Passion Fruit, Pina Colada, Guava, and Acai Berry. 

The sachets are approximately 45 calories each and contain 11 grams of sugar. The addition of sugar is very intentional since it’s a component of the trademarked Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)®️ which allows for the product to hydrate “faster than water”. 

This could be extremely beneficial during athletic endeavors, but the products are also extremely enjoyable for casual use. Liquid I.V.’s Instagram account features many recipe ideas including smoothies and healthy mocktails.

The Hydration Multipliers also contain several B vitamins, vitamin C, stevia extract, and natural flavors. These drinks are stated to be safe for kids, but they also have a separate line of Hydration Multiplier targeted for a younger audience with more kid-friendly flavors.

Liquid I.V. Sugar Free Hydration Multiplier Review

Another popular product from Liquid I.V. is the sugar-free edition of their Hydration Multiplier. It currently comes in White Peach, Green Grape, or Lemon Lime. 

The ingredients are quite similar to the regular Hydration Multiplier, but with a different electrolyte absorption method than than original version. Instead of using Cellular Transport Technology (CTT)®️ (which contains sugar), it uses a proprietary Amino Allulose Blend to hydrate better than water.

Allulose is low-calores monosaccahride naturally derived from certain plants. Liquid I.V. sources their from non-GMO corn. While the substance tastes sweet like sugar, it doesn’t affect blood sugar in the same way and has very few calories because it’s not metabolized (broken down) by the body (2).

Allulose is not yet approved in the EU or Canada since it’s a new ingredient, so the Sugar Free Hydration Multiplier products are only available in the US for the time being. Despite being new, allulose appears to be an effective low calorie sweetener that doesn’t often cause stomach distress in the way other sugar alternatives how been shown to (3).

The nutrition facts for each packet of the products come to just 15 calories with 0 grams of sugar, and similar amounts of B vitamins and vitamin C as the original Hydration Multiplier.

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier +Immune Support Review

Another popular iteration of the original Hydration Multiplier is their Hydration Multiplier +Immune Support which comes in Wild Berry or Tangerine. 

This product is quite similar to their standard electrolyte drink, but with the addtion of more vitamin C (5x the daily value), zinc, and another proprietary blend they call Betavita™. 

Vitamin C and zinc are well known ingredients for supporting immune function, but their proprietary immune supporting blend is a more novel ingredient (4). It contains algae fermentate beta glucan which has clinical evidence for supporting upper respiratory tract health in particular.

Liquid I.V. Reviews — Customer Testimonies

The most common message across the countless positive Liquid I.V. reviews on their site is that their customers love their flavors. It’s apparently that a large portion of the customers likely use the product to add flavor to their water, and the electrolytes and health benefits are just an added bonus.

“Love that it’s not super sweet and actually feels like it helps more than chugging bottles of water” – Michael

Other customers like Karen mention in their Liquid I.V. review how it can have a practical use in preventing dehydration when sick.

“My daughter’s Go To when she’s not feeling well!  Not sure how she’d survive otherwise. Works quickly. Seaberry is her favorite flavor.” – Karen

Charlotte is another customer who as a 70 year old great grandmother, relies on Liquid I.V. to keep her hydrated. It can be increasingly difficult to stay hydrated in later years, so this is an important benefit. She stated in her Liquid I.V. review:

“I drink one lemon lime Liquid IV every day.  Helps tremendously with dehydration.” – Charlotte

Finally, customers Bob and Lindsay make it clear that Liquid I.V. can help with hydration during physical activity and long days in the sunshine.

Here’s what they shared in their Liquid I.V. reviews:

“I actually love all three sugar free flavors.  I live in Arizona and play golf 3 days a week all year. I add 2 packets into a liter bottle of water and use it as my in round refreshment. It keeps me refreshed all day.” – Bob

“The flavor on this is exactly like the regular version, no bad aftertaste, and doesn’t upset my stomach like many other sugar-free things do. I keep buying it as I run out!” – Lindsay

Is Liquid I.V. Worth It?

Liquid I.V. is absolutely worth it for anyone who needs a sports drink for athletic performance, who struggles to stay hydrated, or simply enjoys flavored water. It’s not exactly an essential product, but it’s a nice luxury that can certainly improve health, and more importantly one’s enjoyment of the healthy habit of staying hydrated.

Where To Buy Liquid I.V.

Liquid I.V. can be purchased online either from Amazon or directly from their website (in single purchases or as a subscription), and it’s also available in many Walmarts, Costcos, Targets, Walgreens, and CVSs across the US.

Liquid I.V. is available fo purchase online in Canada as well, but only a handful of select products.

Shipping in the US is free on orders over $20, and you can sign up to their email list for wellness tips and special discounts and offers.


LMNT — LMNT is another sugar-free, soy-free, dairy-free, artificial flavour and colours free electrolyte powder with exciting flavors. They even have flavors that can be served hot.

BioSteel — BioSteel also offers “clean” electrolyte drinks either in powder or liquid form. The powder comes in a tub rather than individual packets.

Organika Electrolytes — Organika offers a range of products, including a sugar free pink lemonade flavored electrolyte powder.


Final Takeaway

All things considered, Liquid I.V. appears to be one of the best companies for clean electrolyte drinks, and they’re certainly miles ahead of popular mainstream products.

The added benefit of micronutrients, probiotics and amino acids are well thought-out, and according to their customers, their products are each effective at their own unique purposes.

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Sarah Lake

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