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HOLOS Review: The Breakfast of Champions


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Overnight oats have taken the world by storm in the past few years thanks to the viral nature of social media exploding their popularity. Countless influencers have shown the world just how easy it is to mix oats with milk and set it in the fridge overnight to thicken.

Even though this breakfast option is easy and often quite delicious, it’s not entirely balanced. It lacks sufficient protein, healthy fats, and micronutrients due to its overly simple ingredient list (1).

This is where HOLOS comes in. HOLOS is an overnight muesli brand from Québec City in Canada. They’re changing up the breakfast game for busy people all over North America who want a healthier alternative to plain and simple overnight oats. 

They’ve mixed not just oats, but also plant-based protein, whole grains, seeds, dried fruits, superfood powders, probiotics and spices to create delicious and healthy breakfasts that can be prepared in literally seconds.

Overview of HOLOS

Much like many other successful small businesses, HOLOS started with one of the founders uncovering and solving a problem for himself. 

Samuel Scofy was a busy young tech entrepreneur whose health was suffering from his non-stop lifestyle. He eventually teamed up with holistic health coach and future HOLOS co-founder Christophe Contant who put Samuel on a regimen of movement, nature, and whole foods. 

One of the recipes stood out to Samuel as an absolute game-changer for his health: overnight muesli. It helped heal his gut and provided long-lasting energy to get his days started with gusto. 

They began selling to family and friends before an angel investor turned CEO (Charles Sansregret) joined forces and accelerated HOLOS’s growth. They quickly made an impact in the outdoor enthusiasts and endurance sports community, even creating docu-films following along with a few athletes’ long-haul explorations while they of course fueled up on HOLOS. 

They’ve now become a main-stay quick breakfast for runners, cyclists, yogis, and surfers across North America, and HOLOS is quickly spreading beyond this original niche to everyday folks like parents, office workers, students and more. 

HOLOS Company Values

HOLOS very clearly cares about healthy food, but their values don’t end there. The very name HOLOS itself is derived from the Greek word for “whole”, and it represents not only their whole-food origins but the holistic factors that make life meaningful.

They point out on their website that endurance sports closely resemble to exact values that aim to support through their brand. They want to help their customers fuel up so they can be their best and push their limits, but they also recognize the essential restorative necessities like food, community, and time spent in nature. 

They’re also an eco-friendly company since they have 100% recyclable packing for their products and they include a reusable jar for preparing their muesli products.

Their Products

HOLOS makes just one product, but they do it incredibly well. They have 9 different flavours of overnight muesli, all with similar ingredients and comparable nutritional value. 

They come in single-serve sachets which can be poured into their provided reusable jar and then shaken with 300mL of milk or other liquid of choice to thicken up in the fridge.

The result is a creamy, delicious, and flavorful oatmeal-like consistency muesli that’s ready to eat straight out of the jar.

HOLOS vs. Other Breakfast Options

Even though HOLOS first gained popularity within athletic communities, it’s an excellent breakfast option for anyone who wants something wholesome, quick and tasty. 

There are some very clear benefits HOLOS has over other popular breakfasts.

HOLOSMost Other Breakfast Options
• Can be prepared in under a minute
• Contains a balance of protein, carbs, fiber and micronutrients
• Comes in 9 different tasty flavors
• Easy to take on-the-go
• Can involve quick to extensive preparations
• Often lack adequate protein and fiber
• Other breakfast routines can become dull and repetitive
• Usually difficult to transport

Overall, HOLOS seems to be the easiest option possible for a minimal-fuss breakfast, and it does this without sacrificing good nutrition. Their products are all low-sugar, vegan, gluten-free, and organic. This makes them suitable for practically any diet or lifestyle. 

One of the few communities that HOLOS nutrition does not align with however is the keto lifestyle. HOLOS firmly believes in carbohydrates as an essential fuel force for optimal performance in sports or just daily life.

HOLOS Products Review

HOLOS Organic Overnight Museli – Vanilla Review

One of the most popular flavors of HOLOS’s overnight mueslis is vanilla. Though this might sound plain, it’s packed with flavor from goji berries, dried white mulberries, maple sugar, lucuma powder, and of course ground vanilla bean.

It’s also a fantastic base for adding fun toppings, or even using in other recipes. Both HOLOS’s social media and their blog from their website feature plenty of creative ways to spice up or cook with their products. You can make baked goods, energy balls, dips and much more. 

One particular post on their blog suggests soaking the vanilla muesli pouches in brewed coffee and oat milk instead of milk for a fun vanilla oat latte-flavored rendition. Any nuts, nut butter, seeds or fresh fruit would undoubtedly be delicious with the vanilla pouches.

The ingredients in the pouches themselves are already quite diverse. The recipe features sprouted brown rice protein powder for an easily digestible way to boost protein as well as a dose of fibre, healthy fat and protein from pumpkin seeds.

Perhaps most interesting of all is the inclusion of a live bacterial culture. The strain they use is Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086, and this particular strain is known to help support the digestion of carbohydrates and protein (2). This may help make HOLOS more easily digestible and non-irritating to the gut, but it has a few more benefits on top of this.

Bacillus coagulans have evidence for treating gut issues like constipation, diarrhea, bloating, and even irritable bowel syndrome (3). While there isn’t direct evidence as to whether or not HOLOS products have this effect, it’s not surprising that founder Samuel said their original muesli recipe helped heal his gut.

HOLOS Organic Overnight Museli – Chai Review

Another hugely popular HOLOS flavor is chai. Much like all the other flavors, it has a base of gluten-free rolled oats, sprouted brown rice protein powder, bacterial cultures and chia seeds, but chai also has cardamom, star anise, cinnamon, clove, cashew pieces, sunflower seeds, dark chocolate chips, dehydrated date pieces, cocoa powder, matcha powder, and fair trade decaffeinated ground coffee. 

While there is considerable variety amongst the ingredient lists of the different flavours, they all contain 20 grams of protein, 10-12 grams of fibre, and approximately 370-380 calories per serving. They feature different “superfood” ingredients which are helpfully highlighted on their website with details about their benefits.

A final positive of HOLOS nutrition is their commitment to low-sugar and natural sugar sources such as dates, maple sugar, and brown sugar. This offers a more interesting flavour than highly processed sugar and some added nutrients. 

HOLOS Reviews — Customer Testimonies

If one thing about HOLOS is certain, it’s that their customers are absolutely obsessed with their products. They have a 4.9/5 star rating based on nearly 600 reviews from happy customers. 

They mostly mention loving HOLOS for all the reasons you’d expect: it’s convenient and delicious. Customers like Graham and Anne mention in their HOLOS review how they use it to fuel up before or after a workout, while other customers like Kurt prefer to have a stash handy for any time of day when hunger strikes.

Anne’s HOLOS Review:

“I really enjoy eating my Holos before or after a workout. The taste is fantastic and I’m very picky about texture and taste. I know I’m getting clean nutrition and my next step is to get my daughter to try it!”

Graham’s HOLOS Review:

“Holos has become a morning ritual for me. I would describe myself as an endurance athlete/ punk rocker, that loves art of all types. I love Holos in the morning with fruit before work or after my morning run. I also like to support local businesses as much as possible.”

Kurt’s HOLOS Review:

“Ever stumbled upon a breakfast that feels tailor-made for you? That’s Holos for me. The Maple & Almonds variant is simply the best. As a seasoned oatmeal fan, I can attest: this is the upgrade you’ve been waiting for. Dive into its lush creaminess with oat milk, or go simple with water. Always on the go? Stash it in your run bag or camper van, and you’re fueled up in no time. Truly, breakfast nirvana!”

Customers like Tina also point out in their HOLOS review how convenient it is to pack for travel to save money and enjoy and familiar routine from home.

Tina’s HOLOS Review:

“I love all the flavors and I’m packing Holos to go with me to Puerto Vallarta for three weeks. I mix it with a chickpea and flax, milk, substitute and find it absolutely delicious. Kudos. Also like the recipes. My favourite is the banana chocolate Holos bread.”

Lastly, the gut health benefits don’t just apply to founder Sameul, since many customers like Richard have also seen their gut health improve with HOLOS.

Richard stated in his HOLOS review: “I am completely satisfied and surprised it is so good. With having this product in the morning I already feel like my stomach is healthier. I’m looking forward to trying the rest of the flavors.”

Is HOLOS Worth It?

HOLOS is an affordable investment to save time, improve nutrition, and fuel your day. It’s worthwhile for anyone who struggles with preparing healthy breakfasts, or worse yet ends up skipping this important meal because they’re in such a rush!

HOLOS can be enjoyed daily, or as an occasional treat when you need something easy. Because of its versatility and impressive nutrition, almost anyone can benefit from trying HOLOS.

Where To Buy HOLOS

HOLOS can be purchased from their website where you’re required to purchase a minimum box of 12 servings of muesli. You can customize which flavors you want in your box and sign up for a 30- or 60-day subscription for a reduced price.

They also have a first-time customer offer of 15% off your first order.


If HOLOS doesn’t tick all your boxes, there are a few similar alternatives available on the market.

FULLER Overnight Oats — FULLER is another organic overnight breakfast brand. A few differences are their use of sweetener alternatives instead of natural sugars, and they’re not vegan. Check out our FULLER review here.

MUSH — This brand is not organic like HOLOS, and it the oats are already pre-soaked and ready to eat.

ONO — ONO stands for Over Night Oats, and this trendy brand has some fun flavors, but their ingredients list is not quite as wholesome as and high-quality as HOLOS.


Final Thoughts

If you’re still on the fence about HOLOS, the only way to find out if this superfood muesli is for you is to give it a try! You might be surprised by just how much you love it.

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