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Primal Harvest Review: Do You Reap The Benefits?

Primal Harvest Review

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About Primal Harvest

A cherished mentor once wisely proclaimed, “Take the green pill now or the white one later.” Meaning, take the wholefood supplements now, and fill your body with the missing ingredients that our current modernized food system and sedentary lifestyles negate.

Otherwise, rely on side-effect-ridden pharmaceuticals later in life. This philosophy stuck with me so much that it became a part of my DNA. So, when I came across Primal Harvest, a company whose motto states: “Supplements before Pharmaceuticals,” I felt I had found my long-lost tribe that tugged at my moral values. 

Birthed in the heart of Long Island, New York, Dan Harper acted on a vision in 2018 to formulate, source, and distribute holistic supplementation to his fellow humanity. (1)

He observed a need for holistic, well-rounded nutrition that even the cleanest of diets and healthful lifestyles could benefit from. This need was honored and has become a renowned source of supplementation within the holistic community. 

Overview of Primal Harvest

All Primal Harvest products are manufactured in New York, with most ingredients sourced here in the US, while other ingredients not common to North American are sourced internationally to obtain the purest, transparent ingredients. (1,2)

Primal Harvest promotes holistic wellbeing not only in the quality of their ingredients, but in the various organ systems they aim to bolster. Their products target energy and wellbeing, heart, joint, gut, and immune health—touching on some vital organ systems, indeed. (2)

Within each of these categories, Primal Harvest has a subset of options that help you narrow down the health aid that you wish to address. (2) Seeking some tummy love? Primal Harvest Gut Restore has three unique blends.

A probiotic for those looking to beckon helpful microbes, another that cleanses your large intestine, and a third to restore the intestinal lining.

Need an extra boost in the hair department? Primal Harvest Energy & Wellbeing contains a gamut of health boosts from Primal Mind Fuel, Hair Growth Complex, and their newly-released Primal Stress Relief and Primal Magnesium. On initial look, I was ready to stock up on these supplements. 

Review of Primal Harvest

Let us dive into the ingredients of each product. Primal Harvest has a user-friendly site where you can research each product and read the benefits of each ingredient as your leisure. We felt to provide an abridged version of each product, but if you’d rather do the research yourself, click here to begin that honorable journey!

As we enter autumnal and winter seasons, let’s begin with the Primal Harvest Immune Health selection, peal apart the multivitamin for those solely seeking a single daily vitamin, and mention key ingredients on Primal Harvest’s variety of products. 

Primal Harvest Immune Health

Primal Multivitamin

With more than 100% daily value in nearly each ingredient, this blend includes vitamin A, D, E, and K as well as vital B vitamins necessary for neuronal support and DNA regeneration.

As someone who may consider the interplay of supplements together, it is worth mentioning the presence Manganese (2mg), a key trace element important for ridding your body of free radicals, promoting proper clotting of your blood, and is a key player for making glucose readily available in your body (3).

Studies have shown that in the presence of iron, Manganese absorption in the intestine decreases considerably. Seems Primal Harvest has wisely kept iron out of this Primal Multivitamin. (3) Well done, Primal Harvest—we always love to see companies honor the unique biochemical interplay within us all! 

In this packed ingredient list, you’ll also notice the presence of Chromium, an essential molecule that regulates insulin release. (4) Also entering the chat: Molybdenum. Another crucial trace element, is characterized by its ability to catabolize remnants of our DNA to be recycled for future DNA replication; essential for regeneration of our powerful cells that compose us beings. (5)

Also present in this well-rounded formulation is lycopene. It is known to be one of the most powerful antioxidant molecules that our body cannot produced and has even been suggested to reduced hyperproliferation of potentially cancerous cells in colorectal carcinoma. (6-7) 

Primal Harvest Review
Source: Primal Harvest Website

Primal Greens

This ultimate super Primal Greens blend states it has over 50+ fruits and vegetables, with 3.5 billion colony forming units (CFUs).

The Probiotic Complex includes B. longum, L. acidophilus, and L. rhamnosus, and contains three proprietary blends: Superfood, Antioxidant, and Mushroom blend (5g), a Nutrient Dense Natural Herb and Extracts blend (2.5g), and a Digestive Complex.

The mushroom blend includes Reishi, Shitake, and Maitake mushrooms; known for its anti-inflammatory/anti-tumor producing, immune-boosting, and lowering of cholesterol, respectively. (9-12)

The Digestive Complex contains 674mg of a combination of apple fiber and inulin, a mighty molecule that avoids digestion in the intestinal tract and is fermented into almost medicinal-like properties for our gut, aiding the intestinal wall structure. (8)

Other key enzymes that break down complex carbohydrates, fats, and proteins are also present in this multifaceted blend. (2) A true mecca of green goodness! 

Primal Harvest Review

Primal Immune Defense

Just like the Primal Greens formula, this Primal Immune Defense blend is packed with the added benefit of over 7 billion CFUs and some influential, immune-friendly adaptogens: Lion’s Mane & Reishi Mushroom.

Unlike most other mushrooms that contain up to 90% water, Reishi is a fungal rockstar and contains only 75%. Giving you, the grateful omnivore, a higher density of adaptogenic benefits per mushroom! (12)

We did notice the dosage of Reishi to only be 200mg, one-tenth the effective daily dosage is 2000mg to promote immunomodulating benefit, but perhaps in conjunction with Lion’s Mane, the overall dosage is effective. (13)

Primal Harvest Joint Health

Primal Collagen 

Containing grass-fed, pasture-raised type I & III collagen (10g), essential for bone/skin integrity and blood vessel strength, respectively.

Primal Collagen contains all essential amino acids with a formula consistency that mixes easily for minimal aftertaste in your smoothies, morning coffee, or whatever culinary creation that inspires you.   

Turmeric Complex

Oh, this orange gold has hit mainstream like it was created just yesterday, yet this ancient wonder has been around for millennia. Containing 400 mg of 95% curcuminods (the main chemical of turmeric) which means this is a rare, potent formula for maximum benefit.

Paired with black pepper (10mg) which has been known to aid in absorption, once again, Primal Harvest seems to do their homework with this Turmeric Complex and we love that. (14)

Primal Multi Collagen 

Unlike Primal Collagen, Primal Multi Collagen contains all five collagens Type I, II, III, V, and X), sourced from chicken, bovine, fish, and eggshell. Not only do you support your bone, skin, and blood vessels, but also your cartilage, lens of your eye, and retina—all in one capsule. 

Primal Flex

If Primal Collagen and Turmeric Complex had a baby, it would be Primal Flex. Containing turmeric, black pepper for maximum absorption, Primal Harvest’s BioCell Collagen blend, and the potent anti-oxidant, Astaxanthin. (15) A true “flex” of benefit. 

Keto Collagen 

Any souls out there who are on the Keto train? This is for you! Combining a collagen blend (Type 1 & III) of hydrolyzed bovine collagen with coconut derived MCT oil, Keto Collagen is a powerful combination of skin and joint support while giving your brain necessary fuel. (16)

Primal Bone Health

Ladies and gents (especially, ladies!), listen up on this new release by Primal Harvest. Containing 1300 mg of calcium carbonate and vitamin D3 to aid in absorption within the intestines. In the US alone, 1 in 4 women above the age of 70 are diagnosed with osteoporosis. Preventative measures such as Primal Bone Health earlier in life may reduce this risk significantly. (17)

Primal Harvest Gut Health

Primal Harvest Review

Primal Probiotics

Finally, a supplement that promotes regularity! Containing 31 billion CFUs from 12 species paired with Primal Harvest PreforPro ®, clinically-tested in over 20 studies, probiotic booster of Bacillus coagulans. Suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Primal Probiotics also contains Bifidobacterium lactis, known to reduce bloating, constipation, and diarrhea. (2)

Primal Gut Restore 

Already taking pre- and probiotics without notable difference in your intestinal health? Primal Gut Restore blend is designed with CoreBiome ® Tributyrin to improve the intestinal wall barrier as the only current lab-tested, proven postbiotic in the world as well as debuting B. longum, the keystone of all probiotics known to aid in IBS relief. (2,20)

Primal Total Cleanse 

Containing cleansing ingredients such as Senna, buckthorn, and aloe vera, combined with L. acidophilus to keep those healthy microbes alive, Primal Total Cleanse will help regulate your bowel back to baseline. 

Primal Heart Health

Primal Omega 3

As the only product under the Primal Heart Health line, Primal Omega-3 holds its own. Containing 600mg of EPA from Norwegian fish, this has been shown to promote neuronal health, reduce vascular inflammation known to initiate the early stages of atherosclerotic disease, and promote retinal health. (2,18)

Energy & Wellbeing

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Primal Mind Fuel 

Contains CogniPlex ®B Vitamins and NeuroSmart ® Proprietary blend containing 11 purported nootropics! Primal Mind Fuel also includes Bacopa Monnieri Extract known to increase blood flow to the brain, increase acetylcholine, and reduced the harmful buildup of proteins in the brain known to cause dementia. (2-19)

Primal Sleep 

Contains a 753mg proprietary blend lavender, valerian root, L-tryptophan, chamomile extract, and melatonin. Primal Sleep aids in falling—and staying—asleep for maximum nightly restoration. (2)

Primal Hair Growth Complex

With the well-known vitamins and minerals that promote healthy hair (zinc, magnesium, vitamin C, and copper), paired with the Super BiotinTM blend, Primal Hair Growth Complex is a common favorite to keep your mane shiny and vibrant. (2)

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Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies 

Gluten-free, sugar free, with absolutely no gelatin, these Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies are packed with 750 mg of unfiltered apple cider vinegar (ACV) per serving. Think of ACV as a food for the good bacteria in your gut that you tirelessly worked to put in there in the first place. (2)

Primal Magnesium

A 3-in-1 magensium with zinc complex that contains three of the most readily available (meaning, most easily absorbed and utilized by our bodies): citrate, malate, and glycinate. Receive the calming benefits of magnesium with the added benefit of zinc to nourish our skin and bolster our immune system with Primal MagnesiumGraphical user interface, website

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Primal Stress Release

Containing a combination of l-theanine, a precursor to the happy chemicals of the brain (serotonin, epinephrine, norepinephrine), rhodiola, and the Ayurvedic wonder, Ashwagandha, this gluten-free, diary-free Primal Stress Release blend is bound to promote optimum relaxation for maximum focus. (2)

How Transparent Is Primal Harvest? 

But before we hit that purchase button, let’s address the elephant in the room: Are Primal Harvest supplements transparent, ethical, and third-party tested?

When it comes to the supplement industry, it can be tricky business. Currently in the United States, the supplement industry is not monitored by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Now while that may be a good thing, how do you, as a seeker of everything holistic, know if your product is verifiable? You’ve likely read the “warning” message tucked at the bottom of a label that states: “These statements have not been approved by the FDA…” Turns out, Primal Harvest is third-party tested and then some. 

Primal Harvest’s third-party testers are required to submit a certificate of approval (COA) after each test and submit it to Primal Harvest to ensure the highest caliber of the ingredients tested.

Each of their products are also certified GMP which stands for “Good Manufacturing Practices.” This means, the processing facility making Primal Harvest supplements are within an FDA-approved facility—ensuring quality, uncontaminated products. (1-2)

Reviews from Customers on Primal Harvest

To date, Primal Harvest has 3,393 verified, real customer reviews. One customer wrote on their experience with the Primal Harvest Turmeric Blend and shared,

“I have been taking Turmeric for years and about a year ago after doing more research I switched to Primal Harvest. After looking at the ingredients and the make up, I realized that unlike many others, Primal Harvest was a better product that contained more extract and not just root powder. I feel great and my joints feel better, and my energy level has increased.” 

Always a joy to see consumers conducting their own research, trying new products, and finally landing on optimum quality. 

Another customer, who name was, “Lookin’ Good At 55” (we love it!), wrote:

“I was skeptical. Everybody is raving about collagen right now. Just needed to know what kind to get. Grateful I came across Primal Collagen’s ad. The ingredients and the overall product is what I was looking for. I feel great using it. Thank you!”

In fact, the only “meh” review we could find were a few unlucky souls purchasing from Amazon whose Primal Omega-3 complex capsules stuck together from temperate heat during travel, or a few who noticed no difference in the Primal Harvest Keto Collagen.

Although we share 99.5% of our DNA with one another, that 0.5% is enough to make our bodies uniquely different and react to products with notable variabilities.

Part of the enjoyment of trying new supplements is to not only try new products but becoming more in-tuned with your body. Self-ware “trial and error” if you will.  

Where Can You Find The Product?

Primal Harvest can be found on their main site, as well as Amazon and Walmart stores across the nation. Of course, we’d recommend buying directly from Primal Harvest as there are some nifty perks when you do (see below). 

Promotions & Discounts 

Upon your first order, you’ll receive 28% off if you sign up for their email subscription. Free shipping on order over $75. For those who are angsty once an order is submitted, you’ll be pleased to know that all orders made before 3pm EST on weekdays are shipped same day! Also, if you are not satisfied with your order within the first 3 months, your money back is guaranteed back to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Primal Harvest Worth It?

There are so many brands to contend with when it comes to supplements. Primal Harvest prides themselves in “taking a holistic approach to well-being” and we back that statement.

From third-party tested, optimizing as many local-sourced ingredients as possible, with up to 30% of ingredients returned from Primal Harvest to a supplier after their lab’s rigorous testing, we feel confident the ingredients are not only potent, but uncontaminated.

Live for lasting, vital health. Not mediocrity in the form of side-effect-ridden pharmaceuticals. Take the green pills from Primal Harvest, and you’ll certainly reap the long-term benefits.

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Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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