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8 Sheep Organics Review: Rested Mamas Make for Happier Mamas

8SheepOrganics Review

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About 8 Sheep Organics

Motherhood can be stressful—and we don’t mean simply raising children but growing and birthing them into this glorious world.

When the word “pregnancy” is mentioned to a group of mamas, you’ll likely receive an array of responses: “Oh, mine was so easy! I loved being pregnant!”, “Oh my gosh, never again. Horrible. Exhausted. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy”, to “Meh, had its horrible moments, but was tolerable.”

Like any experience, it varies. But sometimes experiences share a thread of commonality, and in the world of pregnancy, restless nights are a prevailing misfortune.

Beyond the body aches from the pressure of a growing human soul within, pushing against the hips and back of a poor mama, to the hormonal undulations, there is a common sleep disorder that affects so many but is often mismanaged, something called: Restless Leg Syndrome (RLS).

A recent study from 2022 suggests that 41% of all pregnant women will experience debilitating RLS. Haven’t heard of it? RLS is a heavy, strange sensation of urgency to move one’s legs—especially at night before sleep.

Although the cause is rather unknown, it is believed to be due to inadequate minerals; specifically, magnesium.

While this review isn’t a medical lesson, we cannot mention 8 Sheep Organics without mentioning RLS.  Born out of pain, and inspired to seek a solution, 8 Sheep Organics was created to help pregnant mamas achieve a restful night of sleep.

Overview of 8 Sheep Organics

Emma, co-found of 8 Sheep Organics, knows the reality of poor sleep during pregnancy very personally. At the time of her first pregnancy, sleep was next to impossible. Her hips throbbed, feeling a sharp pain in her lower back, and felt immensely restless.

She improved her sleep regiment, threw a few extra body pillows into her bed for added support, and sought OBGYN help who prescribed her medication, but it only made her more drowsy by the morning. Like any intelligent soul, she took to personal research.

Emma found that muscle aches, pains, poor sleep, and overall low energy levels could be due to low magnesium levels—especially in pregnant women!

After a series of attempts to take magnesium orally (which caused her diarrhea) and direct application via magnesium oil (which caused irritating, dry red skin), Emma decided to formulate her own magnesium lotion; researching and co-collaborating with OB-GYNs to create a safe, effective, delightful product.

Thus, 8 Sheep Organics was born out of humble, sleepless beginnings in Indiana. Made to sooth aching muscles, sharp pains and even reduce the symptoms of RLS through the power of magnesium lotions to ensure pregnant women could receive the much-needed sleep they deserve.

8 Sheep Organics Products Review

With their most popular organic Sleepy Body Lotion that abates restless legs and cramps, to their Helichrysum Belly Balm, True Belly Serum, Hydrating Belly Scrub, Acne Scrub Treatment, Peppermint Leg & Foot Scrub, Junior’s Bedtime Lotion (for the wee ones!) and Organic Lip Balm, 8 Sheep Organics doesn’t stop there.

They round out your entire sleep routine by offering their “Unwind” Pillow Mist, Organic Bedtime Tea, and Therapeutic Bath Salts. Made with 100% organic ingredients, all sourced from Indiana, let’s review what makes 8 Sheep Organic trusted by 168,000+ mamas nationwide.

8 Sheep Organics Sleepy Body Lotion Review

One of 8 Sheep Organics most-loved products, Sleep Body Lotion keeps restful sleep clean, organic, and smelling oh-so delightful.

With the option to purchase 4 oz ($29) or 8 oz ($39) jars, you can choose your favorite scent of lavender, vanilla, bergamot, eucalyptus, or even unscented (for your mamas that have super sensitive skin).

Ease into a deep sleep with magnesium chloride and essential oil essence.

The best part? Sleepy Body Lotion contains only 6 simple ingredients, all organic, all locally sourced:

Organic Mango Butter:

The lipids (AKA: “fats”) contained in compressed kernel seeds of mangos offer the unique benefit of antioxidants that reverse the harmful environmental effects our skin faces on a daily, as well as promote skin repair by replenishing necessary fatty acids.

The science community also notes mango butter has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties to give you added support amongst daily UV exposure and microbes. (4)  

Organic Coconut Oil:

A delicious wonder used for centuries, sourced from the compression of the coconut kernel, organic virgin coconut oil adds the benefit of anti-inflammatory properties as well as increasing the skin’s hydration barrier. This means, longer hydration, and a plumper dermal layer. (5)

Natural Magnesium Chloride Salts:

The protagonist to 8 Sheep Organics heroine story of sleep remedy, it is believed that low magnesium levels can lead to muscle twitches (that strange sensation when your muscle moves without you wanting it to) which, may be a suggestion to how Restless Leg Syndrome may be so prominent amongst the pregnant population.

With the skin being the largest organ in the human body, covering a total of 1.8 m2, that’s a lot of area to work with when it comes to topical application of magnesium!

In fact, it’s suggested that topical vs oral (under the tongue) is a more effective way to ingest magnesium.

Crossing the skin’s epidermal layer, it crosses the dermal and, eventually, accesses the bloodstream to reach muscles and our nervous system.(6)

Organic Beeswax:

This powerful byproduct of some of nature’s most essential beings (hello, bees!) is beeswax! Beeswax is considered a humectant which means it promotes skin hydration by adding a barrier effect to your skin, keeping hydration in. (7)

Organic Essential Oils:

Organic essential oils (lavender, bergamot, vanilla, and eucalyptus) provide the added benefit of calming scents without harmful chemical irritants that come from synthetic fragrances.

Distilled Water:

Distilled water is not your regular tap water. Rid of impurities and pollutants, distilled water is often found in many lotions to act as a solvent; ensuring all these organic skin-food ingredients can be applied to your gorgeous skin in silky strokes. (8)

Complete The Routine

8 Sheep Organics is all about promoting your holistic routine, from head to toe. Emma’s vision to not only heal her restless, aching legs but to support her skin as it went through the many hormonal, stretching changes.

Stretch marks are beautiful, and Emma sought out organic, pure formulations to nourish and lock in hydration—minus the nasty preservatives, chemicals, and artificial dyes. Always made with 100% organic, local ingredients. No fillers, no lies.

8 Sheep Organics Helichrysum Belly Balm Review

A color and texture so good, it looks like butter you could eat. Helichrysum Belly Balm is a lightweight, natural-scented balm that improves collagen and thus, skin elasticity.

Containing rosehip seed oil, argan oil, vitamin E oil, and helichrysum essential oil.

Apply to itchy, dried skin or on your belly. Nestled within a recyclable glass container, have a nourished belly for only $35.

8 Sheep Organics True Belly Serum Review

Unlike Helichrysum Belly Balm, True Belly Serum is able to penetrate deeper layers of your skin; helping to prevent stretch marks as your body grows.

Containing the active ingredients, Centella Asiatica and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid, you can feel confident that your skin is staying nourished honestly.

Package in a 4 oz glass dropper bottle, you can get this silky skin food for only $42 ($38 through the Subscribe & Save program!). 

8 Sheep Organics Peppermint Foot & Leg Rub Review

Have not only restless legs but swollen ankles? 8 Sheep Organics has got a remedy for nearly every pregnancy qualm. Hello, Peppermint Foot & Leg Rub!

Containing peppermint essential oil to offer a cooling, relaxing effect and matcha green tea butter to reduce inflammation with a base of shea butter for lasting hydration.

Ingredients you can trust (and nearly eat!). 4 ounces of goodness is a total cost of $24 ($22 with Subscribe & Save).

8 Sheep Organics Bath Salts Review

There is nothing like a sweet, bubbly bath! But a bath with beautifully-scented oils and salts to help relax and detox? Now we’re talking.

8 Sheep Organics has created three thoughtfully crafted Therapeutic Bath Salts; each with a unique purpose: Calming Epsom Salts, Nourishing Himalayan Salts, and Detoxing Black Lava Salts.

Containing pure pink salts, Epsom salts, dried botanicals, and plant-based essential oils, you can keep calm and carry on knowing your bath contents are nothing but goodness – for only $22 per jar.

8 Sheep Organics Lip Balm Review

Even lips need love. Love of organic, pure ingredients minus the icky petroleum jelly.

Only $4 per balm, 8 Sheep Organic packs these tiny tubes with mango butter, coconut oil, organic beeswax, vitamin, and essential oils.

Choose your favorite scent of lavender or peppermint. Not a fan of scents? No problem, 8 Sheep Organics offers an unscented version—all the same ingredients minus the essential oil.

Get Into Slumber

Part of a healthy sleep routine starts during the day, leading up to bedtime. 8 Sheep Organics offers two products to bolster your routine into serenity.

Unwind Pillow Mist is 100% organic, made in small batches, with essential oil essence. Containing lavender/bergamot, Roman chamomile, and vanilla—a trifecta that releases anxiety, eases your nervous system, and puts you into a tranquil mood.

8 Sheep Organic touches all of your senses, it seems. They offer an Organic Bedtime Tea that contains purely sourced, organic dried whole chamomile and dried lemon peel.

What’s so unique about this? Whole-leaf tea offers far more health benefits than tea with “natural flavors” packed into a tiny tea bag.

Immerse this loose-leaf tea in hot water and see if 8 Sheep Organics will get you into the right nighttime slumber.

8 Sheep Organics Junior’s Bedtime Lotion Review

Emma, founder of 8 Sheep Organics, did not want to exclude her little one from the organic nutrients that she formulated in her products.

Junior’s Bedtime Lotion comes in a Soft Baby Blend scent that contains nearly identical ingredients at the Sleep Body Lotion, but with the added benefit of goat milk powder, chamomile, and vitamin E for extra nutrition.  

Packaged in a recyclable 4 oz glass jar, this small investment of $23 is bound to keep your one calm, rash-free, and on their way to sleepful nights.

8 Sheep Organics Blog

Want to dive into a realm of everything 8 Sheep Organic and beyond? Check out 8 Sheep Organics Blog

From topics such as “Lower Back Pain While Pregnant: Causes & Natural Remedies” to “Magnesium During Pregnancy: Everything You Should Know”, it’s always nice to see a company compose a blog for its customers to research and understand various health conditions that may be experiencing during pregnancy.

8 Sheep Organics Reviews – Customer Testimonies

With over 168K+ mamas in the US trusting 8 Sheep Organics to ease restless legs, hydrate growing bellies, and promote deeply relaxing states of being through nighttime teas, pillow mists, let’s look into the experience of these mamas.

First 8 Sheep Organics review is by a verified customer, Allie, where she shares her experience with the lavender-scented Sleepy Body Lotion:

“This lotion is absolutely amazing! I’m currently 8 months pregnant and have had a horrible time getting a good night’s rest for the last couple of months. I track my entire life through Garmin and have seen incredible and consistent results in my sleep once I started using this product. I was hoping to share a screenshot as a testimonial because the numbers and data are incredible. Thank you so much for giving me my sleep back especially before we welcome our little boy into the world and any quality sleep leaves with his arrival.”

Incredible! A mama who noticed actual science-based evidence of less movement during her sleep time which means fewer interruptions, accessing a deeper REM state, and awakening rested to carry on through all of pregnancy’s happenings.

Sleepy Body Lotion has over 1,900 reviews on , averaging 4.8/5 stars—a seemingly resounding applause for 8 Sheep Organics more coveted formulations!

Another customer, Nerissa, shares in her 8 Sheep Organics review:

“I originally ordered this for my sister when she was pregnant. She swore by it. When I first became pregnant, I had a horrible time with implantation cramps and immediately thought of this cream. When I tell you this cream is the only reason I survived those early pregnancy pains. I was able to sleep and woke up still pain-free.

It even helped with my nausea at times, as when the cramping got bad it just created a chain reaction. I look forward to having this for the rest of my pregnancy. I also loved the attention to detail and personal touches – the sweet photo of my package “packer” was so cool to see!”

What an amazing recovery from chronic suffering to less painful suffering for this lovely mama. Pregnancy is difficult enough, there should be no reason to suffer more—and 8 Sheep Organics agrees. Their products talk for themselves.

Concerned about potential irritation of the skin from magnesium lotion?

Check out Samantha’s experience, a mama with highly sensitive skin and ordered the unscented Sleepy Body Lotion. Here’s what she shared in her 8 Sheep Organics review:

“I’m currently 7 months pregnant and I’ve been using unscented sleepy lotion for approx a month now. I wish I bought this sooner in my pregnancy! Every night I put it on my hips/thighs, lower back, calves, feet and belly and it seriously helps getting with getting comfortable, staying comfortable and getting a good night’s rest… I also have sensitive fair skin, which is why I purchased unscented and it has actually helped my dry/red skin as well. I highly recommend this product for anyone struggling, especially pregnant women.”

In fact, each of 8 Sheep Organics’ products has no less than 4.6 stars/5. From their tea, pillow spray, and lotions/serums, you may feel more confident knowing brave mamas have gone before you and not only tried these products but actually sworn by them!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re a mama who loves to do all your research ahead of time, ensuring quality, safe ingredients before you invest time and money, we got you.

Where Can I Find 8 Sheep Organics?

You can find these nutritious products on their main site, or Facebook at @8sheep and Instagram at @8sheeporgranics

Subscribe & Save Program

We get it, saving up for diapers and everything baby-related can be pricey. Thankfully, 8 Sheep Organics offers a Subscribe & Save program where you save 10% off normal retail listing for each product 8 Sheep Organic product. Want to save even more? Check out their gift sets (see below).

Promotions & Gift Sets

Have a special someone pregnant in your life or, merely want to treat yourself and save money by buying more and saving more?

8 Sheep Organics offers three gift sets to spoil the lovely someone in your life with organic, nutrient-dense lotions and serums—all 75% off retail price!

Scented Trio Gift Set – Lavender Sleepy Body Lotion, Vanilla Sleepy Body Lotion, Eucalyptus Body Lotion

Sweet Slumber Gift Set – Lavender Sleepy Body Lotion, “Unwind” Pillow Mist, Bedtime Tea

Deep Relaxation Gift Set – Lavender Sleepy Body Lotion, Peppermint Foot & Leg Scrub, Calming Epsom Salts

Sign up for their newsletter to receive pregnancy advice, tips, and further exclusive offers!

SAVE 10% OFF your first order use our code HOLISTIC79295

Happy Ever After – Final Takeaway

Pregnancy is a big, beautiful deal. The growth of a new life within, the new addition to our human lineage, and the cherished years to come, the 9 months leading up to your wee one’s birthday shouldn’t be a sleepless 270 nights.

Aches, pains, pressure spots, and restlessness can inhibit your night of full rest, impairing your energy levels throughout the day, hormonal regulation, and cellular repair throughout the pregnancy.

If you are one of the 41% percent that suffers from the annoying, disruptive Restless Leg Syndrome, with 1,900 reviews raving about the efficacy of Sleepy Body Lotion, we feel rather confident that, although this may not solve all the symptoms (albeit many, many mamas found this to be true!), you may likely experience some sweet alleviation through the potent properties of Mother Nature’s finest organic magnesium.

All ingredients are organic, locally sourced, without additives, and synthesis fillers and fragrances, all of 8 Sheep Organic products are packaged in recyclable materials so you can feel good that your health journey is not at the expense of Mother Earth.

Affordable for the quality you receive, we believe this may be worth the investment.

Skip the prescription medication that offers likely sedative side effects throughout your day and even oral magnesium that has poor absorbency and diarrhea effects.

Perhaps instead, indulge in massaging 8 Sheep Organic’s magnesium butters that are so pure, you could nearly eat it. Skin wellness that works for the betterment of mama and baby.

Thanks for creating some honest, safe products, 8 Sheep Organics. After all, rested mamas make for happier mamas.

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Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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