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RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review: Coffee Game-Changer or Fad?

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About RYZE Mushroom Coffee

I know that I’m not the only one whose eyes bulged and mouth dropped at the moment I heard that coffee might not be all that great for me. No one dared to question it before! It took decades of bubble gut, mid-morning headaches, and afternoon crashes for someone to finally say it.

Coffee is wreaking havoc on your body!

It’s raising your cortisol levels and blocking the part of you that makes you feel tired. Oh, you thought coffee was waking you up? Nope.

Unfortunately, it just stops your body from sending we-need-more-sleep signals. That’s a red flag if I ever did see one. But, I get it. Heck, the whole world gets it! We can all sympathize with the need for caffeine which is why I will never tell you to give up your cup of joe.

Instead, I’ll suggest something better to brew for that cup – RYZE Mushroom Coffee.

Overview of RYZE Mushroom Coffee

Andrée and Rashad, the co-founders of RYZE Mushroom Coffee, formulated RYZE in order to feel better in the morning. Thank goodness they decided to share their mushroom blend! Whereas coffee will leave you jittery, RYZE provides the consumer with a sharp mind and energy that will last throughout the day!

No more needing two or three cups. And coffee is expensive these days! How are you all even affording three cups a day! On top of that, RYZE comes in a 100% recyclable package with an adorable acacia spoon that will make you feel rather boho.

The package comes with thirty servings, leaving you set for the month! Not sure if RYZE is right for your lifestyle?

Well, Andrée and Rashad thought of everything because they made RYZE organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, keto, and more! With that said, let’s dive into the exact ingredients used.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee Ingredients Review

Another red flag I like to avoid is websites with spotty information. So many sites hide their ingredients list in small lettering or avoid mentioning the ingredients at all! Sometimes, they will mention the ingredients but leave the research up to you.

That can take hours! RYZE refreshingly placed their ingredients in plain sight along with explanations of their importance and… it’s just so beautiful. It was upon discovering this that RYZE earned my trust.

The mushrooms used in RYZE’s blend include:


Best known for sustaining energy and supporting recovery. It is also able to help with asthma and other lung-related ailments.


Reishi is known for preventing cancers. It can put the consumer in a better mood and lower his or her anxiety.

Lion’s Mane

Lion’s Mane is who you can thank for the sharp mind as it boosts memory and enhances focus.


Shiitake provides the consumer with a constant shield from illnesses. It is an antiviral as well as an anti-inflammatory.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail works with Reishi to double up on preventing cancer. Turkey Tail protects and soothes the gut to further prove that you’ll have no more bubble gut once you make the switch!

King Trumpet

Lastly, King Trumpet works to ward off heart attacks and strokes. It is rich in antioxidants and is proven to lower cholesterol.

Who Needs RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

Anyone who relies on coffee to make it through the day needs RYZE.

Not only is coffee creating addiction and putting a Band-Aid over the problem whilst making more problems, it isn’t providing you with any nutrients. RYZE, on the other hand, doesn’t block your body’s natural signals.

Instead, it really is giving you energy– clean energy that lasts all day! It’s morphing you into a soldier that doesn’t need pills or therapies to fight off cancers, heart attacks, or even viruses.

If you are going to drink something religiously every day for the rest of your life, shouldn’t it be something that builds your body up instead of tearing it down?

Coffee already has a hold on you; I’m sure. Why else would you have read this far? But don’t give it another day of your dependence. RYZE will not ask as much from you. It isn’t addictive by any means. It will even build you up into someone who could go a day without a cup of joe.

Let’s say you ran out (shouldn’t happen if you subscribe but we’re thinking theoretically here) or are trapped in the wilderness – no big deal! Thanks to your time drinking RYZE, your body will have learned how to regulate stress and harvest its own natural energy.

Lastly, even if you are not a coffee drinker, I’m sure you still have sick days… Need I say any more? Trust me, it tastes better than those Vitamin C packets.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee Pros & Cons


  • Great ingredients
  • Lifestyle-friendly
  • Fast and easy to make
  • Recyclable
  • Comes down to $1 per cup
  • Organic
  • Sugar-free
  • Clean energy


I usually like to find something to write here, but I am blown away. So, no cons from me on the actual product itself!

I will say that RYZE’s website is somewhat more difficult to navigate. To fix this, I would type into Google Search the exact product you are looking for. For example, if you are trying to find the creamer then type in ‘RYZE Creamer’.

RYZE Mushroom Coffee Reviews – What Do Customers Think?

RYZE has 4.9 stars! Quite a feat. Not only that, but over 11,000 people have reviewed it and it has managed to maintain that rating! A lot of people have commented on the energy boost they received right off the bat! Others loved the flavor.

Still others complimented RYZE on its ability to make them excited about waking up! Overall, RYZE has received an overwhelming amount of love and admiration especially for how small of a company it is.

Let’s now take a look a few RYZE Mushroom Coffee reviews from real verified customers that we found on RYZE Superfoods’ official website:

Joyce B., shared in her RYZE Mushroom Coffee review how it was “Better Than Expected”:

“I love trying new things… this coffee tasted better than I expected. I’m only about 1 week into drinking it. What I have noticed is better sleep and much more complete bowel eliminations. I will continue to drink it and discover what other benefits it has in store for me.”

Alyzeh O., says “My heart feels happier” in her RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review

I have recently quit drinking multiple cups of coffee a day and RYZE has been amazing for helping me feel awake throughout the day without feeling anxious and jittery!

Julian J., “First Experience” RYZE Mushroom Coffee review states:

Only have been drinking it for a couple of days but the first time trying RYZE was a great experience. I felt like the fogginess of starting my morning was clear and had a jolt of energy that drove me to be productive. will definetly have to change my account to auto-renewal!

As for the scarce low ratings I saw, some people didn’t like the taste and others noted that they didn’t see a difference in their energy levels after switching over from coffee. Taste is a tough one because not everyone has the same taste buds. Not everyone likes the taste of coffee either.

To combat this, RYZE does offer a creamer which is talked about in further detail below. As for the latter slate, I found this one quite funny. RYZE’s goal is not to get you bouncing off the walls! It is providing you with a healthier energy source that will not give you more energy than coffee, but longer lasting energy.

If neither coffee nor RYZE is providing you with enough energy, an underlying cause may be to blame.

What Else Does RYZE Offer?

RYZE offers plenty of other products to check out, but in this RYZE Mushroom Coffee Review article I would like to focus on three of them only.

RYZE Coconut Creamer

First, RYZE heard that some of its customers had a hard time falling for the taste of its mushroom coffee. Drinking the coffee by itself is the equivalent of drinking earthy black coffee – some people like it, but most people don’t.

If you like your coffee with lots of creamer, then don’t expect to like RYZE’s coffee black. Instead, check out their organic coconut creamer! Easy to stir in and creamy as regular creamer, RYZE’s creamer is the perfect ingredient to finish off your morning cup!

RYZE Mindfulness App

Next, I want to talk about RYZE’s Mindfulness App.

It is free for RYZE members and is a great way to record your thoughts and document your healing journey. Your responses get saved privately, allowing you to revisit them and reflect on how far you’ve come.

Journaling is something that I have gotten into inconsistently. Life just always seems to get in the way. But the Mindfulness App will prompt you via text. You simply text back a short blurb, and the app saves your response in a journal format.

Andrée and Rashad added this feature because they know how journaling even for a few moments each day can reduce stress and even improve one’s self-esteem and overall happiness!

Recipes from RYZE Fans

Lastly, RYZE doesn’t simply hand you your mushroom coffee and say, “OK, have at it!”

We already know that Andrée and Rashad possess two creative minds made extra powerful when put together, and they did not hold back. So, check out their recipes page from RYZE fans for more ways to use RYZE Mushroom Coffee, all in once place!

From iced lattes to pancakes to nut butter bowls, they have it all! I personally can’t wait to try the White Chocolate Mushroom Frappe because I’ve missed Starbucks’ White Chocolate Mocha since going coffee-free and plant-based. Let RYZE know which recipes you tried out!

Where Can I Purchase RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

You can purchase RYZE Mushroom Coffee via their website. You’ll even get a 10% off code when you give them your email!

A quick hack I’d like to share with you is to check out their gift sets as buying in bulk always brings down the price. With the gift set, you will also receive an acacia spoon and a recipe booklet!

The Final Takeaway

I hope you found this RYZE Mushroom Coffee review article uselful! Now, my questions is — are you ready to check out RYZE Mushroom Coffee?

Your gut and your brain will thank you! And remember, the last five years or so has been all about questioning the norms.

Just because coffee has been an American tradition for decades, that doesn’t make it the best choice.

With RYZE, however, you can keep that tradition by simply changing up the ingredients in that cup of joe. Let’s make (or tweak) our own traditions as we strive for a healthier United States (and Canada – don’t worry guys! RYZE ships to you too!)

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