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Beam Dream Review: Sip Your Way To Deeper Sleep

Beam Dream

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About Beam

It’s no secret that good quality sleep can make a night and day difference in your health—no pun intended. All the expensive supplements, complicated workout routines, and fancy health gadgets won’t do much good if you find yourself chronically unrested.

Sleep is an essential time for the brain and body to recover from the activities of the day. Without it, you can quickly become anxious, depleted and out of balance. With all this in mind, it’s not a stretch to say sleep is the foundation of good health.

Unfortunately, sleep disorders, too little sleep, irregular sleep schedules, and poor quality sleep have all become rampant issues in modern culture (1).

Societal phenomenons like “hustle culture” and increasingly busy lifestyles have made sleep fall lower and lower on most people’s list of priorities. The sheer number of people struggling to get enough rest shows just how serious this issue has become.

Recently, more and more independent voices and brands like Beam have stepped up to state just how important rest is for both physical and mental health. This has opened up opportunities for a variety of sleep aids to enter the market and help tackle this problem head on.

Beam Dream in particular is well worth investigating for anyone looking to optimize their nighttime routine. Here are some important things to know about this stand out wellness company.

Overview of Beam

Beam Founder’s Story

Beam began when two old college athlete friends from Boston College reunited after both wrapping up their careers as professional athletes. One founder, Matt Lombardi was a NHL player who retired in 2016; and the other, former baseball player Kevin Moran of the White Sox. 

Matt and Kevin had both gotten into some other intense athletic endeavors since leaving their respective sport careers and often ended up training together. They competed in crossfit, ironman triathlons, and marathons, but pesky injuries as well as aches and pains were a frequent issue.

They were both highly interested in natural wellness, so they sought out to design a natural health product that could help them better recover from their grueling workouts.

They were dissatisfied with what was currently available from existing brands since it was so difficult to find a company that was transparent about their ingredients, all-natural, and effective.

They officially launched their company Beam in 2018 to begin the continual process of designing, testing, refining, and ultimately creating a perfect product to help customers lead healthier lives.

The original products focused CBD as a hero ingredient in a tincture and a topical lotion, but they’ve since changed direction to utilize a range of other active natural ingredients in addition to CBD. 

Beam’s Mission

Though Beam’s products have evolved greatly since their early days, their mission has remained the same. As their website explicitly states, their mission is “to empower people to improve their physical and mental wellness”. 

They’ve managed to do this all within the bounds of their well-established values. They care about ingredient quality, ingredient transparency, evidence-based science, using all-natural formulations, taking care of the planet, and their customers. 

It’s apparent that they’ve taken painstaking care in the research and development phase of their product design. Their nano hemp ingredient for example is sourced from from the absolute highest quality available in the US before being broken down into nanoparticles for optimal bioavailability. All of their products are also third-party tested to ensure quality and transparency every single time.   

Their commitment to the environment shines through in their low-waste packaging design and decision to opt for recyclable glass over plastic containers. A further step other companies that sell capsule supplements have taken is eliminating most of the packaging on their refills so customers can reuse their glass containers. Perhaps this is something we can expect to see from Beam in the future.

Beam’s Customers

Beam has a diverse customer base, but since some of their products contain CBD as an active ingredient, it’s restricted for use by those above the age of 18. Overall, their customers are anyone who cares about proper sleep, recovery, general wellness, and wants a straightforward simple solution to optimizing health factors.

Beam Products Review

Beam Dream Review

Beam currently has several variations of their three main products. The most popular of these and the topic of this review is their sleep product: Beam Dream. Beam Dream is a nootropic laced hot cocoa drink designed to help users fall asleep and stay asleep. 

It has 5 main active natural ingredients and it comes in 9 different delicious flavors. The flavors are cinnamon cocoa (the original), golden milk latte, pumpkin spice, mint chip, chocolate peanut butter, sea salt caramel, chocolate raspberry, as well as hemp free cinnamon cocoa and hemp free chocolate peanut butter. Many of these flavors are also available in either regular strength or extra strength versions for flexible dosing. 

The 5 active ingredients are 20mg of nano hemp (contains CBD), 3mg of melatonin, 300mg of L-theanine, 31g of magnesium, and 350mg of reishi mushrooms. The extra strength flavors instead have 40mg of nano hemp, 6mg of melatonin, 350mg of L-theanine, 44mg of magnesium, and still the same 350mg of reishi. 

It’s prepared simply by mixing a scoop with hot liquid like water or a milk of choice (frothing is optional but recommended) and then enjoying 30-45 minutes before bed.

Beam Dream Ingredient List

The ingredients behind Beam Dream’s formulation are pretty impressive! Each of the 5 active ingredients have been well studied and determined to be safe and effective sleep aids for most people. Many of these ingredients (CBD and melatonin in particular) are even powerful enough that they’re used on their own as sleep supplements, but the combination of all 5 appears to have an even more potent synergistic effect.

Beam even funded a clinical study to put Beam Dream to the test, and they found that 93% of the participants had better sleep from using their product. 

CBD has been well cited in scientific literature to support stress attenuation and generally improve mood (2). Reishi is also what’s known as an adaptogen, which means it helps the body cope with stress and reduces anxiety. Magnesium is an essential mineral that can promote muscle relaxation and normal function of the nervous system (3). L-theanine is a naturally occurring amino acid that helps increase relaxation, and finally melatonin is a naturally produced hormone that helps you fall asleep (4). 

Another useful factor that’s not stated by Beam themselves is that relaxing evening rituals (such as drinking Beam Dream) are known to help improve sleep quality by setting up what’s known as “conditioning” in psychology. Over time, your brain may begin to associate the relaxing activity of drinking Beam Dream before bed with falling asleep, and this could decrease the duration it takes to fall asleep .

Nutrition Information

Aside from the active ingredients for sleep, Beam contains a few other ingredients such as coconut milk powder, cocoa powder, natural flavors, monk fruit extract, and sunflower lecithin, though these vary slightly from flavor to flavor. These ingredients are all-natural, non-GMO, gluten, soy, dairy, egg, nut, shellfish free, and contain no added sugars. This means Beam Dream is suitable for vegans, vegetarians, those with celiac, anyone following a keto diet, and for most types of allergies.

Each serving size only contains 15 calories, 1g of fat, and 1g of carbohydrate. This makes it a very light snack to consume before bed which will be unlikely to cause stomach upset or indigestion. 

Beam doesn’t state that any of its ingredients are organic, which could be a drawback for some customers, but overall the ingredient list is quite impressive for a product that is functional and also tastes incredible. 

Beam Reviews — Customer Testimonies

The most important component of any Beam review is what real life customers are actually saying about their experiences with the product, and the many customer reviews from the Beam website make it clear that they absolutely love it.

Even insomniacs like Health and Sheila have found it to be helpful.

Here is what they shared in their Beam review:

“Sleep has eluded me for years. I’ve tried many of the available options and nothing that I took could help me fall asleep, stay asleep AND wake up rested. This little goodness in a cup is the thing I look forward to every night. It tastes so comforting and it’s an assurance that within 30 minutes I’ll be dreaming away, is everything this active mom if 3 needs to face those early school mornings.” – Heather

“Fantastic! As an insomniac I was skeptical. Nothing really worked very well. But this, this is the one and only that has ever worked. Flavor is delicious. So far, 4 of my friends that I’ve recommended it to are getting it. You won’t regret it.” – Sheila

Customers Kevin and Carrie state in their Beam review that Beam Dream has dramatically changed their sleep with no ill side effect, something not all sleep aids can claim.

“Truly the best non-prescription sleep aid my wife and I ever tried. Dream helped us sleep deeply and yet wake with no groggy side effects. Very appealing flavor.” – Kevin

“I track my sleep, and my REM sleep has increased 20% since beginning a routine with Beam. It’s such a great way to get my body ready to rest. The flavor is super tasty and comforting, and I’ve been more rested than ever. So glad I’ve added this to my self-care!” – Carrie

Is Beam Dream Really Worth it?

Overall, it’s very apparent that Beam Dream is an enjoyable and effective way to improve sleep, and it can have profound impacts on holistic wellbeing.

Beam Dream is available directly from their website with international shipping, or it can be purchased from other online retailers like Amazon.

They do have a 20% off discount for customers who subscribe to a monthly purchase, and this can be canceled at any time. 


Cymbiotika Liquid Sleep Supplement — A sleep-enhancing formulation of melatonin, GABA, amino acids and other substances with liposomal delivery. More affordable than Beam Dream, but a totally different experience. 

Arrae Sleep Capsules — A capsule of various herbs and natural substances known to promote sleep. Also more affordable than Beam Dream.

Moon Juice Magnesi-Om — A magnesium drink powder to help relieve stress and promote better sleep. 


Subscriptions & Promotions

Let’s talk savings! If you love Beam Dream like we think you might, Beam offers a subscription plan for you at 30-day supplies—saving 20% off the normal one-time purchase price.

At time of writing this article, Beam is having their biggest sale of the year! You can save 50% off first month subscription sitewide from 11/6 to 12/6 during their Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale.


If you could use some extra help settling into deep sleep, you enjoy hot chocolate, and you tend towards natural products, Beam Dream could be the perfect fit for you.

This company continues to grow thanks to its positive reception, and we’re likely to continue to see Beam products popping up on the shelves of more and more health food stores across the US, and maybe even beyond.

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