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Bloom Nutrition Greens & Superfoods Review: Hype or Health Revolution?


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About Bloom Nutrition

Bloom is a new and thriving wellness brand that’s taking a novel approach within the supplement industry: they’re selling to women. If you walk down the aisle of your local supplement store you’re likely to see bold red, black and blue bottles with descriptors like “mega” and “extreme” written in exploding fonts. 

Founders Mari Llewellyn and her now husband Greg LaVecchia were quick to notice this market gap and act on it in time to launch what’s now one of the most popular wellness brands in the US, and perhaps soon to be worldwide.

Overview of Bloom Nutrition

The origin story of bloom is an interesting one. Founder Mari was at one point in her young life 250 pounds, depressed and in desperate need of a change. Her then boyfriend and cofounder Greg was very interested in health, wellness and fitness at this time and eagerly introduced her to a healthier lifestyle.

Mari managed to lose 90 pounds and documented her journey online. Her incredible results garnered significant interest, and her entrepreneurial spirit already saw opportunity this early in her journey.

She and Greg began their first business selling workout program pdfs for $5 through her Instagram at the request of her significant online Instagram following. They sold thousands of these and invested that money into starting a workout band business. This business was also a success, and the duo kept the ball rolling to eventually stumble on their big idea: supplements for women.

Mari herself found it difficult to source good-tasting supplements with high quality ingredients to support her fit lifestyle. On top of this, she found the monotonous “gym-bro” marketing off putting and expected other women felt the same. 

In 2019, Bloom was born in Orient, New York, launching the young wellness influencer couple into an honorees mention on Forbes 30 under 30 list and nationwide success. 

One of the most interesting aspects of their journey to fame is their marketing approach. Bloom is one of the most-used supplements by TikTok and Instagram stars alike, giving them massive reach which quickly made them a household name.

The Bloom Mission

Mari and Greg are both very clearly passionate about healthy lifestyles. Mari regularly shares fitness oriented wellness on her massive online platforms as well as hosting “The Pursuit of Wellness Podcast” and founding “The Slay App”. It’s safe to say this couple lives, breathes and embodies wellness.

On top of this, Mari is very determined to help women in particular who’ve been underserved by traditional fitness brands and content. She’s a source of inspiration and education for many because of her personal experiences overcoming both physical and mental health struggles.

The final component of the Bloom brand that shines through their online presence is the value they place on ingredient quality. According to their website their supplements are “made with high quality, handpicked ingredients and no nasty side effects”. 

Bloom Nutrition Products Review

Bloom makes a number of health supplement products but by far their most famous one is their greens & superfood powder. As mentioned, this product has exploded on social media from countless social media influencers featuring it in their content. 

From this exposure, Bloom was able to expand their product range to include items for both gym enthusiasts and those looking to boost their nutrient intake through wellness supplements.

They now have protein powders, pre-workout supplements, matcha powder, collagen products, vitamins, gummies and accessory merchandise. The commonality across all of their products is the focus on high quality ingredients and a very aesthetic marketing plan aimed at young women.

Their social audience is predominantly millennial and gen z women based on their tiktok and instagram platforms. They cater to women who care about their health, are tired of traditional gym supplements designed for men, are conscious of the quality of the ingredients they consume, and want to purchase something that still tastes good.

Luckily for Bloom, this has proven to be a massive and underserved demographic.

Bloom Greens Vs Other Green Powders

Since Bloom has a range of products, they also have a number of competitors in different areas of the supplement market. However, their best selling product is clearly their greens powder, so their market competitors in this area represent their most relevant comparison.

Bloom Greens & Superfoods Review

  • Moderately priced
  • Contains natural flavors and stevia leaf extract
  • Contains a probiotic blend with 3 types of bacteria
  • Partially organic ingredients
  • Has a mix of several types of fruits and vegetable ingredients
  • Digestive enzymes included to reduce bloating

Other Green Powders

  • Can range from more affordable to more expensive
  • Most contain natural flavors, and many use natural sweeteners
  • Products range from completely non-organic to fully organic
  • Some greens blends have more basic formulations and some are more comprehensive than Bloom’s
  • Many greens powders don’t include a probiotic blend at all and others have a more diverse one than Bloom

Overall in comparison to other green powder products currently available, it seems Bloom is moderate in price, ingredient quality, and formulation comprehensiveness. This makes it an ideal product for the average consumer who is moderately concerned with these factors, but not necessarily willing to invest the time and money to get the absolute top of the line green powder available on the market. 

Bloom Greens & Superfoods Review

The aforementioned Bloom Greens & Superfoods powder comes in 6 different flavor varieties: strawberry kiwi, mango, berry, coconut, citrus, and original. The size options are either a 30 serving container or a 60 serving container with an option to “subscribe and save” on their website.

They also have a box of 15 individually packaged sticks of greens powder perfect for travel or sampling a few different flavors.   

The greens powder boasts 30+ ingredients and claims to be able to support gut health, aid in digestion and boost overall energy. Bloom recommends customers to consume a scoop of the greens powder daily mixed into water or their favorite beverage of choice for optimal health results. 

The product is easy to prepare, very tasty according to countless online reviews, and has a solid list of ingredients. The formulation includes a fiber blend, a green superfood blend, and pre/probiotic blend, a fruit and vegetable blend, an antioxidant beauty blend, a digestive enzyme blend, and an adaptogenic blend. 

The greens have an entirely natural ingredient list free of artificial additives and preservatives.  The only potential ingredient some customers could be wary of is “natural flavors”. This ingredient is difficult to avoid since it makes supplements much more palatable and Bloom prides themselves on having a “great tasting” greens powder. 

Aside from this small and arguably necessary addition, the ingredients overall have an impressive nutritional profile with a wide range of health benefits. The pre/probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes can contribute to better gut health along with the abundance of polyphenols present in the antioxidant blend (1). 

The adaptogens include licorice root, rhodiola root, ginseng, ashwagandha, astragalus and eleuthero. Many of these ingredients can improve immune health, support liver function, increase endurance and even reduce stress (2). This means the greens powder could potentially help support general wellbeing far beyond just gut health. 

Bloom Collagen Peptides Review

Bloom’s second most popular product is their collagen peptides. This product is meant to boost both beauty and health by supporting natural collagen production. Collagen is the main structural protein present in the body’s tissues. This means it contributes to skin elasticity, bone strength, healthy nails and hair, an intact gut lining and more (3). 

Bloom’s collagen peptides come in an unflavored version as well as chocolate and vanilla. It can easily be added to coffee, smoothies, baking, oatmeal, yogurt and more. The reviews state that the flavored iterations are tasty and the unflavored one doesn’t affect the taste or texture of whatever it’s mixed into. 

The chocolate and vanilla versions of this product both contain natural flavors, but luckily there’s an unflavored option available for those who just want pure unadulterated collagen peptides. There are no other additives aside from vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, and the collagen itself is of high quality. It comes for grass-fed cows which means the animals had good living conditions and are less likely to contain antibiotics and chemical additives than conventionally raised animals. 

Bloom Whey Isolate Protein Review

The third most popular product from Bloom is a very traditional gym supplement: whey isolate protein. What makes this product unique however is once again the aesthetic packaging and marketing targeting towards women as well as more female-friendly flavors. The flavor varieties are iced coffee, blueberry cheesecake, vanilla, cinnamon bun, strawberry milkshake, chocolate, cookies and cream, banana cream, and chocolate banana. 

This supplement is purely a form of protein designed to help increase resistance training performance and muscle recovery, leading to muscle mass gain. This product leans more heavily towards the gym-going side of their targeted demographic more than the wellness-oriented customers because of this.

A few features make this whey protein a better option than most. Firstly, it contains no added sugars, and secondly, it has digestive enzymes included to optimize nutrient absorption and combat the potential stomach upset inferior quality whey protein has a reputation for. 

This product does however contain both artificial and natural flavors as well as a number of stabilizers and preservatives, making it a less than ideal product for those concerned with additives. 

Other Bloom Products Review

A few other notable products Bloom sells are a collagen coffee creamer, plant based protein, a handful of different pre-workouts, organic matcha powder, fish oil supplements, and multivitamins.

Other Products
Credit: bloomnu.com

The coffee creamer, protein and pre-workouts all contain additives and flavors but the other products appear to be more natural. Regardless of the wide range of natural vs artificial formulations, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive across the board, implying that customers are happy with the quality of ingredients being used.

All of their products are gluten free and sugar free, with a few also being vegan (pre workouts, matcha, greens powder, plant-based protein and multivitamin gummies) and only one being fully organic (the matcha).

Bloom Nutrition Reviews – Customer Testimonies

The overall reception of Bloom as a brand has been extremely positive. Their top 3 products have a 4.8, 4.7 and 4.9/5.0 star rating respectively based on many thousands of reviews from verified customers online.

The general feedback on the greens powder (according to the Bloom Greens & Superfoods reviews from verified buyers on their website) is that the product is tasty and effective at reducing bloat, as seen from Christina and Felicia in their Bloom Greens review:

The new strawberry kiwi flavor is super tasty! I have more energy and less bloating! I Feel better everyday that I take it!” – Christina

“All the other supplements that I tried tasted like grass, I wasn’t able to taste the flavor they had. I decided to try bloom after seeing it multiple times on TikTok and I am really impressed by the taste, it is way better than I thought!” – Felicia

The whey protein buyers also rave about the taste like Courtney and Caycie.

Here is what they stated in their Bloom Nutrition review: 

“No bad aftertaste, tastes just like iced coffee too! A bit sweet, but helps curb my sweet tooth! I can’t wait to try more flavors! Helps keep me full so I’m not snacking through the day” – Courtney

“If you’re reading reviews right now to decide whether or not it’s worth it to buy this protein… DO IT!! Seriously, this is the best tasting protein powder ever! I’ve tried so many protein powders and they all taste chalky and you have to choke them down. Not Bloom protein. It seriously tastes like you’re drinking cereal milk or a milkshake. When I tell you I genuinely look forward to my protein shake every single day, I’m not joking. Put it in oatmeal, drink it by itself, bake with it. It’s so versatile. My FAVORITE flavor is cinnamon bun (literally tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal milk) and my next favorite is plain ol vanilla (so versatile!!) Seriously, you won’t regret it.” – Caycie

The Bloom Mission
Credit: bloomnu.com

Is Bloom Worth It?

With all facts considered, Bloom makes products that span from very natural and organic health supplements to effective gym supplements with synthetic components. This means they have something for everyone, but perhaps that not all of their products are suitable for the most particular customers.

Where To Buy Bloom

Bloom is sold in Walmart and Target as well as online from Amazon or directly from their website where they offer international shipping.

The main deal they promote on their website is a free electronic hand mixer that comes alongside the purchase of any two supplements. They also have free shipping on US orders.


Athletic Greens – A more expensive and higher quality alternative.

Thorne Daily Greens – A slightly more comprehensive alternative at a similar price point.

Force Factor Smarter Greens Daily Wellness Powder – A more affordable alternative.



Bloom products have something many other wellness companies don’t have: mainstream appeal. This has led to massive success so clearly they’re doing a lot of things right.

Embark on a holistic health and well-being exploration with these popular brands:

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Sarah Lake

Sarah is a Canadian wellness enthusiast and a nutrition specialist with a bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Acadia University. Her 9-year journey as a yoga instructor combined with her academic background inspired her passion for merging traditional knowledge with modern science into a holistic viewpoint. She now applies these interests to constantly learning about the latest in health and wellness, writing educational articles, and creating brand reviews. When she’s not behind her laptop, you can find her at the farmers market collecting goodies to create a new recipe, or at a pilates class.
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