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Cymbiotika Review: Ready To Look and Feel Your Best?


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About Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika is a health and wellness brand hailing from San Diego, California that’s taken the world by storm. They have some truly unique products that are designed to improve the health and wellbeing of their customers by using clean and organic ingredients in the most bioavailable form possible.

Their 250k+ following on instagram is a testament to the success of their mission, as well as their appearances in massive publications like Vogue, Forbes, Women’s Health, Popsugar, Shape, Men’s Health, Allure, and Elle.

They began as a supplement company, but they now have dozens of products under both the supplement category and non-toxic home products. Their bestselling items and brand reputation however continues to rely heavily on their convenient-to-use health boosting supplements

Overview of Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika was founded in 2017 by well-known wellness author, podcaster and “guru” Chervin Jafarieh. Chervin has a prominent presence online even outside of the Cymbiotika brand.

He has a similar following size as an independent personality as his company Cymbiotika. His content focuses on physical, mental and spiritual health which has some overlap with the values Cybiotika seems to purport as a brand. 

Cymbiotika has another co-founder and current CEO in successful entrepreneur Shahab Elmi. He’s worked with a diverse array of companies with an impressive track record of profits. 

Cymbiotika’s Mission

The reason Cymbiotika came to fruition is because the founders noticed a concerning lack of transparency within the supplement industry as a whole, and a need for customers to receive the wholesome nutritional supplements they were searching for. 

Many supplement companies had products full of fillers and synthetic ingredients that end up diluting the intended benefits, and in many cases can even end up causing more harm than good overall. The founders themselves felt hesitant to consume these products and knew they could do better themselves.

They invested years of research into creating a supplement line using the best of both Western scientific innovation and traditional Eastern medicine.

They wanted to give customers the opportunity to fill the nutritional gaps left from deteriorating food quality and the poor food choices of most modern diets without any of the harmful ingredients seen in their competitor’s products.

For these reasons, they formulated all of Cymbiotika’s products to be plant-based, natural, organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, and soy-free. This means they fit into essentially any diet.

The one exception is that some of their products do contain natural forms of sugar, so they may not be suitable for anyone currently following a ketogenic diet.

Cymbiotika’s Values

Cymbiotika is very clear about their values and mission on their website. They list knowledge, transparency, sustainability, community and excellence as their pillar values with a brief explanation of what each one means to them, and how they follow it within their business practices. 

They make great efforts to enhance health knowledge by sharing educational information on their social media platforms, their packaging, their product pages, as well as through their knowledge center on their website. This database breaks down what ingredients are in each product and what effects they have on the body. 

The transparency factor comes in through in their commitment to fully list all ingredients and ingredient sources. They avoid all artificial ingredients and make it easy for customers to understand exactly what they’re putting in their bodies when they use Cymbiotika products.

The next two values show up in slightly more vague claims of aiming to reduce their ecological footprint and give back to their local and international communities.

Their commitment to excellence however does shine through in advanced ingredient processing technologies for effective absorption and high-quality product formulations.

They take this so seriously they state on their website that they consider themselves to have the best supplements on earth.

Cymbiotika’s Products

The supplement products at Cymbiotika are organized on their website according to benefit. They have products for: fitness, energy, immunity, heart health, detox, brain health, gut health, anti-aging, and stress relief, so there’s something most people could find great use from. 

Their homecare product categories include general household cleaners, laundry products, and bathroom cleaning products. They come in bundles or individually and are minimally packaged.

Overall, the market Cymbiotika is tapping into customers who are attentive to their health and the ingredients they use in and on their bodies. Many commercial brand supplements are surprisingly a major source of harmful synthetic ingredients and heavy metals.

Since the supplement industry is unregulated by the FDA, there is much more leeway for brands to cut corners and select cheaper ingredients with undesirable side effects.

The home products are also catered for customers who are aware of the many harmful substances often present in standard cleaning products.

The chemical contents of cleaning products can be breathed in through vapor, absorbed by the skin upon contact, and even indirectly absorbed by the skin if they’re left on high-touch surfaces.

Cymbiotika offers a helpful solution to this problem with the home product line.

Cymbiotika Vs Other Brands

It’s somewhat difficult to compare Cymbiotica to other brands since their products are fairly unique. What sets them apart is the individual packaging they use for many other their products, as well as their liposomal technology delivery method. 

Many Cymbiotika products come in a readily-consumed and liquid form from an individual squeeze packet. This makes them ideal for traveling and using on-the-go.

They taste great all on their own but they can also be added to recipes and drinks for those who want to go the extra mile. Their blog and instagram both feature several ideas for this.

The other unique feature is the fact the most of their products also use liposomal technology which packages the nutrient(s) into nano-sized particles that emulate cellular membranes. This allows the nutrients to penetrate the cells and become absorbed and utilized by the body much more efficiently. 

CymbiotikaOther Brands
– Has a wide range of products to address most general health concerns
– Uses highly effective liposomal delivery method
– Individually packaged squeezable liquid
– Fully organic, vegan, and gluten-free
– Free of preservatives, fillers, and synthetic ingredients
– Often contain filler ingredients and undisclosed proprietary components
– Most don’t use liposomal delivery
– Pill-form supplements are much more common and not as travel friendly
– Can be difficult to source fully organic products

Overall, it seems there are a few very tempting reasons to opt for Cymbiotika over other brands if convenience or ingredient quality are of high concern. 

Cymbiotika Products Review

Cymbiotika Magnesium L-Threonate Review

The best selling product from Cymbiotika is their magnesium product. It comes in a box with 30 individual squeezable vanilla cream flavored packets. These packets are only 10mL each, so it’s very quick and easy to use this product.

The benefits of this supplement are better brain function, a balanced mood, a calm nervous system, and improved memory (1). Many people are deficient in magnesium, so consuming a highly absorbable product like this could have noticeable effects on the average person.

The Cymbiotika website states that up to 65% of people don’t consume adequate amounts of magnesium, making this a pertinent product for most. 

The dosage per packet is 94 mg of magnesium, which is under the approximate 400 mg most adults need per day. This means this product could likely be used everyday to top up magnesium levels without exceeding recommended amounts. 

It contains a total of 35 calories and 5 grams of sugar coming mostly from organic coconut nectar. This supplement also has 67% of recommended daily vitamin E intake, along with a few natural food ingredients like organic almond butter, vanilla extract and citrus extract.

This product can be combined with other Cymbiotika products such as Golden Mind for even more heightened cognitive benefits.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Vitamin C Review

The next most popular item at Cymbiotika is their vitamin C product. This product has a very impressive 5.0/5.0 star rating out of 769 reviews on their website. It’s designed to help slow signs of aging, boost collagen production in the skin, and boost the immune system (2).

The packaging and liquid consistency is the same as their magnesium, but the flavor is instead citrus vanilla.

The benefits of their vitamin C product are fairly universal, which may explain why it’s so popular. This product doesn’t just contain vitamin C however, it also has biotin to work synergistically with the vitamin C to increase nail and hair growth while supporting healthy skin.  

These pouches also contain 35 calories each, but it appears to essentially all come from fiber which may mean it’s largely indigestible carbohydrates. It has a whooping 1100% of the average vitamin C intake, and 100% of biotin recommended intake. In addition, it also contains some potassium, beta carotene, bioflavonoids and vitamin E.

This product can be combined with other products as well. To focus on improving its immune boosting effects, combining it with their D3+ K2 + CoQ10 can be a smart combination. 

Cymbiotika Mineral Shilajit Review

Cymbiotika also has a natural mineral supplement product in their mineral shilajit. Shilajit is a natural organic product harvested from mountains, usually the himalayas. It’s composed primarily of decomposed plant material, and it seeps out from rocks in a resin-like form. 

This substance is so special because it contains fulvic and humic acid substances which are rich in antioxidants. Within fulvic and humic substances are vitamins, minerals, enzymes, bioflavonoids and tocopherols, making it rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. These features make it a complex and valuable substance for overall health improvement

Shilajit can lower cellular damage by combating oxidation and improving normal cell function with its abundance of minerals (3). Shilajit contains 84+ minerals which makes it an extremely dense natural nutritional supplement all on its own.

The shilajit product that Cymbiotika sells also contains a tiny amount of elemental gold and elemental silver to help improve the immune system benefits of shilajit even further. Overall, the rich dose of minerals and antioxidants improves brain function, slows the aging process, and can improve day-to-day energy.

Cymbiotika recommends combining their Mineral Shilajit with their Glutathione for even more pronounced cellular support. To use this product, simply add one scoop from the small provided scooper to warm water, coffee or tea to help it dissolve. It’s best taken in the morning daily for maximum benefit.

Cymbiotika Liposomal Glutathione Review

The final product on Cymbiotika’s list of top seller’s is their Glutathione. Glutathione is well known in the wellness sphere as one of the most powerful antioxidants. It’s sometimes even referred to as “the master antioxidant”.

Glutathione is responsible for phase I and II of liver detoxification. Because of this, it’s a particularly popular supplement to take while recovering from a hangover or simply to boost overall vitality.

It can help improve energy levels, contribute to good gut health as well as slowing signs of aging by supporting natural detoxification (4). 

The glutathione Cymbiotika sells comes in a pouch like most of their supplements. It’s a squeezable citrus berry flavored liquid that’s ready to eat on its own, or it can be mixed into a drink. The other ingredients include organic cassava syrup, organic glycerin, organic orange oil, organic citrus extract, CoQ10, PQQ, riboflavin, alpha lipoic acid (ALA).

Some of these ingredients are simply added for flavor, and the others are used to help improve glutathione’s function. The entire pouch comes in at just 15 calories per serving, mostly coming from carbohydrates. 

This supplement is great as a stand alone product but Cymbiotika recommends pairing it with their Super Greens product for an extreme dose of liver support.

Cymbiotika Reviews — Customer Testimonies

All of Cymbiotika’s top selling products have extremely positive feedback on their website. They have close to 5.0 star reviews based on hundreds of Cymbiotika reviews from verified customers. Here are what a few customers had to say about the Liposomal Glutathione.

Sarah and Yvonne’s Cymbiotika review:

“I love taking this every morning! I truly feel the difference when I do- more energy physically and mentally. It definitely is worth a try!” – Sarah

“I’ve taken it for about a month along with vitamin c and L magnesium threonate and have experienced a greater level of alertness and energy. I am very pleased with how I feel while taking these supplements!” – Yvonne

The magnesium has similar reviews with customers mentioning improvements in energy, metabolism and gut health.

Aida’s Cymbiotika review:

“I like the Magnesium and I love this product as well. I feel energized and healthy all around, armed to take on the world around me. I am still feeling out the product to see the overall benefits but one thing for certain is that it has dramatically improved my gut health and my metabolism.” – Aida

The shilajit is another standout product in Cymbiotika’s reviews with several customers sharing similar experiences to Jonathan and Kathy below.

Jonathan and Kathy’s Cymbiotika review:

“I have gone through trials and tribulations with sleep for so many years due to being an extremely active entrepreneur. I have tried everything under the sun for the better part of 10 years, and not only does Cymbiotika’s Magnesium L-Threonate change the game for me, it’s like that with all of their products. For that reason, I don’t even like calling them supplements as they are so much higher quality than “supplements.”” – Jonathan

“I’ve been taking shilajit for about 3 weeks and notice an increase in mental focus and energy.”  – Kathy

Is Cymbiotika Worth It?

There are many positives to using products from Cymbiotika. They’re extremely high quality and effective, but they have a few drawbacks making them not quite suitable for everyone. They’re fairly expensive, and they use a fair amount of packaging which some customers would deem unnecessary. 

Where To Purchase Cymbiotika

Cymbiotika can be purchased online from their website where they ship internationally with a few exceptions. They don’t currently ship to Mexico, Spain, India or Gibraltar due to import laws. Aside from ordering online, Cymbiotika can be found in-person in many health food stores across the US, in Canada and several countries in Europe. 

Cymbiotika offers a 15% discount for first time customers from their website when they subscribe for emails. They also have a monthly subscription plan model where the first item is 10% off, 2 items are 15% off, 3 are 20% off, 4 are 25%, and 5 are 30% off.


There aren’t many brands that can fully replace the range of offerings from Cymbiotika, but there are quite a few brands that offer alternatives to individual products. 

Pure Synergy – Pure Synergy has fully natural and organic vitamin C capsules that are comparable to Cymbiotika’s Liposomal Vitamin C. They’re likely not as well-absorbed but they’re far more affordable.

Sunfood SuperFoods – This product is shilajit capsules similar to the shilajit resin Cymbiotika sells, but once again at a far lower price point.

Organika – Organika has a much more reasonably priced glutathione product in the form of capsules. Their absorption technology isn’t as advanced as Cymbiotika’s product, but it may still lend similar results. 


The Final Takeaway

Though Cymbiotika is a great company that fully stands behind their values, they may not have the same wide-spread appeal comparable companies do simply because of their pricing.

Their products are undoubtedly an excellent option for their targeted customer demographic however.

They’re definitely worth purchasing for anyone who’s flexible with their budget and want to receive top of the line supplements. 

Embark on a holistic health and well-being exploration with these popular brands:

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