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Bonafide Review: Natural Remedies for Women’s Health


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About Bonafide

For women, Bonafide is a game-changer that delivers powerful remedies for the natural symptoms you experience in all phases of your life.

From PMS to menopause and everything in between, this female health company offers solutions to women’s health issues along with an array of essential vitamins to help you feel great.

The company was formed by a team of industry experts with over 50 years of combined experience in clinical research and medical drug discovery. The board is made of female medical advisors, proving that they are focused on women and their best health.

Overview of Bonafide

Bonafide products are all derived from natural sources and are free of hormones[2].

Each item is clinically tested for quality and safety. The ingredients are non-prescription yet deliver maximum relief and effectiveness.

Made from ingredients that are heavily researched and tested, you can feel safe taking these natural solutions for your women’s health issues like hot flashes[3] and PMS. Over 8,000 doctors across the country recommend Bonafide’s products to women for these issues and many more.

How Does Bonafide Work?

Bonafide uses natural ingredients to help you combat the discomfort from women’s health issues. It also offers a rewards program that allows you to earn points when you shop, landing exclusive discounts.

Join the Bonafide rewards program today and earn points each time you shop and start saving by earning exclusive discounts. It’s free to join and you get points each time you shop. When you earn 100 points, that equals $5.

Aside from shopping, you can get points by following Bonafide on social media. You also get bonus points for your birthday and when you refer friends. It’s a great way to get more products that benefit your body while spending less.

Bonafide Products Review

Here’s a look at some of the Bonafide products and how they can help you with the women’s health issues you’re experiencing.

Bonafide Revaree Review

One very annoying symptom for women as they age or after having a baby is vaginal dryness. When things are dry down there, sex can be painful. Even without sex, it can create an itching and burning sensation.

Reveree works to naturally replenish as a suppository that you place in your vagina. Free of hormones, it helps you get that relief you need. Revaree makes women comfortable all around, regardless of what is causing the dryness down there.

Bonafide Ristela Review

Not enjoying sex? Ristela may be the answer for you. This product is designed to help you enhance your response to sexual stimulation. The natural formulation helps boost orgasm and arousal, and it does so without hormones. You’ll discover more fulfilling sex and foreplay at any age.

Bonafide Relizen Review

There’s nothing worse than sweating while everyone else is comfortable indoors. Maybe you ran to check the thermostat, swearing it was broken. When it’s not the thermostat, it’s likely your hot flashes from menopause.

Whether you get them by day or have night sweats, Relizen is something you can rely on.

This hormone-free reliever helps cool you off and calms irritability to help you sleep at night. Control your own inner thermostat and be comfortable at any time of day.

Bonaide Serenol Review

Do you have bad emotional PMS symptoms? If you find you’re irritable and have extreme mood swings, Serenol can come to the rescue. It balances your moods and quells irritability.

You will also get help with water retention so you can feel like your usual self no matter where you are in your monthly cycle.

Bonafide Clairvee Review

Vaginal odors come from when the microbiome inside your vagina is out of balance. Most products just deal with the symptoms though Clairvee tackles the root cause by helping you maintain a healthy vaginal pH for optimum vaginal health.

With live active probiotic strains, it renews balance in just 15 days and protects you all month, keeping things in line so you won’t be worried about odor.

Bonafide also has a few other products including Essentials which are an array of vitamins. Everything on the site comes with free shipping and the option to cancel subscriptions at any time.

Bonafide Reviews — Customer Testimonies

One of the hardest parts about finding products for women is finding real women and not paid writers to tell you about them. These verified purchasers had plenty of good things to say about Bonafide.

While there are some that were not happy with the products, the majority found them to be extremely helpful with their women’s health issues.

Jackie’s Bonafide review states:

When ALL else failed! After my hysterectomy, things gradually began to deteriorate. Despite many different creams, pills, lubricants and treatments prescribed by my doctors, intimacy became so painful and anxiety causing that we simply gave up.

I struggled with self-esteem and depression. I felt completely defeated and had just given up. I stumbled across Reverie and decided to try one last thing, but I was very skeptical. I used the product for 3 weeks and noticed great relief of other symptoms. Then I dared to test the waters: IT WORKED!!!!

For the first time in a decade, intimacy was possible and comfortable! I am writing this review with tears on my face because Reverie gave us back what we had lost. I cannot say enough how thankful I am! I will be a loyal customer for the rest of my life.” – Jackie S.

Vera’s Bonafide review states:

Amazing product! I’m 54 and had hot flashes on and off for 3 years but nothing terrible (mostly at night). Then about 3 months ago they got worse. For the last 3 months I was having them every hour on the hour 24 hours a day. I hadn’t slept in two months. It was horrible.

Hormone replacement was not an option. My mother got breast cancer from it. Plus I don’t like to take prescriptions unless absolutely necessary. Then my sister who is a doctor (Psychiatrist) told me about Relizen and said I should try it. She had heard really good things about it. I ordered it.

Most reviews say wait 2-3 months. After just a week I started getting relief. After 2 weeks, even better. I month later and all hot flashes are gone. I’ve been sleeping through the night. Absolute miracle.” – Vera

Natalie’s Bonafide review states:

Game changer! I have been taking Serenol for only one month and I am not kidding when I say this pill is a miracle. Intrusive thoughts? Gone. Mood swings? Gone. Anxiety? Gone. I am 40 and will not stop taking this until I stop getting periods. Finally! Something that works!” – Natalie

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Promotions

One really great thing about Bonafide is that you can save up to $30 per month when you bundle the products together. There are so many ways to bundle[4] on the site.

Additionally, you can join the rewards program and save even more on your purchases.

Is Bonafide Worth It?

Bonafide products seem to do just what they say they will. And they’ve got plenty of fans of these natural and safe solutions for women’s health.

We do love that the company is composed of women in the medical field.

There are no hormones in these products so if you have been worried about the usual solutions, this may be a good place to start. The products are kind of expensive though, we will say that. However, compared to prescriptions, it is certainly cheaper.

If you’re on the fence about spending the money, speak with your doctor to see if you can score some free samples first. That’s how many people have been discovering Bonafide and finding that it is worth the money.

The Bottom Line on Bonafide

Bonafide has products made for women by women to handle some of the most annoying issues faced in women’s health. These are natural products that have endured clinical testing to make sure they are safe and effective.

Plenty of doctors recommend Bonafide too. These products are certainly an ideal solution for any woman that wants to handle hot flashes, vaginal dryness, sexual issues, and PMS without hormones.

With so many doctors backing these products, the chances of you finding relief through them are extremely good. See if you can find a sample through your doctor, or give them a try by ordering on the website.

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