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Coterie Review: For Moms and By Moms to Provide Comfort That Lasts


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About Coterie

Coterie[1] is an award-winning brand of diapers, training pants, and wipes that are ready to help you through all those early stages of parenthood. These diapering essentials were designed by scientists and engineers with cleaner and safer materials that every parent can feel good about while also providing superior protection against leaks and messes.

Overview of Coterie

Developed by a team of scientists and engineers who are also parents, the idea behind Coterie was to create a good diaper that led to fewer leaks and didn’t cause irritation to help babies and little ones stay comfortable.

After all, a comfortable baby sleeps better, and you do too.

Coterie’s products are dermatologist-tested to be hypoallergenic and are cruelty-free. They were tested in third-party independent labs to confirm that they are free of over 200 typically included materials that are either harmful or irritating.

This means they are free of fragrances[2], dyes, parabens[3], and phthalates[4], along with many others. The materials used are plant-based and sustainable without compromising on the performance.

Additionally, Coterie is a brand on a mission to support families. It has donated through a partnership with Baby2Baby, already providing 2 million diapering essentials to those in need.

While many other brands in this industry and countless others greenwash to lure you in, Coterie stands out by being transparent about processes for ingredient sourcing and R+D processes to minimize the impact to the environment.

How Does Coterie Work?

The brand claims to outperform all leading brands of diapers while keeping the materials soft and even more absorbent. This leaves your baby’s skin drier and more comfortable.

A more comfortable baby means a happier baby.

The materials used are apparel-grade and premium, sustained from plant-based materials and all without irritating chemicals.

One thing we love is that you can get them delivered to your doorstep. No more running to the store in a panic to grab diapers late at night. You’ll have enough to keep you covered in each delivery.

Deliveries can be set on Auto-Renew too, which saves you money each month. You can also adjust the recurring schedule and manage everything from your phone. That means if your baby is suddenly getting too big for those britches, you can change the size and shipment dates without a fuss.

Coterie Products Review

Here’s a look at the product lineup for Coterie.

The Diaper

The diaper, which is available from newborn sizes up to size 6, offers faster wicking and more absorbency. Composed of cleaner and more sustainable ingredients, it is totally chlorine free and is independently tested to confirm it is free of over 200 chemicals. That means no lotion, latex, fragrance, dyes, rubber, alcohol, heavy metals, parabens, pesticides, VOCs, optical brighteners, or alcohol.

Coterie diapers promise 12-hour leak protection that make them helpful in preventing nighttime wakeups. They can contain 70% more liquid and have 4x faster absorbency to keep skin drier and minimize diaper rash occurrences. They’re super soft and comfortable too.

The wetness indicator lets you know at a glance when the diaper needs to be changed. If you’re buying the newborn size, it thoughtfully includes an umbilical cord notch to prevent irritation.

The Pant

When your baby is potty training, Coterie’s training pants are a prime choice. They provide easier ways to change and allow for active babies and toddlers to move around. Like diapers, they are free of all those nasty chemicals and irritants.

Your little ones can pull them up and down like underwear to use the potty, or you can also change them like a diaper if they need assistance. The waistband is resealable to get the perfect fit while you get more stretch for more movement.

Best of all, these training pants keep skin up to 3x drier to prevent irritations while soaking up to 80% more liquid capacity. If your baby is getting ready for potty training, these make for an easier transition to this stage.

The Wipe

Not all baby wipes are created equal, and Coterie proves it with a cleaner, softer, stronger, and larger version. You can choose 4, 8, or 16 packs, or 8 travel packs that will fit with ease in your diaper bag.

If you add a diaper or training pant on Auto-Renew, you’ll save 15% on the wipes with each order.

So what makes these wipes better? They contain 99% purified water and have a larger surface area, making cleanups a breeze. While they are not flushable, they are biodegradable. The plant-based fibers are free of over 200 chemicals too, and are incredibly gentle on the skin.

Coterie Reviews — Customer Testimonies

If you’re a new parent or you’ve been struggling to find diapers, training pants, and wipes that live up to their promises, you’ve likely looked at reviews. These verified buyers love Coterie’s diapering essentials.

One verified Coterie review by Brittany B. said this about the diapers: “These diapers are so soft and they have more coverage than other brands we’ve used. Once we switched to the right size we haven’t had any blow outs. I feel good about putting such soft diapers on our little one!”

Another verified customer, Robin H. also praised the diapers in her Coterie review: “These diapers last overnight with no leaks or blowouts for 10+ hours while still keeping our baby comfortable. I love knowing we don’t have to wake our little man up for a change but that I also don’t have to worry about diaper rash or changing sheets!”.

As for the training pants, Nicole A. said in her Coterie review: “I love how soft they are for my little one, easy to pull and take off. It doesn’t have chemical and strong smell like other brands.”

Kimberly O. only had one regret, which was that she wished she’d tried them sooner. She stated in her Coterie review: “These toddler pull ups are very absorbent, soft on the skin and great for pre-school as they require a diaper/pull up that has tabs. I am really happy with this product.”

Donna B. loves the wipes! In her Coterie review she said: “These wipes are thick which is wonderful. You don’t need to use so many because of how thick and large these wipes are. Highly recommend!” in her Coterie review.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Promotions

You can join the Coterie Ambassadors to get access to an affiliate style program where you can get discounts and rewards each month. However, if that’s not  your jam, you can take advantage of other savings.

Set up Auto-Renew and you’ll get 10% off every order. You can also get free shipping on orders over $49. If you love Coterie, tell your friends and family – you’ll get $10 off for every friend you refer. They’ll get $10 off too.

Is Coterie Worth It?

We think Coterie is comparable in price with some of the major diapering products out there, though you get more savings and have it delivered when you need it.

True that you could do that with online shopping, what you’re also getting is a product that doesn’t include over 200 nasty chemical toxins. Babies and toddlers have skin that soaks up more[7] and you don’t want these harmful things getting into your child’s body.

The fact that you can move up to training pants and even save more when ordering wipes means that this brand simply gets what parenting is all about. It aims to lessen your worries for keeping your child healthy and comfortable while reducing your stress with messy diaper changes and leaks in the middle of the night.

The Bottom Line on Coterie

While Coterie won’t stop every leak, especially if you’ve got the wrong size for your child, it certainly reduces it to a minimum. You can’t flush the wipes either, but hey, even the wipes that claim to be flushable will clog things up.

Maybe you can’t have it all, but with Coterie, you can come awfully close to that, making these products a great option for parents with babies and toddlers.

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