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First Day Vitamins Review: Simplify Your Health Routine

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About First Day Vitamins

First Day Vitamins is a brand that decided to shake up the vitamin industry by investigating thousands of clinical studies to get the truth in nutrition.

By following the latest science and using super-absorbable ingredients, it has created wellness essentials for every stage of life for kids, teens, and adults.

We love the name and the spirit of making every day as important as your first day. Take a look at what this vitamin brand can do for you and your family.

Overview of First Day Vitamins

First Day Vitamins[1] were founded by two friends, Alice and Andy. They had both wondered what supplements were really doing and they wanted to get to the bottom of it to find an appropriate health solution for all.

They constructed a team of doctors, scientists, and researchers that included Dr. Ed Giovannucci, who specializes in researching how nutrition and lifestyle affect oncology. Dr. Lei Chen is another integral part of the team with pediatric emergency medicine experience.

By utilizing the most current research, Alice and Andy developed vitamins for kids, teens, men, and women to help bridge the gap in nutrition, in a delicious and sustainable[2] way.

The vitamin ingredients are sourced from around the world, then produced in Germany. Each batch is thoroughly tested to ensure top quality with the best potency and no contaminants.

How Does First Day Vitamins Work?

First Day Vitamins are designed to contain the most absorbable forms of vitamins. Known as bioavailability[3], absorption levels are important for how your body can process each nutrient.

It’s not beneficial for anyone to take vitamins that your body isn’t absorbing properly.

First Day Vitamins were designed with this thought in mind to meet your everyday needs through a blend of 12 organic fruits and vegetables that deliver antioxidants and phytonutrients your body needs for its best health.

These are crafted from organic produce that come right from farms that have been hand-picked by the company. Then they are dried and blended into tasty gummies.

First Day Vitamins Products Review

Here’s a look at the First Day Vitamins product line.

Kids Daily Enrichment Review

Would you give your children things you can’t pronounce? Maybe you do with those chicken nuggets that are the only things they ever want to eat, but with the Kids Daily Enrichment, you will find 12 organic fruits and veggies in the formula.

Another bonus is that they use up to 80% less sugar than other brands. These vitamins instead use natural flavors that are extracted from real fruits that give it a sweet taste they love.

Teens Daily Kickstart Review

For teens, this multivitamin gives them a roster of the most important vitamins for the age bracket. Your teen is still developing and with vitamin A, B vitamins (which include B1, B2, B6, B9, and B12), vitamin C, vitamin D3, and K2, you can be sure your teen is getting what they need.

First Day Vitamins for teens also have 80% less sugar than the competition. Your kid is definitely getting enough sugar every time they buy a soda at school, and now you can ensure they get the balance they need.

Women’s Daily Supercharge Review

The trouble with most women’s vitamins is that they have GMOs, artificial flavors, and unnatural ingredients.

First Day Vitamins is the first of its kind to give a blend of organic fruit and veggies with all the vitamins you need as a woman for your physical, mental, and emotional health.

In addition to vitamin A, B vitamins, D3, and K, you get zinc, biotin, and magnesium for your best balance.

Men’s Daily Provisions Review

The Men’s vitamin from First Day Vitamins was crafted by the experts to help give men what they need. These include vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B9, B12, C, D3, and K, all in a flavorful gummy format that is low sugar, like the other 3 vitamin options for the family.

Best of all, every one of First Day Vitamins’ products come with a 45-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy, they will refund your money without a fuss.

First Day Vitamins Reviews – Customer Testimonies

How do you sus out real testimonies vs paid ones?

First Day Vitamins definitely has a big following online. But these First Day Vitamins reviews are from verified buyers who have been using the products with great success.

One buyer, Jenn M., shares in her First Day Vitamins review: “I struggled to find vitamins for not only myself but ones my husband would actually take. Then I heard about First Day and initially I was kind of skeptical because a lot of vitamins say that they’re all natural. My husband also never had taken vitamins a day in his life. So I decided to give First Day a try. Not only did they taste great but they actually are all natural. No crazy hidden ingredients and bonus my husband actually takes his every day as well. Thank you for creating First Day!!!

Another First Day Vitamins review by Kelly P. states: “My granddaughter asks for her vitamins every morning. Makes me happy knowing she’s getting a lot of good nutrients without the sugar that comes in the traditional gummy vitamins!!“.

Katie B. shares her First Day Vitamins review: “All 3 of my picky eaters happily eat these daily and actually have made the comments that they wish they could eat the whole bag because of how delicious they taste. It’s been such a struggle finding a vitamin they won’t fight me on taking daily that isn’t chock-full of sugar & artificial junk. I can confidently give them these & feel good that they’re getting nutrition in when they’re so picky about everything else healthy I try to give them. Highly recommend First Day!

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Promotions

One great thing about First Day Vitamins is that if you subscribe, you get free shipping and 15% off every monthly order with the auto-refill program.

Many other supplements may offer you an initial discount, but it’s really refreshing to see you will always get 15% off your orders every month if you’re a subscriber.

Suddenly, that $39 per bottle is on par with other options, and with better bioavailability too.

The gummies are sent in refills through eco-friendly pouches, and it’s easy to make changes to your subscription too. For example, if your child is celebrating their 13th birthday, you can update the subscription to change to the teen vitamins.

Subscribers to First Day Vitamins also get special perks like free gifts, special sales, and new product launches.

Is First Day Vitamins Worth It?

First Day Vitamins aren’t cheap, but they do offer research-backed bioavailable vitamins that ensure you and your family are getting their nutrients. When you subscribe, they’re certainly worth the cost because you save 15% each month.

Some people may not be keen on them coming from Germany and only choose brands made in the USA. This may especially concern some since ingredients are sourced from other places around the world.

After all, many people want to avoid vitamins that are made in China, though this is not the case here with First Day Vitamins. The production and transparency of the brand here show what goes into your vitamins and where those things come from, giving you full peace of mind.

The Bottom Line on First Day Vitamins

Honestly, when you compare the bioavailability of other vitamins and how much sugar tends to be in gummy versions, you can’t do better than First Day Vitamins. They’re a great option that is highly adored by parents and kids alike.

We do want to mention that all gummy vitamins can get lodged between the teeth and it is imperative that both adults and kids alike make sure they floss well.

Gummies that stay between teeth, even ones with minimal sugar like First Day Vitamins, could lead to dental problems.

By making sure you’re on top of flossing, you can avoid that problem and enjoy all the benefits of these delicious vitamins for the entire family.

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