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FULLER Overnight Oats Review: Balancing Nutrition and Convenience

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Instant oatmeal has been a popular breakfast option for ages, but it’s not exactly known to be healthy. Most are loaded with sugar, preservatives, artificial flavors and artificial colors while containing very little protein.

This means they only satisfy fullness and provide energy for a short while (mostly from sugar) before you end up tired and opening the fridge again for snacks.(1)

FULLER is a brand new company from New Zealand that’s solving this problem and bringing oatmeal back into the realm of balanced, healthy and satisfying breakfasts. They’ve created an efficient way to fuel up for busy days with optimal nutrition that’s fun to eat.

They currently have three flavor varieties of overnight oat packets which can be prepared a night in advance or in the morning through a few different methods. 

Before diving into the product, let’s take a look at the company of Fuller Foods itself.

Overview of FULLER

FULLER was started by Dane Fuller—a convenient last name!

Dane wears many hats including men’s weight loss nutritionist, author, entrepreneur, lecturer, but most importantly: dad and husband.

His family was his main source of inspiration behind his creation of FULLER Overnight Oats.

As a busy father of three, Dane understands firsthand how difficult it is to get in a good breakfast while dealing with the fast paced chaos of mornings.

There are kids to feed and get ready, lunches to pack and showers to be had. Sometimes making a proper breakfast for yourself can end up being the last thing on the list.

As a rower, in order to find time to train in the mornings before getting the kids off to school, Dnae preps overnight oats as a quick healthy solution for him to recover and the kids to keep energized and full at school.

This is particularly important for Dane’s son who has Prader-Willi Syndrome.

Dane knew his breakfast idea had to be fast, easy to prepare, delicious, and filling. FULLER Overnight Oats completely accomplishes this and more. 

As a former athlete, nutrition lecturer and sport scientist, Dane also understands the importance of eating balanced meals with high quality protein, fiber and low GI carbohydrates. Foods that fit this criteria help crush hunger, cravings for sweets and give long-lasting steady energy.

FULLER Overnight Oats was designed precisely with this in mind.

A final value that comes across in FULLER is an appreciation for high quality ingredients. FULLER Overnight Oats is all-natural, organic, and full of superfood ingredients like seeds, fiber, protein and probiotics.

You won’t find any sugar or anything artificial or highly processed in these breakfast foods.

FULLER Overnight Oats Review

Credit: FULLER (2023)

If you’re still unclear on what the FULLER Overnight Oats product is exactly, you’re not alone.

Most people are flabbergasted with all the different oatmeal products available and all the different ways to prepare them.

Perhaps this is why products with straight-forward preparation instructions like instant oatmeal packets are so popular.

Quick Oats vs Rolled Oats

The most common varieties of plain oats available are rolled oats or what’s known as “quick oats”.

Rolled oats are whole grains made from dehusked and steamed oat groats. They’re then rolled into flat flakes (where the name comes from) and gently toasted.

Quick oats are processed one step further to speed up their final cooking time for the consumer. Quick oats are pre-cooked, dried and pressed to be slightly thinner than their rolled oat counterparts.

This means that they can be cooked in liquid in just a few short minutes as opposed to the 10-20 minutes thicker rolled oats take.(2)

Alternatively, quick oats can simply be heated with liquid in the microwave, have hot liquid poured over them to soak for a few moments, or be soaked in cold liquid overnight to make what’s known as “overnight oats“. All of these methods are fast and easy.  

Instant oatmeal packets generally use quick oats in combination with other flavoring and preservative ingredients so that preparation only involves the addition of liquid. FULLER Overnight Oats is similar, but without the artificial ingredients, and with the addition of superfood ingredients to bulk up the nutritional profile.

How to Prepare FULLER Overnight Oats

FULLER Overnight Oats uses whole grain quick cooking oats in combination with tasty, naturally delicious and nourishing ingredients.

This means it can be easily prepared in a number of ways depending on preference and what’s most convenient.

Method 1: Overnight Shake 

To make a creamy cold oatmeal shake ready for morning, simply combine one packet of FULLER with 1.5 cups of liquid of choice (water or milk are both good options) and shake it up in the glass FULLER shaker cup or any other jar with a lid to sit in the fridge for 4+ hours.

This makes a drinkable grab-and-go no fuss breakfast.

Method 2: Instant Smoothie

If you don’t enjoy the texture of the overnight shake or need your meal right away, the instant smoothie preparation method is a great option.

Simply add your FULLER packet and 1 cup of liquid to a blender and blend until smooth.

You could add in additional ingredients like peanut butter, superfood powders or protein powder if you so choose, but this already makes for a satisfying and tasty smoothie as is.

Method 3: Overnight Oats

The overnight oats method is the most popular way of enjoying this product. Much like the overnight shake, you’ll need to combine a packet of FULLER with liquid (just 3/4 cups this time), mix, and allow to thicken in the fridge overnight or for at least 4 hours.

This makes a scoopable texture of oats which you can eat cold straight from the fridge with a spoon, or heat up in the microwave.

Add toppings if you choose or enjoy as is!

Method 4: Instant Oats

The instant oats method is identical to what you would see on lesser quality processed oatmeal packets. It’s just as easy to make FULLER, and far better for your waistline and taste buds.

Simply pour 3/4 cups of boiling water (or hot milk) into a bowl over a packet of FULLER and allow them to sit for 3-5 minutes.

They will soak up most of the liquid and become a thick bowl of delicious oatmeal.

Method 5: Gourmet Oatmeal

This final method is slightly more involved than the past 4, but still incredibly easy.

Simply pour your packet of FULLER into a small pot, add in 3/4-1 cups of liquid and cook until thick.

This should only take a few moments and it’s a great option if you want to make multiple servings at once or add custom ingredients. 

Who is FULLER Overnight Oats For?

The many smartly thought out advantages of this product can benefit a range of customer types.

FULLER Overnight Oats is primarily marketed to busy dads, but equally suitable demographics include busy moms, athletes, students who live in dorms or office workers who have limited access to kitchen equipment, and hikers or campers who need a convenient meal while on the go.

Essentially anyone who needs a no-fuss filling and nutritious breakfast could benefit from trying FULLER Overnight Oats.

The Pros and Cons of FULLER Overnight Oats

Though FULLER Overnight Oats are a great product, they’re not for everyone.

Here are a few pros and cons to weigh out whether this product is worth trying according to your personal needs and preferences.

The Pros

  • Requires little to no kitchen appliances to prepare.
  • All-in-one packets don’t need additional ingredients for flavor or nutritional balance.
  • Individual packets help with portion control.
  • Packages make traveling with FULLER Overnight Oats convenient.
  • FULLER sells a glass shaker bottle with markings that make measuring liquids for preparation a cinch.

The Cons

  • Packet sizes may be too large for those with smaller appetites.
  • More expensive than traditional plain oatmeal.
  • Particularly environmentally concerned individuals may prefer to buy in bulk as opposed to packages with 6-sachets a piece. 

FULLER Overnight Oats Ingredients and Nutrition

Now that you understand the gist of the product, we’re going to delve into the specific details of ingredients, customer feedback, nutrition and more. 

There are three varieties of FULLER Overnight Oats:

  • Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter & Banana
  • Blueberry & Vanilla
  • Green Apple & Cinnamon

They all have very similar ingredient lists consisting of oats, seeds, fruit, probiotics and protein. 

Organic and Non-GMO

Impressively, practically all of the ingredients in every flavor are organic (according to New Zealand’s standards) which means they’re non-GMO and have been grown in soil without the use of harmful chemical pesticides and fertilizers(3). This is great news for both human health and the planet.

Fiber-Rich + Gut-Friendly

All three flavors contain oats, allulose (a naturally-occurring fruit sugar), pumpkin seeds, natural flavor, chia seeds, sea salt, monk fruit and probiotics.

1-2 servings of fruit, oats and seeds (both rich in fiber) help with satiety and healthy weight maintenance.

The addition of inulin (a type of soluble fiber) also helps increase feelings of fullness.(4)

Fiber is great for gut health and regular digestion, but it’s important to consume both soluble and insoluble versions. Luckily, FULLER Overnight Oats contains both.

The added probiotics can also play a role in gut microbiome health which can in turn improve nutrient absorption, mood, energy, immune health and more.(5)

Refined Sugar Free

Another important feature of the FULLER ingredients is not so much what’s in them, but rather what’s not!

Most instant oatmeal packets are chalk full of sugars in a variety of refined forms. FULLER has none of these and instead sticks to monk fruit and allulose as natural sweetener options. These are far less likely to spike blood sugar but they still provide a pleasant sweet taste.

Other flavoring agents include cinnamon, blueberries, apples, banana, peanut flour, cacao powder and cacao nibs. These are all great ingredients that further boost the vitamin and mineral content of the oats as well as the taste without relying on artificial flavors.


A final important consideration for any healthy breakfast is an adequate amount of protein. The Fuller Oats pack in between 23-26 grams of protein (depending on the flavor) which is an excellent start to stable blood sugar and lasting fullness.

Vegetarian and Gluten-Free

All flavors of Fuller Oats are vegetarian and gluten-free. The chocolate peanut butter & banana flavor is also vegan since it lacks the skim milk powder present in the other flavors. This means there’s a suitable option for most dietary needs and preferences.

FULLER Overnight Oats Reviews – Customer Testimonies

FULLER is a new brand, but it’s been extremely well-received thus far.

Several customers have raved about the taste on the brand’s website, Instagram and Amazon as well as mentioning how convenient this new addition to their routine has been.

One verified FULLER Overnight Oats customer, Daniel, found that FULLER shakes provide remarkable sustained energy, benefiting him as a business owner:

“Honestly, I’ve never really been a breakfast person. But the lunch time crash and hunger usually hit me pretty hard and would affect my work. I’ve always known oats give me some long lasting energy but these shakes are on a whole other level. With the extra protein, fruits and goodies I’m often hitting 2 or 3pm before I even start to notice any hunger pains. As a business owner who too often skipped lunch anyways these have been awesome for me! Tastes great too!” – Daniel

Another happy customer, Sean, appreciates the speed and simplicity of FULLER Overnight Oats as a satisfying meal replacement

“I love that this is a fast, simple full meal replacement. And, it tastes great. I like the Apple the best but the other flavors are good too.” – Sean

Dodd has embraced a new routine of preparing FULLER the night before, allowing for easy ‘grab and go’ mornings:

“Twice a week now, I prep my Fuller oats at night and I just grab and go the next morning. This is my new habit. I love it!” – Dodd

Is FULLER Overnight Oats Worth It?

Overall, though the price point is higher than other oatmeal alternatives, FULLER Overnight Oats is absolutely worth it for most customers because of its superior quality and convenience. 

Where To Purchase FULLER Overnight Oats

Currently, FULLER Overnight Oats products can be purchased online through the company’s website and on Amazon.

They will soon be arriving to local grocery stores in New Zealand as well.

Alternative Options

Oats Overnight – A more affordable alternative that’s lacking the superfood ingredients of FULLER Overnight Oats.

Quaker – Another affordable option that contains some preservative ingredients, doesn’t have seeds, probiotics or added fiber, and is unflavored.

Kodiak Cakes – The most similar to Fuller Oats, but with less ingredients/nutrition and non-organic.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Final Takeaway

If you love oatmeal and need a way to streamline your morning, FULLER Overnight Oats may just be a perfect addition to your morning routine.

Don’t forget to leave a review on their website if you love this product to help spread the goodness of a balanced breakfast from FULLER Overnight Oats.

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