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Homer Learning Program & App for Kids

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For generations, parents have sought fun and effective ways to make learning fun for their children. If you’re looking to help your child on the path to reading, the Homer Learning App may be the perfect fit.

About Homer

The Homer Learning app is a revolutionary gaming-based learning system geared toward children zero to eight years old. Homer uses proven e-learning methods to help children learn to read while having fun, a must for parent’s in search of teaching techniques that actually keep their child’s attention.

Homer is one of the most popular learning apps available for parents and their children, garnering over 66k Facebook likes and 80k Instagram followers. The company has also been featured in Business Wire, The New York Times, and Forbes, to name a few respected publications.

In this review, we will look more closely at the products offered on the app, analyzing their educational benefits, features, customer ratings, and subscription options so you can decide whether the Homer Learning app is right for your child.

Overview of the Homer Learning App

Learn With Homer Home Page

While, at first glance, the name Homer may raise a few eyebrows conjuring up thoughts of the Simpsons or Greek mythology; however the company chose Homer as the name for one simple reason, it utilizes the Homer teaching method.

The Homer Method is a 4-step approach to teaching, guiding children from theory toward real-world application through practice, application, and knowledge.

Originally launched in 2013 by Iris Tang, a former Google employee, and Stephanie Dua, Homer was designed as a response to a lacking market for accessible tools that assisted parents in teaching their kids to read when they are young.

With the addition of Neal Shenoy, CEO of Homer’s parent company Begin, the app quickly began taking the learning world by storm.

Homer Learning App Highlights

We’ve compiled a list of the main highlights parents can expect with the Homer app. They include:

  • Expert content creators
  • An ad-free experience
  • A 30-day free trial period
  • Multiple learning options
  • Lessons intertwined with real-world applications
  • COPPA certification
  • Perfect for homeschoolers
  • Cancel your subscription at any time
  • Ability to add four kids to each account
  • Discounts for annual subscriptions

While having so many incredible highlights is wonderful, parents are mostly concerned about offering their children a safe and effective learning environment. Let’s examine the primary products available on the Homer app to help you decide if it’s a platform you would add to your child’s educational arsenal.

Homer Learning App Product Review

Although there may not be a wide range of products between the two Homer apps, what is available provides children with comprehensive educational material.

One of the Homer apps is free to download but doesn’t offer as many products and features as the subscription-based app option. However, it is still an excellent resource for parents and may be a great starting point for those unsure of whether they want to pay for a subscription.

Now let’s dive into the available products.

The Homer Learn And Grow App

Homer Learn and Grow

The Homer Learn and Grow app offers a comprehensive library full of activities for young learners, providing an immersive learning experience. Recommended for kids ages two to six, this app expertly helps get your little one on the path to literacy, all while they play exciting games.

It is important to note that all reading levels within the Homer app are general, and your child may be below or above this recommended age.

Since every child learns at their own pace, you should never feel as if they have to always fall into these recommendations, which is another reason Homer is great, since they can continue practicing at their own level without pressure.


To better break down the way the Homer Learn and Grow app works, let’s look at a specific age group and the learning modules available. We will focus on the two-year-olds for this example.

This app offers five categories for child exploration:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Thinking skills
  • Social and emotional learning
  • Creativity

For toddlers, their learning objectives for each module begin by developing core skills. For reading, the focus is on identifying letter shapes, including upper and lower case and symbols like plus signs.

The math module builds core numeracy skills, including identifying and drawing shapes, counting numbers from one to ten, and following directions.

The social and emotional section helps toddlers identify their basic emotions, including mad, sad, and happy. It also introduced abstract concepts like disliking and liking activities they may not or may be interested in. It also encourages them to act out different body and facial expressions.

The creativity module leads toddlers through activities that allow them to use their creative sides through dance, drawing, or building. They begin exploring their talents in a fun and expressive way.

The final module explores critical thinking through gaming, where your toddler can test their reasoning skills and logic. They will learn how to complete tasks in order, locate hidden objects, and letter sounds/ object connections.


Understanding the range of knowledge that even toddlers receive, it’s time to talk about subscription pricing for the Homer Learn and Grow app. Surprisingly, the price is incredibly low, considering the value attached. Subscription prices are as follows:

Monthly subscription$10

Yearly subscription$60 ( an almost 50% savings!)

Yearly blended learning bundle$100 (includes hands-on explorers kits and app access)

The Homer Explore Kits

The Homer Explore Kits allow you to pair the app with tactile learning, creating an ideal blended learning experience. Crafted by expert educators with your child’s unique learning needs in mind, these kits are perfect for homeschoolers or any parent that wants a more comprehensive learning guide.

Each Explore Kit features a lesson your child can do with only minimal help from an adult, allowing you to gauge their progress while testing their knowledge in a fun and expressive way. Each kit contains different challenge levels and is recommended for kids between ages three and six. Once your little one is bored of their kit, you’ll know it’s time to move to the next level.

Currently, Homer has three Explore Kits focusing on their own specific subject, including:

  • Numbers
  • Feelings
  • Letters

Each kit contains age-appropriate learning materials to help maximize your child’s comprehension while providing maximum enjoyment.

Kit Overviews

The Letter Kit includes:

  • Over 50 magnets
  • Magnetic storyboard
  • Alphabet cards A to Z
  • A – Z letters book and crayons set
  • Adventurer headband
  • Kaleidoscope camera

The Numbers Kit makes learning basic math and counting skills easy, including teaching children how to count money, add, and subtract. Included in the Numbers Kit are:

  • Over 50 magnets
  • Magnetic storyboard
  • Pretend wallet with play money and fake cards
  • Number book with crayon set
  • Counting cards

The Feelings Kit helps your child understand their emotions and identify their own feelings and those of others. The Feelings Kit includes:

  • Over 50 magnets
  • Magnetic storyboard
  • A color map of feelings
  • A Yeti mask
  • A feelings book with crayons set
  • Emotion-based flashcards
  • Conversation prompts for parents

Parents can purchase each Homer Explore Kit separately or in a bundle containing all three for only $99; this price includes one year’s access to the Learn & Grow app at no additional charge!

The Homer Learn and Play App

Homer learning app review
Homer Learn and Play App

One of the best features of the Homer Learn and Play app is that it’s a collaboration with the world-renowned company Fisher-Price. The app is for toddlers up to age three, making it perfect for the youngest learners.

The Learn and Play app integrates storytelling, games, and songs that expose little ones to language basics and work as a building block for communicative skills. Thanks to the age-appropriate song library, you can use the app to introduce dancing, playing, and entertainment to your baby through bedtime stories or dance parties.

While using the app, your child will receive an introduction to numbers, letters, symbols, shapes, and colors through simple games, stories, and songs. The best part is that Homer’s Learn and Play app is completely free to download!

Who Can Benefit From Homer?

Homer learning app review

Homer is perfect for kids aged zero to eight and is a helpful tool for educators and parents. It’s the ideal way to pair screen time with educational learning while integrating hands-on experiences with the Explore Kits.

Using Homer

Using Homer is simple since it’s geared toward young children. To start:

  • Download the Homer app
  • Create your parent profile
  • Choose your subscription
  • Create a learner’s profile for your child
  • Start learning!

Homer orders all activities to meet your child’s age, so you don’t have to worry about lessons that are too hard or complex for their current learning level.

What Does A Homer Subscription Include?

Homer learning app review
Homer Pricing

Each subscription from Homer includes the same features; the price only differs according to billing cycles. Subscriptions include:

  • Unlimited access to the app
  • Four users on each account
  • Offline resources and projects
  • Expert educator tips

Is Homer Worth It?

If your child enjoys using the app, then yes, Homer is worth it! If they prefer hands-on experiences, they may enjoy the Homer Explore Kits instead. Pairing the two creates a well-rounded educational experience for kids up to age eight.

Where To Purchase Homer

You can purchase Homer on Google Play or the Apple App Store. The Explore Kits are available on Homer’s website or on Amazon. 


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