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Leaky Gut Revive Review: A Game Changer?

Leaky Gut Revive

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Overview of Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive is a drink supplement full of nutrients to help not just calm, but also mend your gut.

It arrives as a powder made from natural ingredients in a sealed container to be mixed with water, juice, or added into any smoothie. It can be enjoyed anytime day or night as well as with or without food!

Who is Amy Myers?

Credit: Amy Myers MD | amymyersmd.com

Amy Myers is a physician with quite the list of accomplishments under her belt. She studied at The Louisiana State University Health Science Center along with the University of Maryland Medical Center. She is the New York Times bestselling author of The Autoimmune Solution and The Thyroid Connection.

What is unique about her is that her mission is to provide people with the tools they need to achieve a healthy state and maintain it via identifying the root cause. This diversifies her from the growing sea of physicians ready to slap a bandaid on the symptoms while the root cause continues to fester.

Lastly, Amy Myers created the Leaky Gut Revive formula and more supplement formulas designed to tackle a variety of root issues.

Who Needs Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive?

Leaky Gut Revive Review

Imagine that you are just waking up to start your day. The sun is shining through the curtains, the birds are chirping a happy tune, and the kids are still sleeping, giving you a few relaxing minutes to yourself. The day is starting off splendidly! Except… you don’t feel well… again.

Maybe you didn’t even have to imagine that scenario. Maybe you have experienced that exact same morning time and time again! The perfect morning, robbed from you thanks to painful stomach upsets and inflammation.

Your immune system doesn’t work the way it used to. In fact, it seems like it is lagging behind the immune systems of your friends, co-workers, and spouse as you catch cold after cold while they remain healthy. If that is the case for you or someone you love, then maybe a leaky gut is to blame.

What If I Don’t Experience This?

If you are not a part of that scenario or worried about a leaky gut, you can still benefit from Leaky Gut Revive as it is designed to maintain the health of the intestinal lining. Our guts are under attack by microscopic invaders all the time, and Leaky Gut Revive can give your gut a fantastic defense.

Lastly, even those of us with guts of steel have had moments where the gut has tilted off-balance. If you have ever been on an antibiotic, you might have noticed that the medication, though victorious in its mission to relieve you of your symptoms, managed to cause stomach upset.

That is because antibiotics do not just strip your body of the bad bacteria, but the good bacteria as well, leaving your microbiome in desperate need of a reset. Leaky Gut Revive can kickstart that reset!

Amy Myers Leaky Gut Revive and other products are formulated for adults only, and you should always consult your doctor before taking a new supplement.

Leaky Gut Revive Ingredients

Leaky Gut Revive Supplement Facts
Credit: Amy Myers MD | amymyersmd.com

Unfortunately, many doctors do not acknowledge the growing issue of leaky gut syndrome. On top of that, there are enough products on the market to keep you busy comparing all day!

Amy Myers MD Leaky Gut Revive stands out though, thanks to its short and sweet ingredients list. Nothing mysterious. Nothing to hide. It’s incredibly refreshing to find an ingredients list for a supplement that is easy to read. Read below to find an in-depth explanation of each ingredient.


L-Glutamine is an amino acid that benefits many parts of the body including the brain, the gut, and the immune system. Studies show that it can strengthen enterocytes located in the small intestine, helping them to live longer and reproduce faster.

It is recommended that L-Glutamine be ingested at around the same time every day for best results.

Larch Arabinogalactan

Larch Arabinogalactan is a fiber found in plants. It can be used as a sweetener in foods, but Amy Myers more than likely put it into the Leaky Gut Revive formula for its ability to increase good bacteria in the intestines.

Marshmallow Root Powder

Marshmallow Root Powder is known widely for its ability to fight infections. It does this by constructing a protective layer over the digestive tract’s lining.

Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root Powder

Licorice Root has been used as a remedy for a very long time. It provides a sweeter taste while also working as an anti-inflammatory.

Slippery Elm Bark Powder

Slippery Elm Bark was used by Native Americans for its ability to soothe, and it is still used today to soothe the stomach and banish irritation.

Aloe Vera Leaf Powder

Aloe Vera has made a lot of new fans this year thanks to TikTok! It promotes regular and easy bowel movements, and it has dozens of review videos and thousands of praising comments to prove it.


  • Defends the intestinal lining
  • Protects the immune system
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Balances the microbiome
  • Aids regular bowel movements
  • Helps conquer cravings
  • Comes in two flavors: original (light taste easily disguised in a juice or a smoothie if preferred) and strawberry lemonade
  • Comes with an easy to use scoop


  • Too much Aloe vera can cause stomach cramps especially when taken too many days in a row. However, the risk is lessened thanks to the fact that it is mixed in with soothing ingredients like Slippery Elm. Make sure to monitor your body any time you are trying a new supplement and always stop taking a supplement if you experience an adverse reaction.
  • Some have complained about the taste (take a look at the next section for ways this can be combated)

Leaky Gut Revive Reviews – What Do Other Customers Think?

You are not alone if the first thing you do after reading about a product is scroll straight to the ratings and the comments.

Currently, Leaky Gut Revive has a 4.7 star rating from over 1,800 reviews. The most recent comment gave Leaky Gut a 5 star review saying that it solved several food sensitivities for her – food sensitivities that she’d had since 2018!

But you are also not alone if you always make sure to read a few of the bad reviews too, no matter the star rating. Only 32 people have come forward with complaints, and a majority of their comments seem to throw shade at the taste.

While many who have found the taste unpleasant have found ways to mask it using a juice or a smoothie, some people are very sensitive to particular tastes.

However, it is fair to point out that if the formula were to be changed to accommodate taste, it might end up filled with sweeteners and other ingredients that would actually disrupt the gut rather than mend it.

If you are worried about taste, you have options! You can try the new Leaky Gut Revive flavor: strawberry lemonade. You can also try adding the powder to a smoothie that uses banana as bananas are quite the combatants when it comes to fighting other flavors.

Other Products by Amy Myers

Other Products by Amy Myers
Credit: Amy Myers MD | amymyersmd.com

Another popular product by Amy Myers is her Collagen Protein powder. It has achieved an amazing 4.9 star rating from over 2,500 reviews due to its ability to not just heal the inside (gut, bones, and joints) but also keep you looking healthy on the outside! This is a great supplement for those looking to improve the shine and strength of their hair, skin, and nails.

The Myers Way Multivitamin contains four supplements in each of its 180 capsules that Myers believes would benefit everyone. It has achieved 4.8 stars from over 2,000 reviews. This supplement targets general wellness and is to be taken around the same time every day for the best results.

Complete Enzymes has achieved 4.9 stars from over 1,000 reviews! This supplement comes with 120 capsules and is a great option for those living with Celiac or any food sensitivities. Myers also mentioned that the body, as it ages, will produce digestive enzymes less and less, making this supplement a must!

Amy Myers has many more fantastic products to check out! Not only that, each of the above products and others give you the option of Subscribing and Saving! If you subscribe, you’ll receive 15% off and an additional 5% off every third delivery.

Where Can I Purchase Leaky Gut Revive?

You can find Leaky Gut Revive and other Amy Myers products on many partnering sites such as Amazon, but you will find the best deals on amymyersmd.com as that is where the subscription is located.

Leaky Gut Revive has helped many take their lives back. Why continue to count the sick days when relief is right around the corner? This supplement is Amy Myers’ way of reaching out a helping hand, and not just a hand ready to slap a bandaid on anything other than the root cause. Time to kick the discomfort for good! And once you heal, share your story! Amy Myers’ products would be just a dream without the web of customers who shared their real results so that others could make healing their reality too!

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