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Greenhouse Review: Organic Cold-Pressed Goodness

Greenhouse Juice Co Review

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About Greenhouse Juice Co

Juices are a product that can range from being a sugary artificially colored pseudo pop all the way to being a true superfood. Canada’s own Greenhouse Juice Co is a shining example of being on the extremely healthy end of this scale.

Juices are a fantastic way to get mega doses of organically sourced micronutrients without needing to eat a pound of fruits and vegetables! They’re refreshing, delicious and undoubtedly beneficial when sourced from a quality supplier. 

This convenience food is growing in popularity as more and more individuals are investing their hard earned dollars into their health. At-home juicing machines are a more affordable option to access fresh juice, but the hassle of purchasing and using up large amounts of produce while they’re still fresh is a major deterrent. 

Being able to purchase fresh juice on the go in the same way one would grab a coffee is becoming a more frequent occurrence. Many companies like Greenhouse Juice Co also offer juice delivery services to make accessing these products incredibly convenient.

Without further adieu, let’s examine exactly what Greenhouse Juice Co is all about, what products they have to offer, and whether or not you should give them a try.

Overview of Greenhouse

Greenhouse Story

Greenhouse Juice Co launched in the middle of a freezing cold winter almost a decade ago. In 2014 in Toronto, Canada, they opened the doors to their flagship store and sold out of juices within the first hour. Despite the cold temperatures, customers were eager to get their hands on these delicious beverages and this demand has only gone up over the years.  

The company started out as a small trendy juice bar where they made, bottled and sold all their products in-house. This original store is still open today along with 9 other shops and a juice plant where they produce products for grocery stores all across Canada. This small little shop has grown leaps and bounds in the past few years thanks to their innovative products that are meeting the needs of Canadians across the country.

They’ve expanded from just juices to make several different categories of plant based beverages as well as a menu of salads, smoothies, lattes and snacks within their shops. Some of these products are only available locally in-store, but most of their beverages are sold in grocery stores and health food stores in other provinces as well. 

Greenhouse Mission

One thing that’s been very clear about Greenhouse Juice Co straight from the beginning is their commitment to offer the highest quality plant-based nutrition possible while supporting their local community, and giving back to environmental causes. 

One of their most important values is making products that are all completely organic. This means the produce is non-GMO and they’re grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers. This makes for more nutritionally dense fruits and vegetables that are better for the health of the environment and better for the health of customers (1).

This is no easy feat as the price of food has been steadily increasing in recent years, so their unwavering commitment to this value is inspiring.

In addition to their commitment to only using the best quality ingredients, Greenhouse Juice Co also makes great efforts to reduce their food waste and give back to their community. They purchase from local farmers and often buy what’s known as “seconds“.

This is produce that’s blemished or misshaped and essentially not aesthetically conformed enough to sell in grocery stores. This doesn’t make it any less nutritious, and Greenhouse Juice Co loves using this unloved produce that would otherwise likely be wasted to make their tasty juices.

Another great practice Greenhouse follows is passing on their leftover fruit and vegetable fiber from the juice making process to other vendors who make dog biscuits, sustainable pizza crusts and other products! This nutritious byproduct doesn’t get wasted thanks to this clever arrangement.

Greenhouse Juice Co also gives back to their local communities by donating leftover products to local Ronald McDonald House Charities so those who need them most can enjoy them at no cost. Due to the lack of preservatives in their beverages, they have a relatively short shelf-life and are best when consumed fresh. This means products not sold fast enough are still perfectly drinkable, but not as visually pleasing as the fresh ones found in stores.

Finally, Greenhouse Juice Co uses glass bottles for their products since they’re completely recyclable and better for the planet, as well as being far better for human health than porous plastic with questionable chemicals (2).

Greenhouse Products

The range of products made by Greenhouse Juice Co has become extensive over the years. Adding on from their original cold-pressed juices, they now also make bottled adaptogenic lattes, organic sparkling waters, wellness shots, kombuchas, plant milks, lemonades, and pre-made shakes. 

All of their products are designed with health and quality in mind and are catered to a similar type of customer who values these factors. Their products are perfect for anyone who enjoys plant-based products, tasty beverages that have impressive health benefits, and a convenient purchase they can take with them to enjoy at any point in the day.

Since they have such a diverse array of beverages, there’s truly something out there for every taste preference. Some of their products contain matcha or coffee for an afternoon pick-me-up, and others are the perfect base for crafting homemade cocktails or mocktails. The Greenhouse Juice Co blog and instagram are scattered with plenty of recipe ideas to give customers ideas on how to get creative with their products.

Pros and Cons of Greenhouse

Before getting too in depth on the details of the Greenhouse Juice Co products, there are some obvious pros to their products over the competition, and a few cons. Here’s a quick review to understand the type of customer Greenhouse Juice Co products are a great fit for. 

Greenhouse Juice Co ProsGreenhouse Juice Co Cons
-Reliable Quality
-Delicious Taste
-Good-for-you ingredients
-Wide selection of products
-Environmentally conscious
-Supportive of local agriculture and community
-Many products are only available in Toronto (the GTA)
-High price-point

The most obvious reason some customers may opt for alternatives is simply access to Greenhouse Juice Co products. While most of their beverages are sold in stores all across Canada, it’s somewhat unpredictable what products which stores will stock since very few would house their whole product range. 

On top of this, Greenhouse Juice Co product quality is clearly reflected in the high price point. Their use of top-quality organic ingredients, glass packaging and high shipping costs for out-of-province sales doesn’t exactly make for a low-cost final product. However that being said, their prices are entirely fair for the value of what customers receive, and those who truly care about both the health and convenience factors of the product are likely more than happy to pay for that value.

Greenhouse Product Reviews

Greenhouse Cold-Pressed Juices Review

Greenhouse’s juices are their original and most popular product, and for good reason! They’re cold-pressed juices which means they juice is extracted using a hydraulic press. This allows them to keep the produce raw and completely free from heat treatment, making for fully intact and undamaged nutrition. It’s the most effective way to get maximum nutrition out of the fresh produce (3).

They currently have 8 flavors available in individual 300mL or 946mL sized bottles, or in 6-packs of the 300mL bottles. The flavors are Gastby, Farma-C, The Good, Genius, Deep Roots, The Giver, Ginger Aid+, and The Stranger. In addition to these juice recipes, they also sell large bottles of electrolyte rich plain celery juice (with >2% lemon juice added). 

Their juices have diverse flavor profiles, but most seem to feature at least one fruit and one green vegetable. They frequently use spinach, kale, celery, lemongrass, chard or sprouts for the greens component and pair them up with complimentary flavors. Some of their juices also feature additional superfood add-ins like spirulina, ginger, turmeric and vitamin C bomb camu camu fruit. 

The tasty fruits they rely on are mostly pineapple, lemon, orange, and apple alongside slightly less sweet but still delicious vegetables like beets and carrots. Overall, each of their juice blends has a well-balanced flavor profile, a silky smooth texture, and specific health benefits clearly outlined on their website’s product descriptions.

Overall, the most impressive feature of their juice line is the complete purity of the product. There are no added flavors, preservatives, or colors because the fresh juices are flavorful enough to stand up on its own. This is a testament to the quality of the produce they use since many other store bought juices have inordinate amounts of added sugar combined with highly processed juice to disguise their lack of flavor.

Greenhouse Wellness Shots Review

Close behind in popularity to the juices are Greenhouse’s wellness shots. These are essentially 60 mL condensed versions of the juices that pack a powerful nutrient punch for their small size. They are perfect for anyone who wants to reap the benefits of drinking fresh juice in a quick, convenient and travel friendly small size.

Currently, Greenhouse has 12 different flavors of wellness shots called: Flu Shot, Ginger Defence, Power-up Mushroom, Glow, Memoir, Fiery Ginger, Mood Shine, Detox, Farma-C+, Inside Job, Pick-Me-Up and Lullaby.

These wellness shots are tasty, but tend to have a stronger and perhaps more spicy flavor than their juice counterparts. They’re all formulated with specific health benefits in mind denoted on the bottles. What makes them so special compared to the juices is their heavy inclusion of superfood ingredients.

You’ll see a far greater variety of ingredients like adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, spices, and extracts (all from entirely natural minimally processed sources) compared to their other products.

It’s safe to say that these were created with wellness in mind more so than any other product Greenhouse makes, so if feeling great is a priority for you these wellness shots are well worth trying out.

The final thing that makes these shots extra special is the fact they can be ordered online and shipped anywhere in Canada! This is the only line of products from Greenhouse that can be ordered online from outside the Toronto area, and they have convenient variety packs with 12 shots to make purchasing more affordable. 

Other Greenhouse Products Review

Though the juices and wellness shots are the most relevant to the Greenhouse Juice Co brand, they’ve branched out considerably to other areas of the plant-based beverage market. Their other bottled drinks can be purchased online within the Toronto area, or if you’re lucky your local grocery or health food stores may keep a few in stock.

Their sparkling waters are subtly tasty, free of artificial ingredients and contain real fruit extracts and additional beneficial probiotics. This makes them perfect for sipping on alone, or paired with other ingredients for fancy healthy mocktails.

The kombuchas come in 6 different creative flavors bound to please any flavor palette. They’re also free from additives, fully organic and fully good-for-you.

The last few categories of drinks include bottled shakes, lattes and plant milks. These creamy drinks often feature added health-boosting ingredients and similarly do their best to stay clear of unnecessary additives. They’re a much better alternative to bottled sugar-laden lattes and make for a convenient way to get in an extra dose of afternoon caffeine.

Greenhouse Reviews — Customer Testimonies

Practically every product on the Greenhouse Juice Co website has a 5-star review from happy customers. This is a testament to just how delicious their products are and speaks volumes than a single written review ever could.

Here’s what customers are saying about their juices, according to verified Greenhouse reviews from their official website:

“What a great way to start the morning.” – Jess

One verified buyer, Anthonella, shared in her Greenhouse review hot it “works wonders”:

I love this! It’s a good pick-me-up whenever you need energy! Also, it’s refreshing and it works wonders! – Anthonella

According to these Greenhouse reviews from their official website, customers clearly love drinking their Greenhouse juice both morning and afternoon for extra pep in their step, but this isn’t the only thing they love about Greenhouse.

Many customers also mention loving that the products are low-sugar and convenient.

Another verified customer, Ashley, states in her Greenhouse review:

“I’ve been having this delivered for the past year and it’s my favorite! If you’re a juice drinker, this is an excellent, low-sugar option. It’s perfect in the Summer…and all year round. I wish they made larger options.” – Ashley

Their shakes (like the chocolate flavored Rococoa mentioned below) are equally as raved about showing that Greenhouse’s product quality is consistent across drink categories.

Rowena, verified buyer, shared her Greenhouse review:

It’s not too sweet and great for chocolate lovers! Perfect for mornings in a rush or before the gym. – Rowena

Is Greenhouse Worth It?

If you’ve read our Greenhouse review and you’re still not convinced at this point if Greenhouse’s products are for you, there’s really only one way to find out: give them a try! They’re one of the best in the business of healthy Canadian beverages.

Where To Buy Greenhouse Products 

As mentioned, you can purchase wellness shots directly from the Greenhouse Juice Co website from anywhere in Canada. You can also purchase any beverage online in the Toronto area with the option of regular home deliveries! 

Subscriptions can save you up to 10% off and you’ll also receive 10% off your first online order, but they don’t appear to regularly host any other promotions. Free shipping applies to orders over $100.


Stoke Cold Pressed Juice – This juice company is currently exclusive to Western Canada, but they offer a range of entirely natural fresh juices without additives similar to Greenhouse Juice Co.

Well Juices – This is one of the largest juice companies in Canada. They also offer simple ingredients, but their packing is plastic as opposed to Greenhouse’s glass bottles.

Pulp & Press – This brand from London, Ontario has been around for a similar amount of time as Greenhouse and they make similar products, though their range isn’t quite as wide.

Frequently Asked Questions


Overall, Greenhouse Juice Co is a phenomenal brand that folks in the Toronto area are lucky to have access to. 

If you live elsewhere in Canada, their wellness shots are well worth checking out and setting up a subscription for if you’ve an avid wellness enthusiast.

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Sarah Lake

Sarah is a Canadian wellness enthusiast and a nutrition specialist with a bachelor of Science in Nutrition from Acadia University. Her 9-year journey as a yoga instructor combined with her academic background inspired her passion for merging traditional knowledge with modern science into a holistic viewpoint. She now applies these interests to constantly learning about the latest in health and wellness, writing educational articles, and creating brand reviews. When she’s not behind her laptop, you can find her at the farmers market collecting goodies to create a new recipe, or at a pilates class.
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