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LyfeFuel Review: Is It Worth The Hype?

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About LyfeFuel

LyfeFuel is a health product company worth writing home about. Though they aren’t necessarily shaking up the wellness world with revolutionary ideas, they are making several much-needed products far better than anyone else currently is.

LyfeFuel offers a spread of products you’re bound to see many versions of on your local supplement and health food store shelves: performance shakes, meal replacement shakes, snack bars, and nutrition supplement capsules.

These products have become commonplace because they’re incredibly needed by consumers today.

Many of us have fast-paced lives with limited time to get in all the dense nutrition we need to feel our best. Well-designed shakes, bars and supplements are a fuss-free way to fill in nutritional gaps, make staying nourished on-the-go a cinch, and most importantly, improve our overall health.

LyfeFuel does all this and more by living up to their admirable people, purpose, and planet-driven mission.

LyfeFuel Overview

Based out of sunny Southern California, LyfeFuel is a small, privately owned company with a clear passion for what they do.

No details have been missed from the ingredient quality, the testing protocols, the product formulations down to the customer service.

What you’ll get from LyfeFuel products that most comparable companies are missing is simply people who are truly passionate about what they do. This passion is invested into creating well-designed products instead of solely focusing on profits.

This is all to say that the value you get from LyfeFuel is more than worth the price point.

What Sets LyfeFuel Apart?

So what exactly is it about LyfeFuel that makes them stand out from the increasingly saturated market of nutrition products?

LyfeFuel products are all entirely plant-based and derived from natural whole-food ingredients. They use high-quality GMO-free and organic ingredients whenever possible. They also make a point to avoid many of the top allergen ingredients you’ll commonly see in comparable formulations.

Their products are all dairy-free, grain-free and soy-free, and many are gluten-free as well. This makes LyfeFuel compatible with almost any dietary restrictions, without sacrificing any nutritional value.

On top of this, they don’t use any artificial flavors, artificial colors, fillers ingredients, or excessive amounts of sweeteners like many other nutritional supplement companies rely on to make their products cheaper and more palatable.

Intelligent Formulations

Equally important to the ingredients that LyfeFuel strategically avoids is what they do put in their products. As mentioned, all of the ingredients are whole-food based, but don’t let this make you think they’re skimping out on potent nutrition!

In fact, LyfeFuel products have been designed specifically to have the best possible nutritional composition. They’re formulated to effectively curb hunger and give your body the nourishment it needs without overdoing it on simple carbs and empty calories.

They also contain an amazing array of functional foods and superfood ingredients with additional benefits. Whether you’re looking to support athletic performance, beat afternoon brain fog, lose weight, or simply keep up your energy for day-to-day activities, LyfeFuel has impressive options to get you closer to your goals.

Testing and Ingredient Transparency

One aspect of LyfeFuel that will come as a huge sigh of relief is how stringent they are with the transparency of their ingredients and practices. Every ingredient goes through microbial, heavy metal, and contamination testing before being used in a product. The final product then once again goes through rigorous testing at an independent 3rd party facility to ensure quality, purity, and potency every single time.

LyfeFuel Products Review

The bottom line is that LyfeFuel offers top-tier quality products that can make a significant difference in your day-to-day life quality.

All of their products clearly have an enormous amount of care put into their design and production, and they offer a range of complimentary products that can support nearly any health goal.

The price point is on-par to slightly higher than many of their direct competitors, but the high value is well worth it if you’re concerned with ingredient quality and nutrient density.

Below, we’ll examine the products individually to determine which ones might be best suited for your personal needs.

LyfeFuel Daily Essentials Shake Review

Lyfefuel dubs their essentials shake as an “all-in-one superfuel”, and upon further investigation, it definitely lives up to the hype.

This product draws from modern nutrition science and ancient plant wisdom to deliver a balanced plant-based meal that can be prepared in just 60 seconds! It can be consumed for breakfast, as an in-between meals snack, or as a low-calorie meal replacement.

The most impressive feature of this product is just how much beneficial dense nutrition they managed to squeeze in without compromising on flavor.

Just one serving contains 10 different supergreens, 18 grams of plant protein, prebiotic fiber, digestive enzymes, ample antioxidants, probiotics, and 27 vitamins and minerals all for 110 calories and fewer than 3 grams of natural sugars.

It comes in two flavors: vanilla chai and chocolate, both of which can be prepared in countless ways. The most basic method of preparation is simply to mix one scoop of the essential shake powder with 8-12 ounces of cold liquid of choice.

The reviews for this product are glowing with an impressive 4.46 based on just shy of 400 reviews! Most state that the flavor is delicious all on its own, but others mention an improvement when mixed with milk or almond milk instead.

Other options include adding a scoop to bulk up the nutrition of and add flavor to your smoothies, chia pudding, baked goods or oatmeal.  

The essential shake is Lyfefuel’s most reviewed product, and it’s absolutely worth the investment if you have a need for on-the-go wholesome nutrition.

LyfeFuel Performance Shake Review

The next impressive product available from LyfeFuel is their performance shake. They make a note to call it a “performance shake” rather than a protein shake since this formulation offers much more than simple protein.

In fact, Lyfefuel’s performance shake has 3x the amount of nutrients over comparable protein-only shakes. It contains 25 grams of plant protein per serving, along with a balance of micronutrients and plant substances proven to aid in muscle recovery and athletic performance.

These nutrients include polyphenols from several fruits and vegetables, branched chain amino acids with high leucine content for muscle synthesis, digestive enzymes for optimal absorption, electrolytes, vitamins a, c, and d3 and several superfoods known to balance hormones and support cellular regeneration.

The formula includes maca root, chlorella, acai berry, acerola, astragalus, goji berries and much more.

The comprehensive level of attention that went into the performance shake’s ingredients pays off in the customer’s rave LyfeFuel reviews.

This product clearly works effectively and avoids the chalky texture many other protein powders have. It comes in vanilla chai or chocolate flavors just like the essentials shake, and it likewise can be mixed with a liquid or choice or added to other kitchen creations.

LyfeFuel Essentials Bar Review

No serious health product company would skip out on creating a protein bar. The market for snack bars is huge since gym goers and average folk alike all benefit from having a portable, zero-prep and delicious snack to get them through the day.

LyfeFuel’s essential bar is a perfect option for a totally guilt-free and nutritious bar with plenty of added benefits.

The bar comes in two flavors: maca chocolate or lemon ginger with both clocking up approximately 210 calories. Those calories manage to pack in 21 essential nutrients, 11 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber, healthy fats, and several beneficial superfoods!

The ingredient list boasts MCT coconut oil, maca root, broccoli, spinach, kale, cranberry, chlorella, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom, maitake mushroom and more! All of which are totally undetectable behind the rich chocolatey or bright lemon-y flavor.

You’d be hard pressed to find a bar with a more impressive ingredient list or a better nutritional profile.

LyfeFuel Wellness Boosts Review

On top of all the nutrient-rich food products LyfeFuel makes, they’ve branched out into supportive supplements as well.

These supplements follow all the same rigorous standards of the food products. They’re made from real organic ingredients and free of artificial additives. There are four options available: Clarity, Calm, Vitality and Balance.

The wellness boosts are adaptogenic blends that are each formulated to support innate production and balance of neurotransmitters needed to manage stress, reduce fatigue, and enhance mental clarity.

The Clarity blend supports dopamine production, the Calm blend supports endorphins, the Vitality blend helps boost oxytocin, and the Balance blend is formulated to upregulate GABA.

They do all this with a science-backed combination of herbs and minerals. They can be taken individually for targeted support, or in combination for the full spectrum of benefits.

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the wellness boosts is how well they compliment LyfeFuel’s food products. If modern health science has taught us anything in recent years, it’s clear that the health of the body, brain, and nervous system are all intricately connected.

These wellness boosts allow you to take an extra step to support your health holistically to optimize how you feel, look, and show up everyday.

The Final Takeaway

Overall, the products at Lyfefuel are some of the safest, cleanest, and more effective on the market.

Their commitment to excellence shines through everything they do, and your health will be better off for giving them a try.

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