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Onnit Total Human Review: Total Wash or Total Genius?

Onnit Total Human

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About Onnit Total Human

If you don’t have all the materials to produce a product, you can have all the tools ready in the shop, but that does not result in the finished product.

And if you’re reading this, you’re likely all about optimizing your health in some form—and Aubrey Marcus is right alongside you.

Founder of Onnit, podcaster of “The Aubrey Marcus Show”, filmmaker, entrepreneur, and creator of Fit for Service, Aubrey takes soul journey healing seriously.

Through plant-based modalities, self-education, and sharing his knowledge with his fellow humanity, Aubrey not only walks his talk, but funnels his knowledge into the form of supplemental daily support.

Many multivitamins offer you the nutrients, and that’s great, but what if your nervous system, liver, adrenal glands are taxed and cannot integrate those vitamins and minerals in the first place?

Well, you excrete it. Yes, your money literally goes in the toilet. Yikes.

But hold on before you lose faith all together in a daily supplement because there is a team who has elevated the multivitamin game.

And when we say “elevated” we meant legitimate, evidence-based, scientifically supported knowledge all being funneled into a single product. Hello, Onnit Total Human.

Aubrey’s mission, born out of a desire to optimize his health, longevity, and stamina, states: “to empower as many individuals as possible with a holistic philosophy regarding physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. We believe that if people have access to the best tools and knowledge, they will be able to achieve their fullest human potential, leading to a global movement for the good of all.”

Bold, yet realistic, with a flare to make a rippling effect of promoting holistic health for all—we dig it. (2)

Overview of Onnit Total Human 

Onnit provides an incredible selection of supplements; ranging from brain health, to performance, immunity, and daily multivitamin support.

Yet, midway through Aubrey’s conception of Onnit, he realized that many of his clients were reaching out to ask which of the multitude of supplements they should try next without breaking the bank.

Aubrey’s heartfelt solution was to create Onnit Total Human—a conglomerate of a large majority of the Onnit collection, into easy-to-grab supplemental packs.

But how? Onnit Total Human is broken down into Day and Night Support—thoughtfully-grafted division of supplements that are meant to rev your energy in the morning, and gently downregulate your nervous system at night.

In other words, Onnit Total Human honors our normal physiological and circadian patterns to keep you at a maximum and minimum at the appropriate times throughout your busy day.

Onnit Total Human Review: Morning, Night…And Everything In Between

Onnit prides itself in vegan, gluten-free, paleo, dairy-free supplements for all of humanity to enjoy without concern.

It’s one thing for a company to endorse “clinically-proven” without any accountability, but Onnit believes in conducting clinical studies to ensure that a notable, scientific, double-blind study tests if their products have significant, physiologic benefit. (3)

A large force behind the efficacy of Onnit products is not only the purely sourced ingredients, but in Onnit Total Human, Aubrey and his team focus on using your body’s circadian rhythm and corresponding cortisol levels that flow at varying levels throughout the day, to give you the optimum nutrients and adaptogens at just the appropriate time.

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t take a preworkout powder after the workout, right? So, why would you take a nootropic (a molecular family intended to increase blood flow to the brain to maximize neurotransmitter communication) at night when your mind needs to wind down? (4)  You get it, same concept.

Onnit team took their 20+ supplemental variations and split them into a morning and night packet—helping you to optimize that specific time of day.  Let’s dive into both, go over the benefits, and determine if Onnit Total Human gives you the optimized, nutrient-boost that you are truly seeking.

Total Human (Day Support) Review

Ever feel frustrated that you “do everything right” but nothing seems to be working? No, we’re not talking about a mediocre relationship. We’re talking about that morning fatigue. You eat right, exercise, perhaps integrated a meditative practice to reduce that sticky stress, your sleep hygiene is supreme and yet, you still awaken each morning groggy and dragging. But why?

Researchers hypothesize that there is a phenomenon called “sleep inertia” where you may feel the ongoing grogginess for up to 15 minutes to even an hour or more upon awakening. (6) Believed to be a protective mechanism for your body to ensure adequate hours are reached, it is also postulated this may be due to one very important factor: reduced brain blood flow. (6)  Incredible!

When cerebral (brain) blood flow is less, our neurotransmitters are not receiving the optimum nutrients to do their job of communicating to different parts of our brain. Makes sense! (6,7)

Onne Total Human – Day (Right) & Night (Left) Individual Packs
Credit: Onnit.com

So how do we help support these normal processes upon wakening? Well, it’s almost as if Onnit read our minds (pun, intended). Check these high-quality components of Total Human – Day Support that addresses just that:

Onnit Alpha Brain Review:

Onnit Alpha Brain – Memory & Focus is a proprietary nootropic blend whose sole purpose is to increase blood vessel flow in the brain; increasing overall support to your neurons to aid in maximum, yet safe, neuronal transmission.

This blend contains l-theanine, the amino acid precursor to serotonin, one of the “happy” chemicals of the brain. It also contains l-tyrosine, the precursor to neurotransmitter called “catecholamines” that are essential stress-response molecules and contribute to processes such as increased blood flow and heart rate. (5,33)  

When cortisol levels are most elevated, with brain blood flow lower, Onnit clearly has found Nature’s remedy for both.

But that’s not all. Onnit also added ancient herbalism with centuries-long evidence of beneficial use. Although many in this proprietary blend, notable mentions are oat straw extract known to reduce overall anxiety and increase analytical reasoning. (9,10)

Bacopa Extract (Bacopa monnieri) (100 mg), has been suggested to also increase that brain blood flow as well as potentially reducing the harmful protein build up during long-term use known to cause dementia. We love it—Onnit Alpha Brain is the perfect harmony of jumpstarting your most immediate mornings as well as those sunrises you’ll experience in your wiser years. (8.9.10)

Onnit Alpha Brain
Credit: Onnit.com

Shroom Tech Sport Review:

Oh, the power of ‘shrooms. Cordyceps, ashwagandha, green tea extract, rhodiola, and vitamin B12 are packed in the Shroom Tech SPORT. A powerhouse within the Chinese traditional medicine realm, Cordyceps, has been known to increase the cellular energy currency every living cell uses, a molecule called ATP (ATP = adenosine tri-phospate).

Besides an increase in energy for the entire body, and a myriad of anti-viral, anti-tumor effects, along with providing essential amino acids and vitamin B1-3, many studies have suggested that cordyceps has been known to lower blood pressure. When our blood pressure lowers, a signal is sent to our brain to enlarge our blood vessels to ensure proper oxygenation of that brilliant noggin. (11)

Remember how Onnit Alpha Brain had the same blood vessel-dilating effects from its nootropics? Onnit values synergy like no other when it comes to their supplements! (11)  With the added benefit of vitamin B12 to maintain healthy cellular production, rhodiola to enhance mental acuity and thought processing, while green tea extract promotes a natural, gentle form (merely 0.4-10%) of caffeine properties. (12,13)

Shroom Tech SPORT
Credit: Onnit.com

Stron Bone:

Marketed to help build bone and maintain the structure of bone already present, Onnit Stron Bone contains potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin K2, copper, and manganese. You may ask, “Um, where is the calcium in this supplement?” Contrary to mainstream understanding, most adults already get enough calcium in their diet. Excess calcium intake runs the risk of calcium deposits in the vessels of our heart whereas vitamin K2, lowers calcium-associated heart risks. Check it out:

Vitamin K2:

Already low in our western diet with the increase in processed foods, vitamin K2 plays an essential role in integration of calcium into our bone structure. In fact, without out, our bones would never be able to repair or build! (14)  Recall how we talked about the importance of having the correct materials to work with before building? Without vitamin K2, bone health—regardless of calcium levels (which many US adults meet above and beyond each day), would be dismal. (14)  If you’re a vegan, with an increased propensity to calcium deficiency, not to worry! Onnit Key Mineral offers 500mg of calcium (approximately 38% of your daily value) which is included in both day and night packs.

Potassium Citrate:

Studies have shown that potassium decreases the rate of bone reabsorption—especially in woman within the menopausal phase of life. Think of bone growth as a ying and yang process. Bone can be reabsorbed (broken-down) or built up—both necessary during growth and repair. Potassium citrate keeps cellular processes in check to avoid over-reabsorption. (15)


Currently, the science community believes copper to have an influence on the precursor stem cells to bone (called, osteophytes), suggesting a vital role in proper bone cell growth. (16)


Aids in bone and cartilage integrity for maximum tensile strength of bones and tendons. A study by Rondaelli et al found a notable increase in bone health when participants took an average of 2.5-5mg per day. (17)

Total Human B Complex:

One pill, yet containing vitamins B 1,2, 6, 9, and 12, Total Human B Complex is packed with vitamins that not only improve your energy levels (thiamine, folate, and cobalamin), but with a unique lipid-soluble technology of vitamin B1, the bioavailability of Onnits’ B vitamin line is 3.5 times higher than leading brand B vitamin supplements. (18)  

Total Human B Complex
Credit: Onnit.com

Total Human (Night Support) Review

Properly winding down after a day of stressful obligation and unexpected turns can be difficult. We often have been conditioned to take our supplements first thing in the morning with a meal. But have you ever considered that your body needs proper nutrients at night while it’s rebuilding? After all, that is the whole point of sleep: rebuild, rejuvenate, and reset. Onnit Total Human – Night Support is intended just for those needs—a perfect union of rebuilding in harmony with our nighttime circadian rhythm.

New Mood Review:

Onnit New Mood contains all the calming elements that Mother Nature has gifted us. With essential vitamin D3 to maintain energy levels (goodbye, Seasonal Affective Disorder, in those long winters!), to magnesium known to having innate calming properties, Onnit New Mood doesn’t just stop there. Onnit has crafted a proprietary Onnit Tranquility Blend to set your nervous system into a state of blissful ease. Let’s take a peek:

Valerian Root Extract:

Valeriana officinalis, has been used for centuries to abate insomnia, to promote a gentle relaxation state, with studies suggesting nearly a 50% reduction in time in takes to fall asleep compared to a control group of non-Valerian goers. Slumberous root, indeed! (19)

Chamomile Flower Extract:

Although the evidence out there is polarized as to how effective chamomile truly is, chamomile’s molecular components are known to act on the similar GABA receptors (receptors that down-regulate our nervous system), possibly suggesting a truly calming, beneficial addition to your calming routine. (20)

Lemon Balm Extract:

Melissa officinalis, is a scented herb known to have anti-anxiety, calming properties that acts on our central nervous system resulting in a calming, mildly sedative-like effect (but not to worry, you can still operate that heavy machinery). (21)

Jujube Extract:

Although the mechanism of action is unclear, jujube, a coveted Chinese herbal gem, has believed to improve quality of sleep and act as an anxiolytic. Although there is no firm evidence, like you trusted your grandmother’s special soup she made to heal you of your cold, you just trust centuries-worth of herbalist knowledge. (22)

Onnit New Mood
Credit: Onnit.com

VIRUTech Review:

Onnit VIRUTech is compared to Shroom Tech Immune with one key element difference: zinc and quercetin in the VIRUTech blend. These powerhouse molecules are essential in preparing (ahead of time!) to boost your immunity if you begin to feel sick or anticipate being in an environment riddled with sickness (say “hello” to your children’s preschool or sweaty, mid-winter gym equipment you share with a random dude between reps).

Vitamin C/Zinc:

This power duo is essential for activation of specific immune cells known to promote uptake of viral and bacteria pathogens in our immune system. In fact, vitamin C deficiency is the fourth-highest vitamin deficiency amongst the US population. (23)


Like zinc in the fact of involvement of numerous chemical reactions throughout the body, notably within the immune system, selenium is essential for fighting infections while providing the added benefit of free radical removal—keeping your cells healthy and safe. (24)

Onnit Vitality Blend:

Containing l-lysine, quercetin, and alpha-lipoic acid. L-lysine an essential amino acid for a number of enzymes involved in our immune system, and alpha-lipoic acid, an essential component of our cell wall membrane, work synergistically to maintain the overall integrity of our immune system’s most fundamental parts. Quercetin is a flavonoid that has antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory properties, and aids in the overall integrity of our mitochondria—incredible potential! (25)

Key Minerals:

Remember how we highlight Onnit’s vision to support our organ systems in conjunction with supplemental support? Well, Onnit Key Minerals provides us with the materials to ensure proper neuronal function via calcium supplementation, hormonal regulation, as well as molybdenum, a cofactor for enzymes that plays a role in detoxification to ensure that products like Onnit Alpha Brain, Onnit Shroom Tech can have maximum efficacy when processed in our liver. A complete harmony between organ wellness and providing essential minerals that our body cannot produce on our own. (26)

Both Packs

Within both packs, Onnit include a trifecta of three of their products that promote a holistic wellness throughout the day—hitting some of the heavier systems that take a beating on the daily: immunity, essential fatty acids for vital brain health (goodbye, mental fatigue), and heart health.

Onnit Total Human
Credit: Onnit.com 

Shroom Tech Immune Review:

Onnit’s Shroom Tech Immune contains two proprietary blends—Onnit Myco-Immune Blend and Onnit Nutri-Immune Blend. With a main focus on stimulating our immune system, maintain gut health (yes, gut health directly affects not only our mood but our immune system), and support our immune cell wellness through the holistic action of Chaga mushroom through its rich polysaccharide content. With turmeric, ginger, and oregano, all boosters of the immune cell activation, you can feel confident your immune system is receiving the prophylactic care it deserves. (27)

Krill Oil Review:

You likely know the benefits of krill oil for your cardiovascular health, but did you know that krill oil (containing essential omega-3 fatty acids) has been shown in numerous studies to reduce depressive symptoms with consistent use? Krill oil, after conversion by the liver, contains EPA (omega-3 eicosapentaenoic) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), key components that 20% of our brain is composed of! It’s no wonder this is regarded as true brain “fuel.” (28, 29)

Onnit Krill Oil
Credit: Onnit.com

Spirulina & Chlorella Review:

This green gold has hit the mainstream with a furry. Spirulina, simply put, is the future of wellness. Containing more bioavailable amino acids than normal proteins from animal sources, with added phytogens that boost our immune system and maintain energy levels throughout the day, Onnit Spirulina + Chlorella contains over 1000mg of each! Check out Onnit’s Academy article for more on this food source you have been missing out. (30)

Onnit Total Human Reviews – Customer Testimonies

From the average Joe weekend warrior to the maxed-out CEO, mother of four kids, or college Division I athlete, Onnit Total Human seems to elevate everyone.

With over 1500+ Onnit Total Human reviews coming in an average 4.6/5 stars, let’s take a look at the most recent Total Human reviews — focusing on a couple 5-star ratings, 4-stars, and examine the 1-2 stars.

Jess B, a military wife and mother of 3 kids, sought out a powerful, effective multivitamin and decided to try Onnit Total Human.

She writes in her Onnit Total Human review:

“As a military spouse with three active kids and a seasonal side hustle I stay quite busy. TH has me feeling sharper than ever and more equipped to manage the inevitable stressors life throws without all the previously experienced burnout. I have more sustained energy than I’ve had in a long time.”

We love to see a mom’s hectic life and persistent stressors become as manageable as possible—a happy momma means a peaceful home, children living in a joyful environment. We’re all interconnected and when one benefits, there’s a ripple effect—that was Aubrey’s mission, after all.

Another customer writes about his gratitude for finally giving in and giving Onnit Total Human a chance.

Look at what his small investment in his health paid off for him:

“A mate has been talking about this for ages, it’s super expensive so I held off. I then bought a month and it’s an excellent product, I feel great all day & night. I’ve just bought another 3mths.”

For our favorite reviews talk about healing from his insomnia through the help of Onnit Total Human!

“I have not slept well for years. I started taking the total human day and night vitamins. For the first time in years have been able to get an entire night’s rest. Also, my stress level has been way down. I have to say that I am a lot calmer during the day. Great vitamins!!!!”

For most of the 4-star Onnit Total Human reviews, some souls find taking multiple pills per day are a challenge, but the benefits outweigh the “chore”:

“I had heard about the Onnit products before, but decided to give this a try, largely for the Alpha Brain and New Mood in the packs (price wise, this is cheaper). I’m recently coming off some meds and my focus at work hasn’t been great, and my sleep at night has been worse. The 14 days I was on this was a HUGE change to both, including just an overall feeling of a “better self.” I subscribed to the monthly plan, looking forward to my first box. BIG NOTE: taking all 8 pills twice a day is a chore though!!!”

For the 1–2-star Onnit Total Human reviews (composing only 3% of all Onnit Total Human reviews) some customers noticed no notable difference.

It’s always worth noting that our physiologies are all different. What works for the majority may not be at effective enough doses for others—it’s part of what makes optimizing our wellness so unique.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Can I Get Onnit?

Onnit can be found on their slick, easy-to-navigate site as well as major wholesalers including Amazon, Walmart, and your local Vitamin Shoppe. Of course, we always encourage you to buy directly from the Onnit site—supporting the team who has invested in the creation and cultivation of Onnit and their growing holistic health community.  

Subscriptions & Promotions

Let’s talk savings. If you’re a health guru like me, you budget for your supplements and wellness care monthly—it’s almost a religion. Thankfully, if you love Onnit Total Human like we think you might, Onnit offers a subscription plan for you at 30, 60, 90-day supplies—saving 15% off the normal one-time purchase price.

Onnit Total Human was created to offer an affordable alternative to having a variety of Onnit products into a single compiled packet for day and night. Compared to individual supplement pricing to that of Total Human, you can save up to 40% total. Check it out:

Onnit Total Human – Total Savings
Credit: Onnit.com

The Total—Human—Takeaway   

We’re not here to push a magic pill, there is no such thing. We are here to highlight a multivitamin that takes holistic wellness to an entirely new realm. We are human and we all have areas of our health that need extra love. 

Yet, we often do not have the mental capacity or added time to discover our exact nutrient and mineral deficiencies. Onnit Total Human supports our baseline minerals for organ and nervous system support.

With the added benefits of nootropics, adaptogens, and a plethora of antioxidants to maintain cellular health and immune fortitude. We’re healing our systems and giving them the necessary supplies to support your health for the long run.

What better way to achieve this than two packs per day, addressing your morning energy levels that you can slip into your purse, a gym bag, or store in the center console of your car as a reminder to take on your commute or when dropping the kids off at school.

Stick your night packs near your bathroom sink, aiding as a reminder to supply your nighttime routine with a calming wind-down.

We’re on the go, we’re striving for greatness (or at the very least, we’re trying some days!) and the last element we need to worry about is how to optimize out health from the inside out—or worry that the vitamins we take in are merely being excreted without any benefit.

Sustained energy, a supported immune system, and mental clarity is wellness at it’s finest. We feel you’ll feel totally complete with Onnit Total Human.

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Article Sources


Grace Morse

Grace Morse is a passionate advocate of holistic healing. Over the past two decades, in conjunction with her graduate-level medical knowledge, Grace has gathered ample knowledge of integrating omegas to promote neuroplasticity, healing depression via amino acids, replacing melatonin and sleep pills with L-theanine and bringing her gut health back to homeostasis by avoiding high-inflammatory foods. Grace practices hot yoga, meditation, and outdoor activities like paddle boarding. Inspired by Ayurveda, she seeks to deepen her understanding of holistic practices and encourages others to embrace mind-body wellness for overall well-being.
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