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Cometeer Coffee Review: Become Your Very Own At Home Barista

Cometeer Coffee

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About  Cometeer Coffee

Most people cannot get their coffee fix fast enough. Can you?

From the moment your eyes open to the sun rays peeking through the blinds (or maybe it’s predawn – in which case you really need to stay tuned), caffeine knocks at the door to your mind.

K-cups make brewing coffee fast and easy, but the fresh taste is sometimes sacrificed. Cometeer Coffee, while shaped like a K-cup and applied like a K-cup, sacrifices nothing.

In fact, maybe Cometeer Coffee isn’t the right fit for you. After all, it will make the coffee at your usual coffee shop haunts taste bland and bitter. Be warned! There’s no turning back.

Overview of Cometeer Coffee

If you are familiar with K-cups and own the related machine, you can probably skip this section. However, you might be reading this and thinking “I don’t have a Keurig or a similar machine. Do I need one?” No, you don’t!

To use Cometeer Coffee capsules all you need is a coffee mug and boiling water. You empty the capsule into a mug and pour 6-8 ounces of water over it. The boiling water then melts the coffee puck. Give it a stir and – Voila! – You have yourself a cup of joe!

Well, assuming you like your coffee black. If not, simply add your preferred milk, sugar, or creamer and now you have a cup of joe!

The process of making your perfect cup of joe does vary depending on whether you want hot coffee, iced coffee, a latte, or even an espresso martini, but each process is no more than a couple steps.

You can find these steps detailed on Cometeer’s website here.

Personally, I’m going to try out the Affogato. You can’t go wrong with coffee and ice cream!

All right! Keurig owners, come on back! Another tidbit you need to know when considering switching to Cometeer Coffee is that it is shipped over dry ice.

This is because Comeeter Coffee capsules need to be stored in the freezer to preserve their freshness. Personally, I adore this detail.

Many of us treat coffee like it’s not the seed of a fruit. This is why much of the coffee supply in the United States and elsewhere contains a good bit of mold. If you’re drinking your morning cup of coffee as you read this, I’m terribly sorry, but you needed to know.

I don’t know who’s working overtime to keep this disgusting fact a secret, but they have succeeded for far too long. So, think of your groceries. Your raspberries and strawberries go bad after about a week, and you wouldn’t eat those after they’ve rotted and grown mold. Apply the same rules to your coffee!

Lastly, Cometeer’s Coffee is a subscription brand, meaning you don’t have to go track it down every time you run out.

Simply visit the site and take the quiz to get started.

The quiz will help Cometeer find the right box for you. Then, you can decide whether you want your box shipped every week, two weeks, or four weeks.

The first question it asks you is whether or not you like your coffee bold and black, all kinds of ways, with cream and sugar, decaf, or single-origin black with floral and fruity notes. They really thought of everything!

Can’t decide which to choose? Try out “all kinds of ways” at least for the first box. This way, you can try a little bit of everything and narrow down your box wants for your second order!

Who Can Benefit from Cometeer’s Coffee?

Have you ever fought with your partner over whose turn it is to get up and brew the coffee?

Some of you who wake up grouchy almost ended the relationship over this.

Maybe your mornings are crowded with a list of things to do before heading off to work and you don’t have time to go through the motions of making a pot of coffee.

Or, maybe you live alone or are the only coffee drinker in the house. Making an entire pot would mean wasting over half of it. Maybe you’re sick of all the plastic waste associated with using some coffee brands.

All of the above would benefit from choosing Cometeer’s Coffee.

Cometeer’s Coffee is fast and single use. The capsules are made from aluminum, making them recyclable. Most, if not all, of the coffee companies associated with Cometeer’s value sustainability as well.

Even the capsules are made to empty out the product completely, meaning no waste. Moreover, I promised that Cometeer’s Coffee came with a better, fresher taste.

If you have a mature palette and the stale taste associated with even the leading coffee brands has begun to bother you, take a look at Cometeer’s sophisticated list of associated roasters.

Who Are Cometeer’s Roasters?

The coffee connoisseurs on here will already recognize some of these brands. Each is detailed below:

Counter Culture – located in Durham, North Carolina and known for its sustainability

Bird Rock Coffee – located in San Diego, California and known for its high standards

George Howell – located in Acton, Massachusetts and known for seeking out single farm-sourced coffees (this is important because small businesses have the best quality and care most about their customers)

Equator – located in San Francisco, California and known for focusing on transparency and responsibility

Birch – located in New York, New York and known for creating meaningful experiences over a cup of coffee

Joe Coffee – also located in New York, New York and known for its warm hospitality

Red Bay – located in Oakland, California and known for ridding itself of the structural barriers commonly found in the coffee industry

Go Get Em Tiger – also known as GGET and located in Los Angeles, California

Klatch – located in Rancho Cucamonga, California and known for its award-winning beans

Onyx – located in Rogers, Arizona and known for its transparency and no-settling attitude

Square Mile – this one takes us out of the States to London in the UK and is known for its exceptional quality.

Black & White – located in Wake Forest, North Carolina and known for its sweet and balanced taste

If you found that one or more of these companies reside near you, feel free to check them out! Many of them serve their coffee at cute, picturesque shops perfect for a coffee date!

Cometeer Coffee Pros & Cons


  • Better taste
  • Associated with a plethora of high class roasters
  • Recyclable
  • Kept frozen so as to eliminate mold and preserve freshness
  • Easy and quick to use (this applies not just to the coffee capsules but to the website and ordering process as well)
  • Details short processes to making complicated coffee orders at home (you’ll really feel like a professional barista!)


  • This brand deals solely with coffee and does not offer other options. If you are strictly a tea drinker, this may not be the brand for you.

Cometeer Coffee Reviews — What Do Other Customers Think?

Google gave Cometeer Coffee 3.9 stars which led me to investigate. The only low reviews I could find mentioned the inability to buy the coffee boxes one time.

Keep in mind, the subscription can be canceled at any time! This includes after the first purchase.

Cometeer Coffee likely set up the subscription because coffee is a morning ritual. It’s easier to have boxes sent right to you before you run out. Most of us can’t fathom a day that doesn’t start with coffee, so running out constitutes a downright nightmare!

Cometeer Coffee merely has our best interests at heart.

However, if you order a box and find that Cometeer’s Coffee is not for you, then you can also check out their refund policy stated plainly on their website to see if you qualify.

ThingTesting, on the other hand, gave Cometeer Coffee 4.5 stars!

If you take a look at the star ratings on Cometeer’s website itself, you’ll find that Cometeer Coffee has almost 5 stars!

Lots of satisfied customers have left sweet notes complimenting the coffee on being “the best at home coffee ever” and having “a rich and flavorful taste”!

So, it’s safe to say that Cometeer’s Coffee lives up to the excellent taste that it promises.

Where Can I Purchase Cometeer’s Coffee?

You can purchase Cometeer’s Coffee boxes on their website https://cometeer.com/quiz or scroll down to the bottom of their site and click store locator to find a store near you!

Have a friend or family member who is obsessed with coffee? You can purchase a gift order and receive $30 off your Christmas or Hanukkah gift to them thanks to the holidays! Don’t forget to order a little something for yourself too!

How Much Does Cometeer’s Coffee Cost?

The regular boxes cost $64 for 32 capsules bringing your purchase to just $2.00 a cup! That’s less than half your Starbucks order and with better quality!

With that said, go ahead and give Cometeer’s Coffee a taste. Between the clean taste (thanks to the clean ingredients) and the price, you won’t be disappointed!

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Kara Bryson

Kara Bryson is a freelance writer and product tester for the Holistic Wellness Magazine. Kara graduated from Liberty University in 2019 with a degree in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and currently spends her days living out both of her passions: online teaching and, of course, writing. Wellness is another of her passions, as researching and finding great products has been key to her own healing journey. On most days, you’ll find her at the beach, soaking up the sunshine or in the kitchen, using more than one wellness tool to make a to-die-for meal!
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