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G-Plans Review: A Sensible Plan For Improving One’s Lifestyle


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Overview of G-Plans

“Oh no,” I think. “Not another weight loss program.” But, wait a minute. As I read the program details on G-plans’ website, I notice that the words ‘weight loss’ aren’t mentioned in the description at all! That’s certainly refreshing. While one may lose weight on G-plans, the main goal in mind here is health.

Ask yourself, “What do I want for my health?” and suddenly it becomes G-plans’ responsibility to turn your answer into reality! Put simply, G-plans is a program designed to create a plan for your personal health journey.

If you’re like me, then you’ve probably created plan after plan on your own before, only to have them all fall flat. Oftentimes, I’ll be confronted with the fact that the plan I thought was so good is in fact lacking in nutrition or harming my level of energy. If only I’d known earlier that G-plans could have been doing all the planning for me!

After all, it uses a plethora of trustworthy medical studies and proven health tips to shape each plan, so you will not have to rely on your knowledge alone or the knowledge of all the “health nuts” spewing questionable tips on social media. G-plans will also provide you with all the resources you will need to kickstart your plan.

It plans your meals for you and provides you with a food diary to keep your journey organized. The medical studies in particular piqued my interest which raises the question: What sets the information G-plans provides apart from all the other information flying around the internet? Well, the answer to that lies in the source of the information itself: Dr. Philip Goglia.

About Dr. Philip Goglia

Dr. Philip Goglia is a world-renowned nutritionist. You may have heard him being called the “nutritionist to the stars”. The results his clients see are exactly what make him popular amongst so many celebrities, and his results stem from his belief that, “One-size-fits-all diets are doomed to fail.” If every person is different then each plan should be different too.

Having graduated from Duke University with a PhD in Nutritional Science, Goglia went on to help those in need of nutritional health advice for more than thirty years and counting! It is no surprise then that he is the Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer of G-Plans.

What Is The Science Behind G-Plans?

Dr. Philip Goglia is one of the few who you’ll find talking about metabolic type. Many programs out there bragging about weight loss and peak health are designed to make you depend on them. Once you stop eating their protein bar or purchasing their exercise regimen, you will find the weight piling back on.

On top of that, those types of programs only address excess weight and not other health issues such as a lack of energy or sleep. Goglia, on the other hand, did not design a program to trap you, but rather to one day make you independent in your health journey. He does this by teaching you about your specific metabolic type because every person is different.

Different metabolic types require different forms and amounts of exercise as well as different food intakes. Maybe you were always told that vegetables are the peak of health when in reality your metabolic type requires more healthy fats and protein.

No one tells you these things! That’s why Goglia made a 30 second quiz that you can take today for free so that you will know your exact metabolic type.

Who Can Benefit from G-Plans?

Who can’t benefit from G-plans? Health is something that I find myself constantly learning about and improving. And not just for myself! But for my family and friends too. Those of us with kids arguably could benefit even more from this program as we attempt to keep up with the level of energy our kids exhibit with ease.

Then, imagine passing on the good health habits G-plans teaches you to your kids! That way they may never struggle with the same health problems that this generation did.

G-plans can also help in the reversal of many diseases we inflict on ourselves when we don’t keep up with our health. Don’t just think high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and coronary heart disease. Eating well and exercising for your metabolic type can sharpen your mind (think Dementia or chronic brain fog) and better your sleep (think sleep apnea).

Lastly, G-plans is especially beneficial for those lacking recipe creativity. No more reverting back to old eating habits because the new ones just don’t satisfy your taste desires! G-plans offers creative recipes that you can customize based on your likes and dislikes.

G-Plans Pros & Cons


  • Backed by science
  • Personalized plans
  • Delicious, realistic recipes
  • Options for those following the vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, and paleo diets.
  • 15 % off discounts for those who subscribe (for G-plans supplements only)
  • Tells you your metabolic type for free


  • Getting used to tracking every meal and snack can take some getting used to. Remember, this is a commitment to your health. Good habits build over time, not right away.
  • Those with busy schedules may have a hard time finding time to write in a food journal and track every meal as well as prep suggested food. To bypass this problem, you may want to consider preparing food in bulk ahead of time and using the barcode scanner so that you can track your food simply by hovering your phone over each item.

What does each program include?

G-plans offers three plans: the Pro Plan, the Manage Plan, and the Maintenance Plan.

The Pro Plan gives you access to the G-plan app as well as a meal plan geared towards your metabolic type for $40 a month. The meal plan is overseen by the many nutritionists who make G-plans possible.

The Manage Plan is a step up from the Pro Plan in that you will receive one-on-one coaching from a nutritionist. This nutritionist’s job is to listen to your concerns and work with you to find out what suits you best! They are also there to keep you accountable which is incredibly important as accountability is proven to increase your results. The Manage Plan is also listed at $40 per month with an additional $10 per coaching session.

Lastly, the Maintenance Plan, also listed as $40 per month, is designed for those who believe they might be ready to become independent in their health journey. The Maintenance Plan lets you do this in baby steps. You will still receive support in the form of meal plans and access to the app, but all the learning has been done. This is your time to review all that you have been taught and solidify your healthy habits before going back to being on your own. It’s not as scary as it sounds because G-plans will have already given you the tools you need to keep those healthy habits.

Does G-plans offer products outside of its programs?

Yes! G-plans offers supplements to address specific health needs. For the most part, health concerns can be reversed by changing up the food you eat and getting enough exercise, but sometimes we need a little extra boost. For those of us on a time crunch, these supplements may be just the thing you need on days where you just can’t seem to meet your nutrition needs. The supplements are safe to take in the morning or at night and are non-habit forming. If you decide to purchase one or more, take a look at their 15 % discount! You will also receive free shipping.

Some of G-plans supplements include:

  • Clean Energy (providing you with that coffee energy surge without the mid-afternoon crash and the pesky jitters)
  • Natural Brain Boost (a supplement blend proven to enhance memory and sharpen focus)
  • Immune Boost + (a Vitamin C formula to protect you against all the sicknesses flying around especially during the holiday season)

All of the above mentioned supplements have 5 stars!

Where Can I Purchase G-Plans?

G-plans can be purchased on the G-plans website. As the quiz has to be taken first in order for your plan to be tailored perfectly to you, I would suggest starting there using this link.

I hope you find out something new about yourself! I know I was surprised by my results. They really threw a wrench in everything I thought I knew about my body, but hey! Maybe that’s a good thing, since no one’s on this page because they feel completely secure about their health.

So, get going! The sooner you start, the sooner you will achieve those goals. Don’t sacrifice any more precious time that could be spent playing catch with your son, tagging along to a girl’s night out, or if you’re really ambitious, backpacking across the United States! The energy you wished you had for the things you love to do is just one gift G-plans’ program can offer you. Get involved, learn from it, and take to heart what G-plans has to teach you so that you can unlock peak health for the rest of your life independently!

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