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EZPZ Happy Mat Review: For You and Your Child’s Happiness

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About EZPZ

I am ashamed to say that it took me a solid few minutes to figure out that EZPZ is pronounced “easy peasy”. So, for those of you who are like me, I just wanted to leave that there. EZPZ  is described as a “women-owned small business” and the woman behind the business is Lindsey Laurain.

Lindsey has three kids. Three BOYS. And boys are messy. Heck, kids are messy. So, Lindsey set out to create a plate that her sons couldn’t tip over or accidentally knock to the floor.

Overview of EZPZ Happy Mat

While EZPZ offers many products for kids of different ages, the most well-known of these is the Happy Mat.

In fact, Lindsey first presented this product to the world via the popular show Shark Tank. Shaped like a smiley face, the Happy Mat is essentially a plate separated into three sections for holding various foods.

So what makes it special? Three things.

One, the bottom of the mat suctions to surfaces to make it impossible for your child to pick up the mat and toss it. How many unscheduled food fights have you had as of late? There is never a good time for a mess. The suction feature pairs with the mat’s stable base to further prevent your child from tipping food over.

Secondly, the smiley-face design is proven to boost positivity. Many kids are not naturally adventurous. They are apprehensive of new foods and textures. In fact, many doctors recommend either setting out an array of foods so that your child feels as though he’s choosing what he wants to eat or getting creative with making meal time light and playful. The EZPZ Happy Mat has you covered on both of these recommendations as the design is both fun and conveniently separated into three sections.

Lastly, EZPZ uses only 100% toxin-free silicone. This is the feature that is the hardest to find in other children’s brands unfortunately, and yet, it is so important. Toxins are everywhere, but Lindsey took it into her own hands to make sure that that doesn’t extend to your child’s mealtimes.

Who Can Benefit From Using The EZPZ Happy Mat?

Messes are just one of those things that’s going to happen with kids, but EZPZ can help you minimize them around mealtimes. Therefore, EZPZ is for anyone with children as young as 3 months old and as old as toddlers (3-4 years).

One thing I adore about this company is its heart for going the extra mile. You see, Lindsey has her products tested by mothers and therapists to make sure kids of all abilities can use them. This not only ensures that the age ranges on her products are correct, but also makes her products inclusive to kids with disabilities. Also, parents worried about their carbon footprint can rest assured that their Happy Mat is eco-friendly.

Lastly, the EZPZ products are for kids that are in their sponge years. This means that kids retain a lot of information during these crucial years and it impacts them for the rest of their lives.

Creating positivity around food can lead your child to become an adult that has a healthy relationship with food. We tend to blame media and movie actresses for the eating disorders that plague our society, and they certainly aren’t blameless, but we can give our children a healthy foundation so that they don’t fall into that mindset.

Let them see that meals are fun and that food is fuel. It will make mealtimes stress free and help your family connect over mealtime. After all, as Reagan said, “All great change in America begins at the dinner table.”


  • Creates a positive meal space
  • Encourages kids to try new foods
  • Minimizes messes
  • Develops fine motor skills
  • Is toxin-free and eco-friendly
  • Is decently priced ($25.99 for the Happy Mat)
  • Lasts a long time
  • Is microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Has a rewards program that is perfect for returning customers
  • Has a detailed refund policy


  • EZPZ only ships to the United States currently. However, they do have partners and products available in many countries. You just have to find the partnering website for your country listed on the EZPZ website.

EZPZ Happy Mat Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

The EZPZ Happy Mat has close to a 5 star rating on its website. Their reviews are easily navigated using the nifty toolbar that allows you to search by star amount. There are also headings you can choose from so that you can sift through reviews based on what they are about.

With that said, customers love the Happy Mat! Some have used it through multiple stages of their child’s development. Others compliment the mat on staying in place no matter how aggressive their child is with it. “Keeps meals contained!” another writes. Clearly, the Happy Mat does what it promises.

Every company gets a one or two star review every once in a while. While EZPZ’s bad reviews are few and far between, it is still important to at least read a couple to get a good idea of the problems some customers are having. Some customers had an issue with the sizing.

EZPZ has a very detailed sizing chart so you can be aware of how much food the Happy Mat can hold. The top two compartments hold four ounces of food while the bottom compartment holds ten ounces. If you think this may affect you, you can always measure the amount your child eats ahead of time to see if this will fit your child’s needs.

Another review complained that they never received their mat. If this is a problem that you encounter, make sure to contact EZPZ through their website so that they resend if needed.

What Other Products Does EZPZ Offer?

EZPZ does not stop at the Happy Mat. Make sure to check out their bowls, cups, utensils, and even pre-feeding items! The pre-feeding items are brand new, so if you’re familiar with EZPZ but haven’t checked out their site in a while, make sure you don’t miss out on these!

The Oral Development Tools come in a set of three pieces and are for children three months and up. They are designed to help with oral development in a sensorimotor way. Also, make sure to pick up a tiny pop (popsicle molds for infants four months and up) when they’re back in stock!

EZPZ offers adorable gift bundles that can help you save (there’s nothing wrong with getting yourself a gift, am I right?) and gift cards that you can hand out to friends so that they can remember what it’s like to have a mostly mess-free kitchen as well.

Finally, EZPZ has a cleaning products category which I love because it helps you further remove toxins from you and your child’s environment.

Buying toxin-free dishware is a great start, but if you’re still cleaning that dishware with toxic tools then you’re not fully eliminating toxins. The non-porous silicone used in EZPZ’s cleaning products prevents the growth of bacteria and eliminates unwanted smells.

Their organic reusable paper towel is not only friendly to your child’s environment, but to the environment as a whole, and will consequently save you money on paper products!

You wouldn’t go to the store for milk and actually come home with only milk, right? Is that just me? Make sure to peruse the EZPZ website fully because you may find multiple products that will benefit your child’s mealtime.

Where Can I Purchase The EZPZ Happy Mat?

You can visit Amazon to purchase the EZPZ Happy Mat, or you can go directly to the EZPZ website using this link.

Remember that you can always bundle and save. And if you find yourself coming back to EZPZ time and time again, join their rewards program! Only then will you have access  to certain deals and discounts that can’t be found elsewhere.

The Final Takeaway

Lindsey Laurain is a mom first and foremost, and from looking at the business she founded, you can tell that being a mom is her passion. Every business will tell you that they want to make a difference, and it’s hard to tell if that’s true.

That’s not the case for EZPZ. If you don’t believe me, on the EZPZ website you will find a button that will take you directly to Lindsey’s blog.

This blog is full of feeding tips, recipes, and fun activities, and it is a FREE resource. Great mothers don’t gatekeep their knowledge after all. With that said, purchasing from EZPZ is not solely in hopes of benefitting your child’s mealtimes. Purchasing from EZPZ makes you a part of a community of mothers who understand the struggles that can come with mealtimes.

So often we try to problem solve on our own. In this world, there is such a stigma around not being able to meet every single one of your child’s needs in a heartbeat. We are all learning and gathering resources along the way and, thanks to Lindsey, we can use her platform to learn and gather resources together!

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