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Little Passports Review: A Youngster’s Guide to Exploring the World

Little Passports World Edition

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About Little Passports

Little Passports is an innovative, multi-sensory way of teaching children about subjects such as geography and culture without packing them up and taking them out of the living room!

In fact, the farthest you’ll have to venture for these engaging activity sets is your mailbox. I know… I know… it’s so far, but at least you can keep your slippers on if you so desire.

The fact that two mothers, Amy Norman, and Stella Ma, used their friendship and love for their kids to create a schedule-friendly way to inspire others to learn about the world is just fitting.

After all, mothers know more than anyone else about how tight a daily schedule can become.

Imagine packing your suitcase and the suitcases of each of your kids every time you wanted to fly them to a new country and have them experience a new culture!

I’m sure many of us would love to be hopping countries every few days, but let’s face it, Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner doesn’t actually exist and who has that kind of money lying around anyway?

Traveling is expensive. So, instead of going to each country, Norman and Ma are bringing the countries to you. As for those of us who are homebodies, well, I’m already speaking your language.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Norman and Ma will take your child places that he or she would not actually be able to visit in real life.

For example, their Early Explorers box covers dinosaurs and the deepest parts of the ocean floor!

Who Can Benefit from Little Passports?

Little Passports offers activities for children as young as three years old and as old as twelve. Some customers mentioned children as old as thirteen enjoying the activities and experiments.

Parents who want a break from constantly having to find and create activities to entertain their insatiably curious kids will love these easy-to-use, captivating kits.

I mean, parents, you can admit if you’re tired of playing tag or Candyland for the millionth time. This is a safe space after all.

Not only will Little Passports keep your child entertained, but Norman and Ma went beyond entertainment by making Little Passports educational. Kids learn best when they’re having fun anyway!

And, as mentioned before, these kits are multi-sensory meaning they engage kids audibly, visually, and kinesthetically. Therefore, they are suitable for all learning types.

Multi-sensory activities are also commonly used to keep a hyperactive mind focused on the subject at hand, making Little Passports ADHD and ADD-friendly.

Tech-Based Little Passports Boosts Education

As an added bonus, Little Passports utilizes eBooks and online games that complement the lesson for that month. We have all seen the rise in the use of technology over the past two decades.

Whether your child is in school or about to start school, they can always use more opportunities to expand their computer skills.

If your child is not used to using the computer, Little Passports may be a great way for them to start as it is known for being easily navigated and well-organized.

Lastly, while Little Passports is mainly focused on helping children from the United States understand the world outside of the United States, Norman, and Ma did not forget about the kids who have migrated to the United States from other countries.

The USA edition provides kids ages 7-12 who want to learn more about each individual state with map activities, interactive games, and adventurous stories covering Florida to Alaska! This kit allows them to feel as though they are actually visiting all fifty states!

While this is a great way for kids who have recently moved to the States to get to know their new surroundings, it also offers an educational benefit for those native to the United States as well.

After all, how many kids under ten do you know that have visited all fifty states? Parents, have you ever done that? If you have, that’s highly impressive.

Little Passports Subscription Boxes Review

Little Passports currently offers seven subscription box options. Two of these boxes, Animals Wild and Early Explorers, are said to be for ages 3-5.

Animals Wild allows your child to befriend and interact with animals he would otherwise not see on a day-to-day basis or possibly even in a zoo. Pop-up playsets, games, and more are offered along with this box.

Early Explorers delves into places your child would not be able to visit otherwise. It offers more hands-on activities, allowing them to independently discover on their own alongside stories and more games.

The next two subscription boxes are Science Junior and Space Quest which are geared towards children ages 5-8.

Science Junior helps your child experience science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM learning) in a fun, age-appropriate setting.

STEM is a term most kids don’t encounter until high school! So, give your child an educational advantage while introducing them to something that may later turn out to be a future passion or career!

Space Quest explores cosmic activity while providing your child with some cool posters that represent all they’ve learned. For those ages 6-10, the World Edition may be a good fit.

World Edition is similar to the USA Edition box but instead of hopping states, your child will have the opportunity to hop to a different country each month!

This box comes with stories teaching your child about the culture and history of the country for that month. They will also receive hands-on activities and souvenirs!

Lastly, for those eight and up who are creative and good with their hands, the Science Expeditions box teaches kids how to hone those skills and use them for completing experiments and inspiring them to start inventing.

One more awesome thing to note about these subscription boxes is the rewards. Each box encourages kids to keep striving to learn via fun and collectible rewards such as badges and stickers.

When you first sign up for Little Passports, your child will receive a little suitcase which they can then decorate with more stickers each month. Eventually, they can look back and see all the places they “visited” and all the inventions and cultures they learned about.


  • Multi-sensory
  • Educational
  • Fun
  • Multiple options for subscription lengths (so if you want to try it out without committing to six months or a year, then you can dip your toes in with a one-month subscription)
  • Organized by age so customers know exactly which activities are suited for their children
  • Free shipping (for those in the United States)
  • Cancel anytime


  • May not suit advanced learners – if you have an advanced learner, you might be able to fix this by ordering above-age level
  • Non-refundable – but you can always try the one-month subscription before committing to a longer length of time, and you can cancel your subscription before receiving another box if you are unsatisfied. With that in mind, Little Passports does promise that happiness is guaranteed. “Love it, or we’ll make it right,” their website says.

Little Passports Reviews — Customer Testimonies

Don’t just take my word for it! Little Passports has a 4.2-star rating on Amazon and a 4.3-star rating on influenster.com! Therefore, most customers were very pleased with their Little Passports purchases.

The few one and two-star Little Passports reviews I did see commented on the educational difficulty of some of the activities, claiming that some activities were too easy for their child.

However, these Little Passports reviews were almost always from a parent of a child under the age of seven, meaning that parent also had the opportunity to purchase above-age-level material.

If you know that your child is an advanced learner and would appreciate an extra challenge, make sure to take a look at the higher age-level subscription boxes! This way they can still be learning too.

As for the four and five-star Little Passports reviews, they were always followed by comments raving about how much a child loves Little Passports!

Where Can I Purchase Little Passports Products?

Little Passports’ subscription boxes can be found on Amazon and on their official website.

You will, however, only find the best deal, $24.95 plus free shipping, on their official site.

As an extra bonus, you won’t have to stand in a long line for those deals.

The Final Takeaway

The imagination of children goes beyond their backyard, so why not offer them the chance to expand their world?

Show them that the world is big enough to match their curiosity and fulfill their wildest dreams! From meeting inventors to walking on the moon, the possibilities are endless!

Don’t forget, kids learn best when they are having fun, so don’t be surprised when your child is acing Social Studies and Science! This could shape and nurture their passions and interests for life.

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