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MDhair Review: A Personalized Way to Regrow Hair

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About MDhair

MDhair is a company with a mission to help people regrow hair through an innovative approach. Bucking the trend for products that are designed to fit everyone, it provides the same benefits you’d get from in-person dermatological visits with a more accessible and affordable format.

In fact, it is the first of its kind, a medical-grade hair loss treatment that is customized to be exactly fitted for the cause of your hair loss and the type of hair loss. It is backed by science to help you achieve results, using clean, sustainable products.

Overview of MDhair

MDhair was created by board-certified dermatologist Dr. Yoram Harth and Oded Harth.

Highly credentialed, Dr. Yoram Harth has authored dozens of scientific publications and won the Wall Street Journal-Europe as well as the Edison award for innovations he made in dermatology and aesthetic medicine.

Oded Harth was named as one of Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and brings his extensive tech experience to MDhair through its parent company, MDalgorithms.

The mission is to bring everyone an effective, easy, and affordable way to improve both hair and skin.

MDhair provides everything to help hair in a customized kit. It starts with a quiz to analyze your hair, which then gives you a personalized treatment to help you regrow your hair.

How Does MDhair Work?

When you use MDhair, it begins with a 4-layer regrowth plan. Starting with the scalp, a customized topical care solution will be provided. Then, there is a customized shampoo to help your hair shaft. The third layer involves hair care supplements that work inside your body to help strengthen and regrow hair. The final step is for hair health through marine collagen peptides.

Optimal results occur when you use a multi-tiered plan like this to fully target the problems with your hair. With MDhair, these FDA-approved formulations aim to give you success in hair regrowth.

Everything is customized for each individual, though you may find some of these dermatologist-formulated botanicals and nutraceuticals in your kit: reishi mushrooms, tea tree oil, argan oil, he shou wu[2] (a Chinese herb that helps with premature graying and hair loss), and saw palmetto.

Basically, you take a quiz, then you get a free hair analysis. You can then get your own personalized hair treatment kit. With the purchase, you get unlimited dermatologist support.

MDhair Products Review

Here’s a look at some of MDhair’s products.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Serum Review

After you take the quiz, you will receive a customized serum that is targeted to the root cause of your hair loss. Supporting your scalp’s health is the key to restoring hair growth.

Depending on your quiz answers, you could have a serum with 2% or 5% minoxidil. This customized serum is clinically proven to restore and regrow hair by increasing the size of hair follicles for thicker, stronger hair.

We love that it’s safe and non-irritating, plus it is vegan and free of fragrance. It provides one month’s worth of treatment too.

MDhair Customized Hair Care Shampoo Review

Your customized shampoo will either be tailored for regrowth or restoration, depending on your quiz answers.

The shampoo is designed to block DHT through phytoactives approved by dermatologists for thicker and healthier hair regrowth. Made with vegan proteins that everyone can feel good about using, it helps cleanse the scalp and support scalp heath.

Ingredients like rice, quinoa, and wheat proteins are included to reduce porosity of hair, halt breakage, and improve the appearance of hair. Fuller hair is on the horizon with this innovative shampoo.

MDhair Customized Hair Wellness Supplements Review

You will also get supplements designed just for your hair regrowth needs. We love that this supports hair and scalp health from the inside. In fact, this revolutionary approach is what really separates MDhair from other brands.

The other options you have are either only topical or supplemental. This brand unites both concepts effectively. Your supplements will be tailored to your specific needs, making it an ideal option if your hair loss is from hormonal fluctuations.

You’ll be getting the vitamins, minerals, and adaptogens your body needs to effectively relaunch the regrowth of your hair.

MDhair Reviews – What Customers Are Saying

Looking around online, you’ll find a number of enthusiastic reviews about MDhair.

Always search for real reviews rather than the kind on social media where people are obviously trying to get clicks and likes as influencers. Those aside, we can absolutely confirm that people are getting real and true results by using MDhair.

Here are some MDhair reviews from verified buyers.

I was really hesitant to try another hair system but decided to take the chances. I’m now finishing up my second month (shampoo, collagen, serum, multivitamin) and I can see a lot of progress.” – Leticia

The items that have been suggested for my use have been wonderful. Their Restore Shampoo has also made it possible for me to extend my hair coloring appointments. It has been over 6 months and my hair still has 50% less gray coverage. Typically, after 3 months I need to go back for a touch-up.  My hair feels cleaner and thicker after using their shampoo and conditioner.” – Anna

Within the first two months of using the products, I noticed a decrease of hair shedding in the shower, and by four months in, my hair strands appeared thicker at the root. Thank you, MDhair. I feel much better about myself and I gain back my confident. Been having my hair thinning for a while due to my job that needs my hair to look nice in a bun and I’ve used hair gel every day. The customer service is excellent; they will help your needs and answer all your questions. Once again thank you! I strongly recommend MDhair.” – Klaudia

Another MDhair review states “MDhair has given me back my self-confidence.  I am a 65 year old woman. Having survived breast cancer,  one of the challenges I faced was dramatically thinning hair. I came across the ad for MDhair and decided to give it a try. It has been worth every penny!  Three months in, my hair has definitely begun to regrow, my pics from before and now clearly show the improvement! The products, daily supplement capsule, daily hair tonic, and the shampoo are easy to use. The daily tonic seems to give my hair extra manageability and thickness. And also very important has been the support from MDhair staff. They respond in a timely and supportive way, even checking in regularly if they haven’t heard from me. I highly recommend MDhair to any and all women who are plagued with thinning hair.  I’m so happy I gave it a try!!!” – Margaret

One thing we love to see aside from products that do what they promise is customer support and service that doesn’t leave you in the lurch. It seems MDhair is doing an excellent job all the way around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Subscriptions and Promotions

You don’t need to buy a subscription for MDhair, though it is the best way to get the intended results. Keep in mind, it will take about 4 to 6 weeks to see a reduction in hair shedding and hair regrowth somewhere around 3 to 4 months with daily use of the products.

Subscriptions for MDhair[3] ensure you don’t miss out and that you keep things going for at least 3 months.

Your first month’s costs will breakdown like this:

  • Essentials Routine (includes Hair Serum & Shampoo): $19
  • Advanced Routine (includes Hair Serum, Shampoo & Supplements): $39
  • Premium Routine (includes Hair Serum, Shampoo, Supplements & Collagen): $59

After the first month, here is the full subscription outline:

  • Essentials Routine: Get a 2-month supply, charged every 2-months at $58 ($29 per month)
  • Advanced Routine: Get a 2-month supply, charged every 2-months at $88 ($44 per month)
  • Premium Routine: Get a 2-month supply, charged every 2-months at $136 ($68 per month)

As for promotions, there is currently a summer sale with up to 60% off. You should see the option for the promotion after you take the quiz.

Is MDhair Worth It?

While it’s certainly not the cheapest option out there, MDhair seems to be worth it. Some people may not want to provide such personal information to get a customized hair restoration plan. However, we feel that may be the best way to regrow hair. Overall, we definitely find that MDhair is worth it as the quality and customer service are top tier.

You’ll need to bear in mind that results are not instantaneous. Nothing with hair regrowth ever can be due to the hair growth cycles[4]. If you’ve tried other things to regrow your hair, we think MDhair is certainly worth a try to get the results you want.

The Bottom Line on MDhair

MDhair really is an innovative way to approach hair loss and regrow healthy, thicker hair. Before you begin, you should speak with your doctor about any medications you’re on and make sure you have a clear picture of why you may be experiencing hair growth.

We think that MDhair can be incredibly helpful and solves the problem of repeated visits to the dermatologist for these issues.

We love that it’s customized and that you get to have unlimited support by medical professionals too. That said, it may not be for everyone but those who have used it seem to have outstanding results.

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